The tree leaves have darkened and many are on the ground now. I miss the pretty shades of red and yellow and gold. The leaves are mostly brown and papery now. The turning of the season.

Yesterday morning I got up and decided I had to get this place straightened out. My
apartment was in complete disarray with things piled up waiting for the electrical contractor who never came. 

Those spots on the wall, where I got the wrong shade of white paint and tried to cover nail holes, was driving me crazy.

I wanted things sorted before I drag
out any Christmas decor.
That would be like putting lipstick on a pig, as my first ex used to say.

So I got out the paint and painted the top half of the dining room. There is molding separating the top about a third of the way up. I didn’t bother painting below that.

I didn’t dare get up on the step ladder, so just like the living room, there is a good four inches where I couldn’t reach to paint near the ceiling.

Not going to worry about it right now.
I was so tired and hungry by early afternoon that I went to the Sonic less than a block away and got a burger and iced tea. 

I kind of felt guilty, because I haven’t been eating any beef or ingesting caffeine. Just got a wild hair I guess.

I got home and sat down at the table to eat, took a sip of the iced tea, and realized it tasted too strong now that I haven’t had any caffeine in awhile. I got up and poured water in the cup and stirred. 
I couldn’t drink the tea even watered down, so I just put it in the fridge. Once the ice melts it might be easier to drink. Think I’ll stick to water and juice. 

As I was eating, I saw all the worn spots on the kitchen table. So after I finished eating, I got out the pale yellow paint and gave it a going over too. 

As I was sitting on the couch resting, I happened to look down at my arms in the early afternoon light. 

When, I asked myself, did the inner part of my arms begin to look a bit like crepe paper? “Old lady skin.” Guess it all just creeps up on you.

I’ve never been one of those women who worry endlessly about wrinkles and gray hairs creeping in. I’m certainly not going to dye my hair. 

And I don’t use moisturizer because I hate anything on my skin. Many women would probably consider that a form of sacrilege.

Looking our age is just part of life. I’m not going to fight a clock that never stops ticking. 

Just not in my nature.

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  1. I am not great about putting moisturizer on my body, although I really should. I did lather some on this morning because I was so dry and itchy, this darned winter skin! My face, on the other hand, I take very good care of. And I go to the hairdresser every 6 weeks to take care of the greys….tomorrow's my appointment and I can't wait to get rid of these greys for another little while!

  2. My arms and parts of my hands have become very crepey. I, like one of the commentors above, just thought it had to do with my thyroid problems. I can't stand moisturizer on my hands, arms or legs unless I am absolutely flaking and itching. They make me feel like I need to go shower. I do use moisturizer on my face and am not very wrinkled or crepey there, but I have the "amazing growing" age spot on my cheekbone. Nothing will cover it. I had it checked and the dermatologist said it is an age/sun spot. Insurance will not help pay to do anything about it. Thanks to my goofy teenage self burning/tanning with baby oil.

    It sounds like you are getting a lot done with the painting and everything in your apartment. I hope those electricians will come at a convenient time for you.

  3. I am 55 and just this year noticed my lower inner arms getting crepey when I put my arms out a certain way. I could not believe it when I first noticed it. I do use lotion all over my body – my skin is very dry. And I use a good organic moisturizer for my face and neck, too. I do get my hair colored, but not too often – a few times a year. I am far from ready to go gray and look any older! Even my 77-year old mother still dyes her hair. šŸ˜‰

  4. Genes also play a large role in how old/young we look. My mother died at 96 1/2 and did not look her age at all and never used moisturizer and worked the fields when young. So, it's what God gives us!! lol I'm old and I have crepe paper arms also but I just wear 3/4 sleeves and cover it up. Tonight is the Super Moon so I must go out and take a peek! Take care of yourself Brenda.

  5. I have the crepe paper look on my arms,honestly thought it was due to my thyroid and didn't know others had it too.
    I smoked for many years that have the facial wrinkles to thank.
    Still on the fence with the gray,it makes me feel very old,so I still try to fight it,my 1 concession to vanity.
    Don't overdo on the painting,have to be well enough to fill the pupsters stockings!
    I'm sure the caffeine hit you like a ton of bricks after being away from it this long…
    I'm in NY,our leaves have long since turned but we' re unseasonably warm for this time with not a snowflake to be seen!
    Enjoy your week!

  6. Brenda, I know that you are feeling better getting the painting out of the way. Isn't it funny how one thing leads to another.

    I like iced tea, but watered down, most you get at restaurants is way too strong.

    As far a skin like crepe paper, yes, it is part of aging. I also have "bat wings" as fat upper arms run in my family and once the muscle tone goes, the bat wings come out. I used to never wear anything sleeveless or with too short a sleeve, but here in Reno with hot summers, I pretty much got over that. I do use a moisturizer on my face after washing it as my skin gets really dry, tight and flaky.

    I still have not decorated for Christmas, all my friends are either already done or in the process. Here in the senior apartments, everyone goes all out for holidays. I have not had a tree for years, but I plan to put up a tiny tree this year, once I get around to it LOL!

  7. Iā€™m way, way behind on Christmas. My mom was hospitalized with C Diff in late September and ended up in rehab (two hours away from me.) I had to drop out of an early December blog hop, and I am seriously rethinking the blog. Family and anemia are game changers. My skin is the same as yours, and I keep telling myself to get Ponds or something, but I always forget. At Thanksgiving, I managed to climb on a step ladder to hang curtains…thank heaven for 8 foot ceilings. I could kiss them!

  8. I do use lotion as I hate the way tight dry skin feels, no fragrance or stickiness though!
    I thought you had help painting the wall, take care and stay off ladders. It is nice to be older and to take your time, nothing needs to be done right now. Gayle, using Rollie's acct.

  9. Our wrinkled skin always looks worse in the winter! I have never put anything on my face but good ole soap & water. I have friends that use all kinds of stuff on their faces to keep them "young" I have been told many times, I look younger than they do. They are all younger than me age wise. So, it is what it is. Don't dye my hair either, I have earned every gray hair on my head. I am enjoying it and just being me is so wonderful. I am what I am!!

  10. I too was shocked when I discovered my wrinkled skin! When did this happen?? I do use moisturizer as I can't stand dry skin so this irons out some of the wrinkles! I have to say if I could get rid of the wrinkles I would short of having a face lift. I just can't embrace them, I don't feel old so I don't want to look old. Have to admit I do lighten my hair too.
    I do hope you get your electricals done and soon Brenda, it must be very annoying to be in a mess just waiting on someone else.

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