Planting In July For Fall Color

You will be need to be planting in July for fall color. Plan ahead and order seeds.

Or you can of course wait until the garden nursery has fall plants in stock and just buy them.

Yesterday I placed an order for late summer and fall seed planting from Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

This is where I ordered my zinnia and cosmos seeds from and I was very pleased with the plants and now the flowers.

They are filling my patio garden with pretty blooms when many plants are showing suffering from the sun.

In Planting In July For Fall Color, I plan my order on paper while I watch the birds out the window.

I’ve never tried mid-summer planting. But I thought I’d give it a go. I ordered more zinnias, hyacinth bean vine, asters and moon flower seeds.

I planted moon flower seeds this season. Thinking there was more than one plant, I gave that one to Nathan. And then no more appeared under the dense growth of the clematis. So I want to try again.

When the zinnias I currently have wither and turn brown, I’m hoping to harvest the seeds from them for next year.

The Cardinal Couple:

Yesterday afternoon I saw the cardinal couple again. I was so excited. They have not appeared for a few months. I tried to get a photo but they flew away.

Maybe the solar fountain moving the water is bringing more birds back, as with the robin I photographed above.

Scabiosa about to bloom in my garden.
Scabiosa about to bloom


I watched two more episodes of Ozark yesterday. Now Ruth’s dad is dead and so is Jacob. The half-crazed Darlene has baby Zeke.

I have never seen the actor who plays Ruth before, but she is very talented.

And Laura Linney, with that dimple and sweet smile, is so good in her role as Wendy.

I never thought all that much of Jason Bateman. But he is a fantastic in Ozark. His mannerisms stay with you.



  1. I get sad listening to Witchita Lineman & Galveston but I love them and Glen Campbell’s voice. I watch the old tv appearances (on YouTube) of him as a young man performing these songs.
    I encourage you to watch the movie, Life On The Line (2015) with John Travolta and Kate Bosworth, based on a true story about linemen. I thought it was very moving.

  2. I adore Glen Campbell, and that whole era of music! I haven’t yet watched that show…I must look it up! Glad you remembered where we ordered the seeds since I couldn’t remember! 🙂

  3. Love all of those old songs. I have some of them on CD’s and have them on many times when I am doing housework. You could always sing along.
    I think I might plant some zinnias and hope the deer do not eat them. I love the deer but they love my plants.
    Hope Charlie and Ivy are doing well.

  4. I absolutely remember The Wichita Lineman, Brenda. And Glen Campbell was one _ my sister’s very _avorite singers. Sadly, I believe he had Alzheimer’s and passed away not too long ago. And I also remember Paul Anka. Gosh, there were some great songs and singers in those old days, weren’t there?

    Reading that you are going to plant more zinnia seeds mid-summer encourages me to plant some. I was disappointed that I didn’t get any in earlier in the Spring. But now maybe I’ll have those bright pretty blooms in the Autumn. They are one o_ my _avorite plants.

    Stay cool, you three. Happy Sunday!

  5. Hello Brenda- I have grown moon flowers for several years now- the blooms are so beautiful! My favorite result from these blooms are – will attract hummingbird moths- they are large brown moths – that move their wings at the same speed as hummingbirds- magnificent nature! Also on the solar fountain- to not use any of the attachments – is a great solution- it acts as a bubbler- so your water is not spraying outside of the container.
    Have a restful evening ?

  6. Love that song…so many old songs you don’t hear much anymore. Thanks for the memory!

  7. I’m watching season 2 of Ozaek. Ow thanks to you. I thought there was just one. I don’t remember the part about Grace. So think when I finish I will Go back and watch season 1 again. I think Jason Bateman is fantastic in this. And so is Ruth. They have just raided his house. Think I’m going to binge watch now as it’s too hot here to do anything else. Stay cool.

  8. I’ve always loved that song, and Jason Bateman! Did you know that he is married to Paul Anka’s daughter? I know you remember him!

  9. Brenda, regarding the solar fountain that moves around. I once read a comment that if the solar fountain has attachments for different sprays, do not use them. This person just placed the solar fountain in the basin alone. For some reason, that solved the problem.
    I was glad to read that. I want one of those. I have not ordered it yet.
    I hope this helps.

  10. Did you ever find a way to stick the solar fountain to the bottom of the birdbath? Because mine moves around it spits out half the water.

  11. Wow, love that song, Wichita Lineman, and all of Glen Campbell’s songs, my favorite being Galveston. Jimmy Webb was a very talented writer. He wrote All I Know for Art Garfunkel who does a beautiful rendition of it! Now I’ll be singing all day!

    How do you harvest the zinnia seeds?

    1. Googled: How to Save Zinnia Seeds: Allow the flower head to dry completely on the plant; it will be dark brown and dry when it is ready to harvest. Trying to harvest the seedhead too early will result in immature seeds, which will not germinate. Once your seedhead is dry, cut or pull it off of the plant.

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