Yesterday afternoon I planted the plants I picked up last week from Woodward park that they were selling for local vendors. I will give two to my daughter.

I planted them in one of the two new garden containers I ordered from Amazon.

I was going to plant them yesterday morning but someone had their music turned up too loud for me to want to go out there. Now that most everyone is at home, that is just something else to deal with.

I was told that everyone is in the same boat and want to enjoy the outdoors. Well I want to as well. But I’d like to be able to hear the birds chirp and be in my zen place while I plant.

Someone like me should really live out in the country, but that is not a feasible option.

I received two more bags of potting soil from Amazon and will plant the two types of lettuce seeds today in the other new container I ordered.

I planted cucumber, tomato and pepper seeds in three of the big green pots I already had.

My older daughter’s boyfriend’s brother (that was a mouthful) got laid off from his chef job because it is an indoor restaurant. He’s trying to get a business going at home cooking for people who place orders.

Kendra, my older daughter, is placing orders with him. And so I am going to as well. He doesn’t have it all figured out yet. He’d like to have a food truck, which has been a very popular alternative to restaurants in the past few years.

She brought me my first meal, which was shepherd’s pie, on Tuesday and I’ve eaten it two nights in a row and have one more serving to freeze. I’d never eaten shepherd’s pie. It was delicious.

Last night was supposed to be fish, but he wasn’t going to have it ready until 6 – 6:30 and I don’t like to eat that late.

This morning she will bring me the fish and possibly another meal. I’d like to order meals for about three nights a week.

I have ordered a batch of plastic TV dinner containers to give to my daughter to give to him to put my meals in. I bought it here.

This item is evidently very popular because there was only 1 left.

Soon he will have a menu so that will make things easier. I told my daughter to just order whatever she orders.

I have been getting glimpses of Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal lately. I tried to snap a photo of the mister. I waited and waited but he wouldn’t leave the tree leaves so I could get a clear shot of him. So the one below is a bit fuzzy.

Everything is greening up so nicely outside. I’ll have an iris or two in a day or so. And yellow roses. There are buds on the rose bush.

I am waiting a bit, then plan to order some annual flower plants from my nursery. They have closed and gone online, much like everyone else who is adapting their business.

I typically pick up those kinds of plants, annuals and a few herbs, on April 15th in a normal season. But of course there is nothing normal about our current situation.

The world is changing so much so quickly. Popular restaurants that don’t have drive thrus have closed indefinitely. While many businesses have adapted quite well.

If you don’t have a Facebook page in your community where people are helping one another to find businesses reaching out to serve needs, then I suggest you might want to start one.

There are all sorts of services and references where Tulsans are finding food, etc. that is hard to find. Restaurants putting notices there that now have pick up and delivery, etc.

There are also services like plumbing and landscaping and most anything you need letting people know that they will come to their home.

It is nice to help one another through this difficult time and get to know even more about businesses I didn’t know about. And especially home grown businesses.

The Facebook page here in Tulsa has been invaluable. For those of you in the Tulsa area who want a FB Invite to the one here, shoot me an email and I will invite you to join.

It is called Stand Up to COVID 19 – Support Local Tulsa Business.

Soon I will have prescriptions to pick up at the pharmacy. Luckily it is drive thru.

And in a bit I will go out to pick Charlie up from his weekly acupuncture appointment. It is now curbside service too and the techs who come to your car wear masks.

To the person who commented yesterday that I might not be giving Ivy enough canned food, I did read the article you linked and also plan to call the vet to get his input.

Ivy does not like to eat more than about a tablespoon at one time. If I give her more she won’t eat it. Maybe I just need to also give her a tablespoon here and there throughout the day.


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  1. I have two cats. I take one can of cat food and divide it in quarters. Each gets one quarter in the morning and one quarter in the afternoon. I also have a bowl of dry food that is out all day. They eat as they want on that. pam

  2. Hi. I’ve lived in the country and would love to do so again. But there can be a lot of noise there too. Everyone else who moved to the country for peace and quiet bring along their leaf blowers, big riding mowers and gadgets to play music. We are back in a neighborhood now in a different town because my husband had a job change. It is a rather working class area but so many people pay for a lawn maintenance company to do their yard work. They all come on different days so there is always the sound of a giant lawn mower somewhere. Then then there are the guys who work on their souped-up classic cars and ride around with rumbling engines. I keep a pair of ear muffler things with me and put them on wwhen I am outside and it is noisy from a big lawn mower or whatever. I suggest getting a pair of ear muff things for work on the patio. You won’t hear the birds but the other noise will be reduced. Mine are old and miffle everything but there are new styles that block certain loud noises but not other sound like voices, or something like that.

    1. We live in the country. Its peaceful. We live in an area where everyone has at least 40 acres so lawnmowers have no effect on us. In fact we cant even see any other home. Its absolutley wonderful.

  3. I am hoping to get radish seeds planted this weekend. Otherwise, we have a ton of yard clean up to do, and raking out all the dead winter leaves and “gunk” from all the garden beds. Always a huge job every spring.

    I hope you can make the homemade meals work. It would be nice for you to have some homemade, healthy food.

    Our neighbor across the street loves to sit in his car for HOURS in the summer and blast his music. It’s super annoying. And he’s our age – in his late 50’s – so it’s not like he’s a teenager. He’s caused a lot of problems over the years with various neighbors, so we don’t want to get on his bad side. We also really like his wife and their son is one of Tim’s best friends, so we just let it all go.

    I missed you last post about Ivy, but it’s very important for cats to eat mainly wet food. They don’t get enough water in their diet from dry food and it makes them overweight. My female will only eat about 1 T of wet food at a time, but I feed her 4x/day so she gets enough. She also gets a little bit of dry food along with the wet because she has kidney disease and this is the prescription food she’s on. My male cat eats about 1/3 can wet food at a time, 4x/day. No dry unless no one is home for the day and I have to leave some food out.

  4. Perhaps the displaced chef could add baked bread/rolls to his menu? Our local cupcake shop added delicious dinner rolls and will carry out to your car. She’s allowed to stay open as the shop is a food source.

    1. IF the poor guy can find yeast anyplace online or otherwise…I ordered several weeks ago…supposed to come on Saturday…but we shall see…I should have had more on hand…but oh well…you can make your own which I have not tried out yet…though many years ago was given some starter and kept it going for awhile…

  5. Brenda, good for you posting the parameters around comments on your blog. I hope everyone heeds them. It’s only courteous and kind to do so.

    How great to be able to order in meals several times a week and to help someone else out at the same time. My only negative tho’t about it was whether there would be extra danger of contracting the virus from someone you don’t know handling your food. I’m sure you must have considered that and decided there wasn’t.

    We had sun and a mild temp here all day! I went for a walk and did some cleaning up outdoors for the first time this Spring. It felt so good to be out there in the fresh air. My daffodils are just about to pop open which always fills me with joy. I love them so much. They are the essence of Spring for me.

    Give Charlie and Ivy some pats for me and stay safe and well. Maybe you could get some earphones with soothing music or nature sounds to wear while gardening to block the noisy music from those inconsiderate folks next door.

  6. Brenda, in regard to Ivy’s eating schedule, my three cats eat about one 5.5 oz can per day. (I wish they all could agree on what flavor they prefer!) As they tend to eat only a small amount at a time, I feed them three, sometimes four, times a day. I also keep a bowl of dry food out because they like to nibble on that throughout the day. All three are a normal weight, but my two boys are outdoors, so they do get a lot of exercise, and that helps. Wishing you and all your readers to be well.

  7. I feel for you with the loud music. When you go outside you like to hear nature. I cant stand listening to loud music loud tv or barking dogs. People should be more considerate of their. neighbors. I’m so glad I live in the country. I cant even imagtion living back in the city. We have to go further for things but the peace and quiet are well worth it. Really enjoy your blog.

  8. Brenda, I’m glad you put the note before the comment section! People should be kind to one another and keep their opinions to themselves ! If they don’t like what is said or pictured they should not comment with hurtful words ! Love the picture of the Cardinal, that was my mother’s favorite bird and it made me so happy to see it. I haven’t seen any of the spring birds in my area yet !

  9. My cat will only eat maybe a teaspoon at a time of wet food. He likes to nibble all day on his dry food and actually seems to like it better than the wet food.

  10. Brenda, hope Little CharlieBoy is feeling better &
    More relaxed. Sorry to hear Little MissIvyLou
    is not eating as in past.
    Wishing your son-in-law the very best in
    his endeavors. Happy you are getting meals
    Re: loud music…try foam ear plugs.
    Your hard work on patio & plantings are a
    beautiful sight for sore eyes.
    Thank you for your generosity in
    Sharing. ?

  11. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Now you will have nice chef meals. Wonderful!

    I spoke with my neighbor of a year and mentioned that I was worried about a leak under my sink and he said that he had been a plumber for 40 years and he fixed it within a couple of days. Serendipity! I was and still am so thrilled. He took 15 minutes, charged $30 and I gave him $40. What a relief!

  12. I can’t wait to see pics of the new planters you got from amazon. Sorry for not capping it. Seems as if my phone does what it wants. We live in a very eclectic area nestled in the mtns outside of LA. None of our homes are alike, no st lights, and windy roads. My neighbor blasts his music so loud sometimes It’s like you can play music outside but please keep it down. I guess we are all on edge during these trying times. The chef sounds great. With a little perseverance he will get things going. And for you you are getting great nutritious meals.

  13. Hi Brenda. I hear your music pain loud and clear. Perhaps you or management could post sign asking to be mindful of other neighbors at this time with the loud music and blaring TVs. Yes it is definitely an added stress. You should not have to live in the country. Others need to be more considerate especially since we are all in it together.

    1. But they aren’t considerate. When the weather is nice, the guy who lives behind me opens everything up and turns his TV way up. That’s when I retreat inside where my air purifiers mask the noise. He’s lived there longer than I’ve lived here.

      1. I had a neighbor who unloaded roofing materials every evening when he came home. It was reassuring to hear him out there. I missed him when he moved. That was four years ago. I have neither seen nor heard my new neighbors.

        1. Not all of us can handle excess noise or vibration. My hubby usually can…but not me. It causes me physical problems like racing heart etc. IT IS RUDE!! But then what does our society even know of such anymore…and that rock beat can actually stop a heart entirely was what one specialist told a fragile friend of mine. I did not know that, but it makes sense. And those stupid kids will be deafer than we are by the time they are older. I am sorry Brenda that you were chased inside. So often the lack of manners does drive some of us into not doing what we wish we could. Yea, I really ought to live on an acreage someplace too…I relish the quiet. I also love music…actually a lot of different types…just not the kind that interfer with the heartbeat!!

    1. I like living where everything is pretty much within 5 miles. Most stuff less than that. But the music, no. I don’t even turn on the radio in the car.

  14. I don’t usually hear music so much as the screaming “tweens” who live next store. They scream like 4 year olds and it’s impossible to enjoy my own back yard when they are out doing whatever it is they do in their backyard and the driveway – usually bouncing a ball that sounds often like its being bounced off my house. I know it would be useless to try and discuss the matter with the parents. My hope is that the spoiled monster children will grow out of it in a few more years; I’ve tolerated it for 5 years already and it IS (somewhat) getting better – they don’t scream and fight and cry nearly as much as they used to. Geesh. Yesterday late afternoon it was like a switch was turned on with the weather here! The sun came out, it felt positively balmy outside and I was able to make a good start raking the front lawn, not just hasty sweep-ups along the driveway. My lot is 75 feet wide so I have quite a bit of front lawn to clean up every spring. I got about 1/2 of the side yard done along the south side of the driveway, that is where my two shedding pine trees are. What a mess! Still more mess to clean up, and that doesn’t include the flower bed on that side of the driveway, that will probably take hours just by itself getting all of the leaves out that blew in from other neighbors’ properties last autumn and all winter long. Some neighbors just don’t bother trying to make their yards nice and somehow it seems to always end up in my front yard and driveway, even over my 6 ft. tall fence into the backyard, LOL. But looks so much better already. Today dawned sunny and balmy again – it’s lovely outside! I am taking a break right now, I worked an hour sweeping up the driveway and starting a thorough clean-up on the flower bed along the other side of the driveway along the house. I will pull out the pruners and cut back the shrubs in that bed later. There is so much to do but it feels great to be outside again and not be shivering! I just wish I had as much energy as I used to. Getting older is hard work.

  15. Look at all you have growing already, amazing Brenda!

    I just put my first seedlings out in the cold frame to start hardening them off…it’s a cold nasty day out there today, however, so this will be a tough start for them. But the sun is trying to come out….and the nighttime temps look good moving forward, at least for now. I have saved a bunch of plastic containers to use as pseudo-greenhouses for my plants, should the weather change after I plant them. It worked last year when we got a late cold snap, so all winter long I kept piling up these plastic containers in my garage – like a hoarder, ha ha!

    Stay well, Brenda – scary times.

  16. Good Morning Brenda.
    It is beautiful here today and I will get out later to walk Buddy. He is loving his walks. Have a good day and how nice that you are getting some of those home cooked meals. Yum.
    Have a Happy Thursday.

  17. Aww Brenda…I agree with you about going outside to enjoy the sounds….not someone else’s music! Wishing you blessings in this crazy time!!!!

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