This morning I’ve already been doing patio chores and taking photos of plants to show you.

I’m getting a slow start this morning because I took the water feature apart and put it out on the patio. I have another one ordered for the living room.

But I moved it because I had some herbs in it and they were dying from lack of light/sun. I figured that was going to happen. And then it was a bit too splashy as well.

I’m back to taking close-ups of flowers!

Steve came over this morning and helped me level it the water feature. There’s nothing level about my patio/yard.

Crimes Against Women:

He was upset because an older woman from his church (which also happens to be Kasi’s church) had been badly assaulted.

A handyman working at her home was arrested. And Steve heard from another parishioner that it’s pretty damned bad.

So what do you think we need to do with these men? Powerful men in Washington are all over abortion rights. But what about these men who harm women in the most horrific ways. What should happen to them?

Because if it’s a younger woman and she gets pregnant, she may not have the option to abort the baby.

That whole thing riles me up. Let a woman decide what to do about her own body. I say if you’re not a woman, then shut up and sit down.

Course that’s just me. And I know everyone has their own opinion. Which is your right.

An old square galvanized tub filled with coral bells and hostas.

Anyway, I’m having my one cup of coffee and listening to Jim Brickman play the piano (The Carpenters). One of my favorites.

And sitting in my chair with ice applied to my back, hip and right foot.

Watching Designated Survivor:

So what is everyone watching on nighttime TV? That is if you watch TV. I go through periods where I don’t watch TV.

But I’m trying to keep myself occupied and out of trouble doing things, and a good TV show or movie will keep me still for awhile.

I started watching “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland on Netflix. It kind of reminds me of “Homeland.”

I’ve watched about 3 or 4 episodes. Kind of unfortunate when you’ve just moved into the White House and find out that your teenage son is a drug dealer.

Boy, wouldn’t you be ground to a fine powder if that happened in this volatile political environment?

Of course 9/11 flashes through my mind many times as I watch this show. That’s the closest this country has seen to what “Designated Survivor” is about.

And then there’s Timothy McVeigh and the federal building in Oklahoma City, my very own state. That was a real tragedy.

In An old galvanized tub filled with coral bells and hostas, here is a photos of petunias and English Ivy.

My Nextdoor Neighbor:

You know, it kind of feels like I’ve known my next-door neighbor Steve for a long time. And it’s been just, what? A few months.

We sometimes share meals at my table. Simply because that’s where we got started eating them and with people our age, routine and habits figure into things.

I could not have imagined that I could share a meal with a man, or much of anyone aside from my daughters. But I feel comfortable around him now when he’s in my home.

He’s such a nice man and very knowledgeable as well.

I told him I’m kind of his shield to keep the women looking for a male partner at bay. He agreed. I told him when he’s ready for that, just to let me know and I’ll step back.

We’re just friends, but I don’t know how another woman would see that. It’s kind of unfortunate that males and females can’t simply be friends, isn’t it?

I’m waiting on the pest control guy. Hope he didn’t come while I was out on the patio where I wouldn’t hear him knock.

Last night Ivy had evidently been laying on the windowsill where the ants had been coming in. She got up, walked past me, and one side of her body was covered in cinnamon.

I knew she’d rub it off before long, and now I don’t see it.

Back To The Topic Of The Water Feature:

Okay, so back to my water feature. I thought about creating my own, as I’ve done before.

I may still create a water garden outside in my big galvanized tub that I have.

But finally, after a week of searching and pricing and reading reviews, I ordered this one.

I spend hours and hours debating on what to buy. And I copy the name of potential buys and put them in Google and check the price for them in other places.

If I had a quarter for every review I’ve read, I might be pretty well off I imagine.

Here is the water feature I ordered yesterday that will hopefully work in my living room without splashing too much.

You can also buy a taller one than this, but I figured for indoors this size was just fine. It’s 16 x 18 x 27 inches.

I want a good amount of water flowing and covering noise, but not too much.

The one that was in here was wonderful but it covered so much noise I could barely hear my TV!

Try, & Try Again:

“Try, try, try again; If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.”

“The poem, “Perseverance or Try Again” by William Hickson appeared as a song in his book “The Singing Master” in 1836.

I was thinking of that phrase: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And then remembered the one below from W.C. Fields.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try—and then quit! No use being a fool about it.”—W. C. Fields.

I know, I trail off on tangents while writing.

Daughter Help:

Kasi was nice enough to come by yesterday afternoon and do some chores that were too heavy for me.

She moved the dresser out of my closet and put the TV on it facing my bed. Kasi does weight lifting at her gym so she is pretty strong. Now my TV is finally off the floor.

Then we moved the wicker settee out to the yard again. That poor thing has been moved so many times.

Now it’s out by the sidewalk. I told Steve I wish I had a sign right next to it that said: “Sit down and rest awhile” for people passing by on the sidewalk.

I wanted the spot where the settee was for my water fountain and the plants I want around it. Of course I wanted more space for more plants!

I’ve got to maximize my patio space here.

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  1. Thank you to all who vented their feelings including Brenda on the abortion issue. Both sides were respectfully written. Now let’s get back to why we love this blog – gardens, home decorating and reading Brenda’s well written comments about her life.

  2. I am so proud of so many women here who do not want to reverse Roe vs. Wade. I am beyond upset that 5 Supreme Court Justices lies to get their appointments on the bench concerning this issue. What a bunch of low life’s ! But there is the ballot box and I’ll be on my walker and VOTING against this reversal and for all who supported it. Abortion has been with us since the beginning of time. It’s not going anywhere. Unfortunately though it may now no longer remain a medical procedure done under a doctor’s care. Women need to trust women and vote to keep this right. The group trying to set us back, Republicans, can not be allowed to do this. Many women will never need to seek an abortion but for those women who do I for one would never presume to know what’s best for them. There was a time women could not vote, could not one property, could not have a credit card and so much more. Let’s remember to protect our rights and vote accordingly.

  3. Just a thought about your neighbor’s plant – could have been dug up and dragged off by an animal.
    I like that thought rather than thinking somebody stole the plant!

  4. I like “If you are not a woman, then shut up and sit down”! It’s usually those who are the least effected that feel the right to decide for those who are. Sigh. There is much work to do to elect people who truly represent woman’s rights. Vote them out of you have the opportunity…before they come after our right to that as well.

    1. Well said Kim! This will make the biggest impact getting these egos out of office who have no clue what the real world is about….that is till it happens to them in their own lives and family.

  5. I’m tempted to go on a big rant here about women’s rights, but I’ll keep it short. I’m 100% for a woman’s right to make her own choice about her body. Period.
    It sounds like your patio is coming together nicely, and the pictures are lovely.
    What a blessing to have a neighbor and friend like Steve!

  6. Brenda, regarding TV watching…. have you considered a wireless set of headphones? Amazon has several. Might be handy.

  7. Brenda, I love the idea of the bench where people can sit and rest. How very kind of you. As for the ants, such a pain in the butt. We got them every year in VA. I used the gel ant traps, the one where they go inside and eat the gel and take it back to the nest. And lot and lots of cinnamon.
    I remembered some time ago you told of your siblings but I had not idea that one was raped by her “father.” I hope they put that devil in jail! That is horrible. I am so sorry for your sister.
    Some days I wake up and think the world cannot get much worse can it?
    Take care and have a nice weekend.

  8. If I start talking about the abortion debacle it ruins my day – “they” are trying to set women back 50 years. Why? I simply don’t get it.
    Someone is stealing plants, etc off the patios??? Oh my goodness that’s beyond ridiculous. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who lives there. An outsider could be the culprit. Sets my teeth on edge.
    Can’t wait to see the new water feature in place. It’s lovely!
    I’m really glad you have become friends with Steve – it’s good for both of you.
    Have a good night – “see you” tomorrow. 🙂

  9. I agree with you about the women’s issues. Making abortion illegal will not stop women from having them. We’ll just be going backwards with women having to resort to using coat hangers and such.

    I don’t watch any TV at night. I journal, read a book or magazine, and go on my laptop and read blogs and/or answer emails.

  10. One of the main things that SHOULD change is a death sentence for a rapist!! It ruins the victim’s life, thus that criminal ought to have no more days to live (of course, being sure that it is truly the right person who is caught). I cannot say when it comes to rape as to abortion. But I think abortion is awful and sad and I wish there was no such thing. But then I miscarried at least 4 babies and possibly 5…and I have always wondered what those children might have meant in our lives and to the rest of our family (of course, a couple were too close to have been in womb long enough anyway…but it is hard for me to wrap my head around using abortion as birth control, which is by and large the main way it is used in this country from statistics I have seen). My son’s family after having 3 children adopted 2 little girls with cerebral palsy, neither wanted by anyone else. But we look at them as gifts. In fact, it is possible the one who is very smart, will one day have something great to offer the world. Trouble is Brenda, in several things you mention here, the main view as portrayed by media is not truth. Learning the absolute truth is near impossible in this day and age. In any subject. I am sorry your siblings were so ill treated. I was abused too. But by no means, is that chance a reason to deny life. I will always remember when we went to hear the great singer Ethel Waters sing when I was a young teen. She was the result of her little 13 yr old mother being raped by her stepfather. But Ethel said, “Wouldn’t it have been awful if my voice had been denied to the world?” She was ever so glad to have been born and able to share her voice with the world. So to be FAIR, we all must balance our beliefs with examining BOTH sides of a question. At one time in this country, there was much more fairness and discussion than it seems today. Sad. We are not improving; rather our culture and country and civilization is going to oblivion if they do not correct and find a better balance, is my fear. Everyone should be able to speak without fear. Imagine that!!

  11. The right to control one’s own body without external influence, interference or coercion is bodily autonomy. Bodily autonomy is a HUMAN right.
    Forcing a woman, by threat of criminal sanction, to carry a pregnancy to term unless the woman meets certain criteria unrelated to her own priorities, is a profound interference with a woman’s bodily autonomy.
    Abortion is a medical procedure, and should remain an accessible, safe, and legal medical procedure.
    We should all be supportive of safeguarding and insuring the right to bodily autonomy.
    We should all be supportive of accessible, safe, and legal medical procedures.
    Not your uterus? Not your business!

    1. If we should have bodily autonomy, why were many of us forced to get the Covid vaccine or lose our jobs?

      1. Just a thought- if everyone would have done the sensible thing and had the vaccine perhaps there would not have been so many deaths? And to protect others, medical staff,nurses,elders,our loved ones. JUST my opinion.
        And yes, so agree with you Brenda.
        Am also wondering if an outsider or an animal took the plant?
        Thanks Brenda for your posts. Where we can all hope to be civil to one another as we express our opinions.

      2. False equivalence, of which I’m quite certain you’re well aware, Kelley.
        No one was FORCED to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
        Refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine was NOT criminalized.
        Employers have the right to set employment terms & conditions, such as being vaccinated, the wearing of safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, gloves, etc.
        IF someone CHOSES NOT to abide by the terms & conditions set by his/her employer and is dismissed for that choice(s), the loss of employment is on the employee.

  12. I believe it’s the women’s body and they should have the right to do what’s best for them, especially if they were raped!
    Your flowers are beautiful and I like your little garden Brenda!
    If u want a specific sign, then u should go look on Etsy bc I’m sure someone could make one for u. Or maybe someone has a craft shop where u live that would make a sign for u!

    1. Well, I may. But lately people have been stealing things here. John across the path from me had recently planted a perennial in his yard and someone pulled it up and took off with it.

      1. Some ppl are scumbags stealing from ppl’s homes! I never leave my door unlocked anymore even in the daytime!
        I’ve been watching a lot of utube on cooking, canning and other stuff that comes up in my feed.
        Have u seen any ring doorbell utube’s? They have a random person scumbag that comes up on someone’s porch looking to steal something or a pkg or even trying to find a way in their house! Watching those videos will make everyone want a ring to know what’s going on outside at night by their home, where they can see what’s outside their door! There’s a lot of creepy dudes around even in the daytime!

  13. I love gardening! But as I age with new pains, I’ve had to cut back. I do both container and garden. When it’s all finished, I feel very accomplished and love it. It’s just frustrating and getting more and more expensive getting there.

    I know from previous comments my opinion certainly won’t be popular but here goes. Luck of the draw, I was born a girl and as a woman able to give birth. And did. I am pro life however I’m not naive to think ALL children will be born into ideal circumstances. The most priveledged, most perfect family often times won’t be a healthy environment for a child. And the reverse is true, the poorest of families will be the most loving and caring environment. Who are we to say not to give children an opportunity for life? Yes, many children in foster care, many abused but we can’t possibly predict or judge because of circumstances these children will have a good, rewarding life and go on to doing many great things. And many, many women who have abortions go on to be depressed, have many difficulties throughout their life because of their decision. Where is the pro choicers when taking care of these women? I also believe rsoe us not a reason for abortion. It’s NOT the child’s fault. Go after the rapist.

    The leaked document is GIVING back the abortion decision to the states. The voters getting a vote in this decision. Abortion will NEVER go away. Never will it happen.

    It’s extremely naive to think abortion is in jeopardy. We will never be Handmaids. Fear tactics are just that.
    And Roe v Wade was horrible legislation. It needs to go back to the states where it should have been in the first place.

      1. Well, since you’ve opened the topic, here’s my 2 cents. Women have a right to privacy between herself and her doctor. Medical procedures should not be legislated by government. And, there separation of church and state so religious reasons cannot be applied to Supreme Court decisions. Thanks for addressing this problem, your readers are replying with admirable restraint with both points of view.
        Your home and neighbors sound wonderful. I have been looking for senior housing but there are very few in my area.

        Brenda, Thank you for being here everyday.

    1. I guess I’m looking at it like this: My mother had 6 children. I was the luckiest of them all. Two got adopted together and one of the sisters was repeatedly raped by the adoptive father and bore his child at age 16. I am not really in contact with any of them now, but I know their stories, and they are heartbreaking. These siblings have had so much trauma they will never be “normal.” Or anything close to it. They are just human tragedies walking through life like robots.

    2. I think a woman has the right to make this decision for herself. The government be it federal or state needs to stay out of it. A woman needs to decide .. children born unwanted are not automatically loved and do not necessarily go on to do great things.

    3. Kelly,
      So well said. No matter what the reason.. no way is murdering a baby right.(yes,its her body..but her body gives her no reason to murder) If a woman is raped,she can give the the baby up for adoption. (yes,there is abuse sometimes,but…that child has a right to a life,as the mother got to have. And to
      cruely murder, is not the answer. Please remember the cruel ways abortions are carried out. No telling what the children who were aborted could have been? What diseases they could have
      discovered cures for..
      Murders of anyone ,old or young is ever right.

  14. Jan mentioned men spying on women all the way down to their periods. Lodged a memory, middle and high school we had to acknowledge we were present and if we had our period we had to add “p” to our answer. If you did have your period you didn’t have to shower. Herbs were $5.00 a pot at Walmart today. In the grocery section organic herb plants were $3.00 and the same herbs were $1.99 at Kroger. It has been cold and so windy for weeks now. Waiting for some warmth! Have you finished Ozark?

      1. I loved Ruth’s character. Loved how she said the sofa stayed outside when they were building her house! That being said I did understand and wasn’t surprised with what happened to her at the end. The whole story is a crazy mess and it was interesting to watch the Byrdes, especially Wendy to turn into such ruthless individuals. At the very last scene I did get a smile on my face even thought I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to end. Did you enjoy the show Brenda?

  15. Glad you and your sweet neighbor Steve have a great friendship. That is nice you can feel so comfortable with him and share a meal and friendship. Sorry about the lady at his friend’s church. How awful. This world is becoming very scary.

  16. I am extremely fearful for the future of women. Do women in the U.S. REALLY want to live in a chastity belt and under “rules for females” from 1400? What I want to know is why men are so terrified of women that they feel they must control us all the way down to spying on menstrual periods. The photos of your patio garden are just gorgeous, make me so jealous. We went from early spring cold and gloomy on Mothers’ Day here in SE Wisconsin with very few things blooming or even close to it to 90 and tropical humidity and dew points where it’s difficult for me to work outside. It seems Wisconsin has changed from what used to be very predictable to a climate of extremes – no such thing as “normal” any longer. Just like our politics. Maybe the Amazons were right.

    1. Me too. I keep thinking about The Handmaid’s Tale and how terrifying that was to watch. And knowing they could head in that direction if they are allowed to.

  17. The right to choose stuff is maddening … and the constant efforts to overturn it as well. But also maddening are the ants! We get those too, here in Wisconsin, if we are talking about those teensy, tiny little buggers. They come in by the kitchen door and patio door. I’ve done this trick for years, boiling hot water in a kettle, hot as heck, and pouring it along the foundation of the house, by both doors. I read this hint years ago. It’s said to kill them and their nests. Years ago I lived in a ranch-style house that had no basement, and we’d get them in every single room of the house, so we did the hot-as-heck-boiling-water trick near the foundation by all the windows and doors. Just a thought. Too bad it doesn’t work on every pesky thing! And love your garden and space so far, the flora, the fauna, and your new companions. Thinking of you as well as you continue to navigate your loss.

    1. I’ve been hearing from other people in Tulsa that ants are a widespread problem right now. Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe something else.

  18. I so agree about the abortion issue. It is absurd we even have to face the subject again. I am older and remember what it was like for girls/women where a wire hanger was used. Some would die, some would never be able to bear children, most carried lifetime mental scars. Had the abortions been legal before Roe vs Wade, many women might have led good lives. If is overturned, it shows ignorance. Many say they are pro-life when most of their actions show they are pro-birth. In Oklahoma alone our foster care is horrible on a good day. If someone is truly pro-life, why aren’t they doing something to help children in these situations. (Will now step down from my soapbox!)
    My yard is a mess making me enjoy your garden ideas. I have clay soil which is horrible to try to grow many things. I am thinking more and more about using pretty pots. I love the poli ones that look like they are the real thing without all of the weight.

    1. Gardening in containers is wonderful for many reasons. You can use the soil that most benefits the plant. The watering needs of plants. And the fact that you can move them if the exposure to sun or shade is not what that plant needs.

    2. This abortion thing has me so upset! How dare they in this day and age tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies! Leave Roe vs Wade alone. We will revert back like you said JoAnn to the wire coat hanger and other dangerous forms to abort!

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