Pain & What I’m Watching & Reading

I don’t have any big news for you this morning that isn’t pain-related, so I will discuss what I’m watching and reading.

This morning has been a trial. I put my coffee in the red insulated cup and started walking slowly with it while on my scooter. The lid came loose and coffee flew all over me.

In Pain & What I'm Watching & Reading, here is A boho vignette with a strand of beads and boho style bowls.

I tried it again and the same thing happened. So I made my coffee in a coffee mug and walked very, very slowly to my chair.

The new red insulated cup worked fine yesterday.

Trying To Get The Pain Under Control:

I’m really starting to feel the pain. And I’m taking the pain pills as often as I can. They’re only prescribed for 7 days. Hope I can get it under control before the week is out.

I haven’t been outside at all. Not on the patio. Or out in front. I’m having enough trouble getting this scooter around as it is. After a while, you’re arms grow weary of having to pick it up to go around corners.

I’m having the most trouble easing down to clean the litter box. It’s in the closet, but once I’m down on the garden cart, I just have a hard time getting back up.

So I roll the scooter over to my desk while I’m on my garden cart. And try to get up that way by holding onto the heavy desk.

My arms are strained from trying to lift myself. My ankle inevitably gets knocked about because the bathroom just doesn’t have enough room to maneuver in there.

I lift the scooter up and turn it around to face the door, but then it often gets hung up on the door as I’m trying to get out of the bathroom.

In Pain & What I'm Watching & Reading, theses are my lovely white petunias. I hope they don't die in the hit when I can't water them.


Right now I’m just weary, tired of the pain, and frustrated with trying to get the scooter in and out of rooms.

Yesterday when the housekeeper was here, she told me there were tiny red bugs (ants?) all over Ivy’s food and water bowls. So she washed them out and I told her to bring Ivy’s bowls into the living room.

Which meant something had to be moved so I could fit her plastic container of food nearby.

Then the trash can had to come out of the kitchen because I was afraid the bugs would get into there. It’s also now in the dining space.

But I keep forgetting about the new changes and go for the kitchen every time because that’s where it’s always been. Then I see it’s not there and have to turn my scooter around and try again.

The other two times I had ankle surgery, I had hardwood floors. Getting around on carpet isn’t nearly as easy. It’s tiring.

Out Of Sorts:

So yes, I’m definitely out of sorts today. The pain is pretty constant right now and I can barely make it until time for the next pain pill. It wasn’t so bad the first few days, but now all that they gave me during surgery has worn off.

The pain pills aren’t being very effective.

What I’m Watching & Reading:

To change the subject from my bitching and moaning, I’m watching “Shooter” with Ryan Philippe.

In Pain & What I'm Watching & Reading, this is the book I'm currently reading again: Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones.

The Lovely Bones:

I’m reading “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold. I read it years ago. But I wanted to check out how the writer segued from one character to another. I like to see what methods a writer uses to flesh out his/her books.

If a book sticks in my mind many years later, there is a reason for that. So I re-ordered this book to see if I could figure out why.

Defending Jacob:

Another one I re-ordered after having read it years ago is “Defending Jacob.” So I’ll probably read it next.

William Landay's novel "Defending Jacob" is a book that I'm reading again.

I don’t read books just for entertainment. The way the books are written are important to me too.



  1. Brenda you definitely need a helper. Most likely your pain is so bad because you are trying to do too much and like someone else pointed out not elevating and resting.
    There are agencies that provide helpers. In my area some names are comfort keepers, visiting angels, home helpers. Surely there are agencies of a similar nature in your area. You simply call them up tell them how many hours you want and what you need and they send someone over. Obviously this is something you pay for, it’s not through insurance but it’s as simple as a phone call. I use one for my mother. They charge $30 an hour. You live in a much larger city than I do , there has to be several agencies of this nature, I’m sure if you do a Google search you can find them. Having a helper Will mean the difference between a smooth recovery and a very rocky one. Your falling is very concerning.

  2. Wow, Brenda, you’ve had a really horrible day! I am so sorry! I hope you are able to get through to your doctor before the holiday weekend, so you can get more pain medicine. I know your daughters and grandkids are busy, but would it be possible to recover at one of their houses for a week or so? It’s difficult for them to stop whatever they are doing to come to you, but if you were already at their house, it would be so much easier for them to help you. I understand Ivy is a concern. Couldn’t she come with you? It would only be for a short while. I’m just concerned you might get really hurt please just ask themover doing it, or falling again, and put yourself in a much worse position. Nobody likes to impose, or be a bother, but sometimes you just have to ask for the help that you need. It’s only temporary. Please just consider asking them. I would come help you if I lived closer. I wish there was something I could do for you.

    1. Ummm… there’s some obvious typos there. I’m sorry. My smart phone is stupid, and loves to autocorrect things for me. I hope you can figure out what I was trying to say.

  3. Make sure you take your meds every time. Check the side effects of Gabapentin.
    One of them is falling.

  4. It makes you wish for the older days when insurance would cover a couple of nights in the hospital after major surgery. I know surgical techniques are better, and anesthesia is better, but it would be nice for you to just be able to be in bed and have someone bring you what you need

  5. Can you rent a wheelhair for a while?. Or maybe even crutches, but then you can’t carry anything. The scooter is sounding down right dangerous for you, since you have fallen off of it. is it possible for you to hop and use a walker, I don’t know. Is there an aquaintance in the apartments where you live who you could pay some mney to, to help you during the day. What about your older grandson would he come and spend daytime with you for pay each day? Being asked just to help you with the cat litter, and getting your food an drinks, washing up the dishes or throwing away paper plates. No hard work or gardening, but just so you would have someone there for little things. In the meantime, they could do their phone games if they wanted, until you needed their help.

  6. Brenda I’ve heard that the first 2-3 days following surgery are always the worst, hopefully that will be true for you. Have you considered pouring your liquid drinks (coffee, juice, water) into a Mason type jar with a tight fitting lid for transporting from kitchen to living room? Also maybe using a doubled grocery bag hooked onto the scooter would work better for transporting items than the less flexible basket? I used these with my walker following hip replacement surgery years ago. My daughter solved the cat food ant problem by putting their food dish inside a slightly larger not too deep bowl filled with a small amount of water. The kitties balked at it at first but finally accepted it when they got hungry enough. Please take care of yourself and by all means do everything you can to avoid falling.

  7. After checking back in since early this morning…I see things are a mess…I feel terrible for u… seems like they should of set you up with a home health aid..hope everything gets better soon💕

  8. Lots of good advice here…I hope you can get a bit of help for a few days anyway. Being in such a situation does make everything so very hard…you are right…carpeting is so difficult…I almost could not get my husband’s wheelchair and walker thing moved on the carpet in our apt. We are now on all hardwood floors…much easier to move. Take care…it will likely be some time before the bad pain leaves…so take it easy!!

  9. It’s only two days after your surgery and days two and three after surgery are the worst. I’m sure what they did to you was very extensive. I’m sorry your pain is so bad. If it gets that excruciating where you can’t manage the pain with the pills they gave you, remember that you can call them and tell them about your pain and ask for something stronger.

    I can only imagine how awful it would be trying to manage a scooter on carpet and in the bathroom. Ugh!

    I haven’t read through the other comments, but I’m hoping one of your daughters or grandchildren or neighbor-friend can come and help you, especially this first week.

  10. Brenda, please ask your daughter, housekeeper or neighbor to come get your chores (such as cat litter box cleaned) done for you. You can thank them later with a gift or meal after you heal. These are extremely early days after a major surgery and right now that ankle should be up and elevated. With pain meds and elevation (& ice if dr ordered) you will have a vast improvement. Moving around in the scooter and up and down on the garden thingy is not elevating and when the blood rushes to that ankle it causes pain. Maybe putting the coffee in a thermos and having a cup to pour it in will help with spills. (Pl say you did NOT get down on the floor to clean it up!) I wish I was there to help you but pl consider having someone do these things so you can sit and elevate. Just a few days till the swelling goes down and the ankle gets a chance to heal a bit.

    1. I had the coffee in a thermos. It just leaked. No, I didn’t clean it up. It was mostly on me. Kasi has been here twice today.

      1. Awww, sorry it was all over you but happy for you that your daughters are checking in! Brighter days ahead!

  11. STOP. I’ll say it again. STOP. You need to be sitting as much as possible the first week. No falls are acceptable.

    Set up the coffee maker with a supply of water near you.

    Put the litter box higher & move it to temporarily, close to the trash.

    Whatever it takes to be less mobile for a while! Please review every activity in terms of ergonomics & have furniture moved or change your routine to accommodate your current limited mobility.

    If I lived closer, I would come by and help you evaluate your ADLs (activities of daily living) to make sure you are safe.

    You must find someone to help at least 2-3 hours daily or everybother day with meals, laundry, plant watering, etc.

    Go to Care.com and look for a “personal care provider” (you don’t need a CNA, just someone with caregiving experience who cares about your well-being).

    You may need an occupational therapy assessment to figure out ergonomics to reduce time on the scooter at home. That is important. Until you can walk again, your environment needs to be more supportive.

    No falls are acceptable! That is really scaring me for you because an additional injury could land you in a rehab center 24/7 until you recover.

    Sorry to be so stern but this is a safety issue. You are in danger of further injury (even hot coffee burns are a menace). I would be happy to chat with you if I can help from afar. Having worked as a caregiver, I know that making your home environment more supportive is possible.


    1. Hi Brenda. I agree with everything Kate said. Please listen to her. When you call the doctor about your pain, please please please tell them about your falls. The scooter doesn’t sound safe. Maybe a walker would be better. But please tell your doctor about your mobility issues and falls. Perhaps they can prescribe home health visits and someone to show you how to safely move around your home.

    2. I went to care.com and filled it out. But then they asked for membership fees, and I don’t understand that part.

  12. I’m so sorry you’re having so much pain and are feeling weary & frustrated in addition to hurting. In full agreement with others who have recommended that you call your doctor & definitely before the long holiday weekend. Perhaps you can also take Tylenol in between your prescription pain meds.
    One thing you could also try is eating ginger. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory food and is also good for upset stomachs. Quick search shows Gin Gins original ginger chews can be found at several stores in Tulsa… Whole Foods, Reasors, Akins Natural Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market.
    Hoping your pain begins to lessen in short order, and you can rest well to relieve your weariness.

  13. I agree too, a call to the doctor–just in case–since it’s prior to the holiday weekend. But then also, maybe the height of the pain means the tide will turn, and it will start to ebb and flow downward. You just never know. You definitely had an action-packed day with mishaps and frustrations, so hopefully that too will be the height of that sort of things, and things will ebb and flow more toward normal. Continued well wishes for healing!

  14. I spent 3 months on the couch after my dogs ran into me and shattered my knee. I took pain pills for 2 months and couldn’t put any weight on it for 6 weeks. I had blisters on my hands from the walker and my arms felt swollen from trying to get around. I could only eat crackers because the pain pills made me sick. The worst pain was after surgery for a week and then it got a little better. After 2 months on a walker and 1 month of therapy I had to go back to work cleaning houses. Think of what you CAN do and not what you CANT do.

    1. Wow! Cleaning houses after all that. You have my vote of confidence. My main endeavor is getting in and out of the bathroom.

  15. I’m sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. I agree with others who suggest a call to the doctor before the holiday weekend , maybe even today, in case they close for an extra long weekend.

  16. Wishing and praying that u have a speedy recovery Brenda and have less to no pain in the upcoming days ahead!

  17. So sorry to hear you’re having a not so great day today. Along with the frustration stemming from your mobility issues, the Gabapentin could also be contributing to your feeling out of sorts. When hubby began taking it for chronic back pain, he felt exactly that way – couldn’t pinpoint it exactly but just knew he didn’t feel right. It takes a while for your body to adjust to that particular pain reliever and for it to kick in, at least in his experience. Would it be an option for you to get Ivy one of the self cleaning litter boxes? I’m not familiar with them but they come in all price points and I believe you would only have to deal with it when it’s time to change the litter. Hoping your pain will be alleviated soon!

    1. I’ve looked at them before. Maybe I need to take a more serious look. This morning I fell 3 times. With one fall I simply could not get up. I have bruises on me. I wish I could find someone to just be here part of the day in case I fall.

      1. Oh Brenda! That’s far too scary and not good at all for your surgery site. Would your housekeeper be agreeable to staying with you at least during the day if you pay her? Or, please ask your neighbors for recommendations for someone who could stay with you. Being a 50+ community, surely others have had the same need. Please stay stationary as much as you can – sounds as if the scooter isn’t a good solution on carpet, but a walker may be. Perhaps Steve or other neighbors may have a walker you can borrow. I’m praying for you!

    2. Wow – I found this very interesting! Several vets have prescribed Gabapentin to several of my cats over the years and I recently told my current vet “Absolutely no Gabapentin. Gabapentin is Evil!” One cat threw up and was sick for 24 hours after taking one dose, another foamed at the mouth for hours after taking it, and another acted “crazed”. It’s interesting that cats aren’t the only species negatively affected by it!

      1. I agree! Gabapentin is nasty stuff. It made my cat very sick, too and she had to stop taking it. It has bad side effects for humans, too.

  18. My thought exactly. Some help each day seems very needed. You can also get helpers .
    They usually require a minimum of 3-4 hours a day, but can do many helpful things. Then you could save a little strength. I hate for you to struggle while recovering.

  19. I agree with Sue, maybe your granddaughter or grandson could help you out!
    I do hope you can get relief from the pain. It seems when you are in pain you cannot function!

  20. Dr.’s wife here. If tomorrow you are still having significant pain you need to contact the Dr.’s office and ask them about solutions. Remember Monday is a holiday and we are heading into a holiday weekend. Always impossible to get a hold of anyone then and most doc’s want to know these things. They don’t know unless you tell them. Out of sight, out of mind unfortunately.

  21. I’m sorry to hear that the pain and the moving about with the scooter is giving you trouble. I wondered how litter box and feeding kitty issues were going as I know what all that stooping,picking up bowls, etc. is when you’re feeling rough.
    Yes indeed, about the carpet instead of wood floors – so much more effort!
    It may not be a bad idea to contact the dr’s office re the pain as others have suggested. Everyone is so different in how they respond to medications.
    Thinking of you.

    1. Thanks. I called Kasi and she came over for a bit. Steve lowered the scooter one inch, which was the most he could lower it.

  22. I don’t have any magic solutions for your challenges; although I wish I did. You feel free to ‘bitch and moan’ all you want. Doing that helps relieve the stress. Stress will only worsen the problem so pound your fists, yell at the TV, etc. I’d say kick dirt and throw rocks but that’s probably not a good idea. LOL Hopefully, tomorrow will be better in the meantime try to relax.

    1. Earlier I just lay on the tile by the front door and sobbed. I could not get on the scooter. I just couldn’t get my leg that high.

  23. Just some advice……..if you can use a walker try it.
    My doctor had me take Tylenol in between pain meds. You should call her.
    Get some Raisin Bran to help from getting constipated.
    If you have to bend do like the golfers do. Use one leg to balance on .
    Good luck.

  24. Brenda, Sue is right. The first three days after surgery are rough. I think all the meds from surgery have worn off. If the pain continues don’t hesitate to call the doctor’s office and ask for another week of pills. We aren’t all the same or one size fits all when it comes to pain.

    I was surprised to see the picture of your apt in snow pop up. Everything is so beautiful and green now. It will be amazing come fall with all of your trees. Sending you a big hug today❣️❣️

  25. I would call your doctor and tell his nurse about your pain. They might want to try something different. Hoping your pain decreases.

  26. Praying for your comfort and healing. Recovery is not fun for sure. Hopefully it will begin to be more manageable in a few days.

  27. Brenda,
    Do you have a standard walker? For some people “hopping” with a walker is easier than maneuvering the scooter. My husband had months of no weight bearing and found that the walker was better.
    Can you afford to have your housekeeper come by a few more hours this week to give you a hand?

  28. So sorry the pain pills aren’t doing a good job. From experience, the ankle surgery is tough, especially the first couple weeks.
    Order a coffee cup with a twist on (screw on) lid. It will serve you well as you progress thru the next few weeks.
    May this surgery be the answer to a pain free future, worth the short term pain. 🙏🏼

    1. It’s none of my business, but if your granddaughter isn’t working, could she come and help? Even if you had to slip her a few dollars, she could help with the litter box, getting your mail, and watering your outdoor plants. I hope your pain eases, but apparently the first 3 days after surgery are the hardest. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

      1. I told Kendra that I would pay Marley $50 a day to help me. But seems she’s always gone to softball tournaments, etc.

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