Peder Helland CD & A Noise Machine

I am listening to the softest CD of melodies by Peder Helland.

His music is new to me. It is very relaxing. Just a few chords used in each song.

If you want you can click on the link above and then click again on Streaming and you will get a sample of this album.

Also last night I received a sound machine I had ordered. I am one who cannot sleep when there’s random noises.

There’s one in the bedroom. But lately I’ve had to sleep in my chair because of my back. I don’t know why it’s hard to sleep now on the Sleep Number bed.

Do you have any experience with a Sleep Number bed?

This one doesn’t raise up. It just stays flat. I think it was the cheapest one in the store.

At any rate, I wanted something constantly going in the background in the living room for when there is noise outdoors. Like when the landscaping people come to mow. Or the maintenance man is outside his shed using some loud electrical saw to cut wood, etc.

I rather like the noise machine with music playing too. It is so relaxing and peaceful.

Then on Amazon I found this small wood grain one that plays various sounds. I like the one of water flowing, like a water fountain.

I’ve wanted to create a water fountain, as I have in the past. They’re fun to make. But there’s Ivy. She’s crazy about water. And I can just see the mess she’d make.

So last night I went to sleep to the sound of a water fountain without having to deal with the water aspect of it. And it was quite nice.

And a couple of photos of the pet babies because I haven’t shown them in a few days.

They have a good life. Charlie and Ivy are fed and warm and cuddled and loved.

I wish I could say the same for all the pets out there that aren’t properly taken care of. And the ones waiting for their forever home.

Please, if you have it in your heart to do so, bring home a pet that has no one to love them. Enrich their life and yours as well.



  1. The ads have gone plumb crazy again, Brenda…covering up your post as well as the comments…covering top quarter of the left side of the page…good grief…isn’t enough to have them on the entire right side plus the bottom I guess….though you would want to know.

  2. We have a sleep number…however not the most expensive one. So we got a topper but we too are having problems feeling comfortable…maybe need to change the number now that we are in winter…maybe the air in it needs to be changed? Or I was thinking maybe to buy a new topper too…don’t know how long they are supposed to last…but we have had ours now maybe 5 or 6 years…so perhaps it is time to replace it? It LOOKS ok…but how can one tell. Last night when I put clean sheets on, I flipped the topper so that the bottom is now at the top of the bed…thinking maybe we had worn down the upper part too much maybe? I figure if our discomfort continues it would be worth buying the new topper…

  3. I like the looks of your sound machine. Have you listened to the O’Neill Brothers? They play duet piano music.

  4. Brenda, you may want to get an adjustable frame for your bed. I understand most all mattresses can be used on an adjustable power frame. I really enjoy our adjustable TemperPedic….

  5. I feed some community cats at our apartment complex. Two of them have adopted me. They have made our entryway their home. We have had them neutered. I wish that I could bring one or both of them in, but we already have a rescue cat and she will not abide another one. When we had that deep freeze my husband and I made insulated temporary shelters for those two and they made good use of it. I kept having to heat their water and food because it kept freezing over. We have lived here for 18 years, but I am concerned that if we ever have to leave that there will not be anyone to care for these cats. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t such a softie.

  6. I can’t sleep unless I have some kind of white noise. So we always have a fan going in our bedroom and in the winter when it’s too cold for a fan, we have a humidifier going. Not only does it help humidify the dry air, but I like the soothing whooshing sound in makes.

    Ivy might like a pet water fountain she can drink from. Clementine loves it. Monkey won’t touch it though. Every cat is different. I got mine on Amazon.

  7. We bought a sleep number bed about seven years ago, and we tried to sleep on it for a long time. Eventually, we just gave it to somebody because it was like sleeping on a cheap air mattress from the camping dept at Walmart. We bought a hybrid, which has coils and foam and we sleep so much better now.

    1. Am curious as to what kind of hybrid you found? I am worried we will have to give up the sleep number too if we continue having so much issue with comfort.

  8. I will listen to the music. Sound machines are great, but that running water has me running to the bathroom. Your babies look so sweet.

  9. I have a Sleep Number bed it is 15 yrs old . It doesn’t raise up either. Lately it seems I can’t get it adjusted to my liking. I have been having joint pain in my hips and I can’t figure if I should have the mattress hard or soft. I used to have a sound machine and really liked it, but I think when I moved to WV it got misplaced along the way. I really like the one you bought and I think I will order it!

  10. I do not like sleep number beds. The last one I had, we took apart ourselves. It is just a series of air chambers similar to camping blow up mattresses. They do not provide what my back needs for a good night’s sleep although I have succumbed to their advertising twice now. NO MORE !! I had the basic one the first time, and mid price one the second. So glad I didn’t buy the really expensive. You can dress up a cow, but it’s still a cow !

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