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How To Arrange An Apartment Kitchen

Some people don’t know what to do with an apartment or small galley kitchen. I’ve come to love my apartment kitchen. And I’ve found lots of ways to store things and to decorate this room. Let me show you some of my ideas.

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Why I Color My World

You might say I like to color my world. Or at least sprinkle colors about my home to make the rooms feel brighter and happier. I know that many bloggers love the muted colors and tones to decorate their homes. And I think their homes are elegant and beautiful. But…
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Melodious Birds…

Melodious birds are often the sound of perfection. The notes are always right. Never too high; never too low. They sing to one another, messages we don’t understand. Nor are we supposed to. It is bird language. I love bird quotes and found some of my favorites to share with…
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