1. I loved the poem Brenda and will be keeping it in my files to look at. So much sadness in this world at the moment and your post was just so poignant, with its reflective touch. Love reading here!

  2. Remarkable poem and your remarks…good job, Brenda!! Having now been married to the same guy for over 50 years, I can agree, that yes, we do change as we go, and in some ways we remain the same and as spouses we do have to adapt to each change, mourn some that go on by, and yet look ahead to the future, here and eternity as well. Yes, those of us who endured abuse when young do carry those scars forever. But it does not need to be the end all of all things either. But some seem to not have nearly anyone, or sometimes absolutely no one to help them, love them, applaud them, love them. I also had that, thankfully, and am so grateful. One of my friends has never had anyone who really has loved her much, yet I have no real reason for that…luck of the draw? But I do my best to love and care for her. What else can a person do? I wish I could change her life. But all I can do is try to support her. I do not expect to ever understand every last thing that has come to my life, good or bad. Not in this life. I think in the next life things will be made more plain, if it is important then. How can the created totally understand all that the Creator has allowed to happen? How can anyone really understand pure evil? Don’t think it is all attributable to bad parenting or evil events even…there are some who seem to have been born evil. Even in near perfect families. I like to think some of us have risen above the cruelties dealt us. But in my case, any good I am is from GOD and the love I have been given along the way. Seems to me, whenever a totally evil person does such as happened this week, all we can do is go out of our way even more to try to care for others. Each in our own small ways. And to comfort the grieving if we can too!!

  3. I’ll be honest, the poem didn’t make sense to me. At first I thought it was talking about remembering deceased friends/loved ones, but then it didn’t seem like that was what it was about at all, it was more just a sort of rant and then “oh well, this is what we have to deal with, so do your best” or something like that. I don’t think I “got it,” but I’m okay with that. I was a drama queen and diva type when I was in my 20s and went through all the angst, doom, gloom, broken hearts galore, battles for love, epic break-ups, all that jazz. Looking back on all of that, it makes me laugh at myself. I’m 71 now and have lost many people to death whom I loved dearly. I mourned, I remember, I smile, sometimes I dream about them, sometimes I cry. But what’s the point about forever having my head turned backward when I’m still here and who knows what forward will hold tomorrow? You keep moving forward and see what’s there.

  4. Brenda, this is in regard to yesterday’s post, but thought you would like this. I was looking for the “ICE” vinyl sticker, but instead I found on Etsy, refrigerator or probably would work for a freezer, same size, called a “refrigerator wrap vinyl.” If you search on Etsy those 3 words you will see beautfiul wraps (I think they are). Just an idea you may want to check out.

    1. I think I’ve also seen people cover refrigerators with peel-and-stick wallpaper, a solid color on the sides and a pattern on the doors. Just a thought.

  5. Brenda,
    what an amazing find; that poem! I am archiving it, so it will be shared.
    Your reflections on how children adapt so differently to situations struck home. I have two younger sisters and we all are completely different. The youngest is spoiled and self-absorbed and can be very vindictive. Once at the end of a family function; I lost my temper with her. I own my temper and I prefer to walk away and let it go. BUT, sometimes people need a good old fashioned verbal reckoning. It was brutally honest and she is very careful about pushing things in front of me. I have suggested counseling to her. She needs it badly!

  6. A very powerful message. Thank you for this lovely post and words to live by.

  7. Loved today’s post. I see so much sadness in today’s world. But I choose to be happy.

  8. You have such a knack with words Brenda. I love your posts about meaning in life and how we all adapt in different ways. I sometimes wonder if all the violence on tv shows and in games people do on devices plays in a role in our mental beings.

  9. Yesterday’s school shooting made me think about how one miserable person can cause lifelong grief to so many more.
    Beautiful poem, such tenderness.

  10. what you said today is so true for me i take one day at a time and enjoy the day what every it throws at me

  11. Powerful and heartfelt words, Brenda!
    I like to walk on sunshine however in the words of the late, great Maya Angelou “When people show you who they are, believe them”. We are who we are shaped by things others know nothing about. I’m a firm believer that if you want me to accept you then please know that I expect you to accept me. And, if that’s not possible it’s simply ok as we travel in different directions.
    Enjoy your Tuesday!

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