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  1. I’m so glad your tree is coming back!!! We are still under about 3 feet of snow so nothing happening here yet….although I swear the willow trees are starting to get more yellow. It looks like your yellow rose has a ton of growth on it already, oh my gosh – things are moving along so quickly in your garden, Brenda, you must be delighted!!

  2. Several posts ago you mentioned a pot saucer and I wondered what you meant by that, today you cleared it up for me with a picture! Your posts are very informative and helpful to beginning gardeners like me. And I’d like to say hello to my sister who also reads your posts (she got me started on yours 🙂 ) we enjoy discussing your posts! Hello Linda and thank you Brenda !

  3. I love updates on your gardening, and never tire of seeing your patio pics.
    Here in Thailand I only have a few plants, a Maiden hair fern which has given me much pleasure watching grow, but I think with hot season very soon it will get too much for it.

  4. Such a good idea, putting the plastic saucer in the birdbath. And the rock. Happy to read any and all of your garden reports!

  5. Karen Milano says:

    Snow. Snow happened in my garden… and it’s gonna happen again tonight. Enjoying your green, at the very least – 🙂

  6. cynthia m zigrino says:

    Love the birdbath idea by the way. Something I would do. Clever girl you are Brenda.

  7. I never tire of your garden updates Brenda! Can’t wait to see what it looks like all bloomed out this year. Love the idea about the rock in the bird bath too. I had no idea, so I will be finding a rock for mine. Thanks!

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