1. A beautiful post, Brenda. These kind of goodbyes break our hearts. I found there was comfort in pictures from your home.


  2. Giving water to the kitty is fine but don't start feeding it! Since I moved here there are stray cats all over. I started feeding one and ended up with 10. I had to stop putting out food, it was costing me too much $$$. Plus I have my own cat and did not want him to catch a disease from the feral ones. It breaks my heart knowing that they are out there hungry.

  3. Great read Brenda-for now I am glad to be saying goodbye to the heat! The fog is coming in and the evenings and days are a bit cooler her and I am ready to say Hello to that!

  4. This time of year always makes me think back to the time I watched a cartoon on the tv when I was younger where a bear snuggled down in his warm cozy bed and fell asleep for the winter. I feel like that with my home and make it as cozy as possible so that people are really happy visiting. My dog tends to walk past a basking cat in the road, but when she sees one walking she goes absolutely crazy!

    The senseless killing of the defenseless students filled my heart with sadness. What protection did they have from someone who's purpose in life centered around such evil.

    Take care Brenda xx

  5. Sadly, after our President said that we are becoming numb to this ( and the daily shootings going on in our cities ) what I obsevered in my facebook feed that day was most people ranting about the government wanting to take away their guns.

    1. Happens EVERY single time. Mention gun control and people clutch their firearms and go into crazy talk mode.

  6. Didn't the pupsters live with a kitty back in Texas?
    Black cats tend to be the most abandoned and abused cats. Also, the least likely to be adopted. They're not light and bright and colorful. They're different. And cats or people who are different always seem to bear society's neglect. I hope you can help him or her.
    When will all this gun madness stop? If so many Americans want guns banned .why isn't it happening !

    1. Yes, they lived with a kitty in TX, but tormented it often. Little rascals. And when will this gun madness stop, when someone is powerful enough to take on the NRA. Americans (responsible citizens) want them banned, but I don't see that happening. Anytime I've mentioned gun control, I get hate mail because someone thinks I want someone to take away their guns. Crazy thinking. Guns for hunting, get a license, fine. Automatic weapons: NO ONE needs.

  7. I know that kitty knows a kind soul to care for it and you will help it. When I heard about the shootings all I could think of was, Oh no, not again. You are so right, our govt has to sit up and take action on these matters. I don't know how it will be stopped but something must be done. My hearts aches for these families.

    1. But the government can't seem to take the NRA on and win, which is what is so unfortunate. They are just too powerful and have deep pockets.

  8. Brenda,

    It's not your 'job' to find a home for the kitty but I know you have a good heart. Do what you can and then I know your heart will lead the way.:) Feral cats are hard. My sister had three at once and we had to convince her to stop taking them in.

    I don't get political or express my views on controversial subjects much, but there are no "whys?" or 'making sense" of these school shootings anymore. Every state has to have the Common Sense Law and make it next to impossible for people to get guns. This idiot had 4 guns with him and 7 at his apartment. The money hungry craving-for-the-vote people in Washington don't have the balls to take a stand. It make perfect sense to me and I'm disgusted.

    Thanks for a great post that gets us thinking, Brenda.


  9. All of the places that are specified as 'gun free' are just what these killers look for. If they were not 'gun free', like the community college in Oregon where this awful shooting happened, some of those older students and ex-military students would have had a license to carry guns and would have had their guns with them. In which case, either the shooter would have not even tried to shoot up the school because he would know that concealed handguns were permitted and most probably present or if he was so crazy as not to care, he surely would have been shot by one of the students when he first presented himself as a shooter. Surely people know that to get a permit to carry, you have to take rigorous gun safety, shooting and law classes so that one can properly handle a gun to protect oneself if needed; it is nothing to be scared about that some people now carry guns in their purse or hidden holster. If you are a one of these, you have taken all the classes, training and precautions, have your gun license and regularly train at shooting ranges; that is a good thing. If you are a 'bad guy with a gun', you hope no one around you has a licensed, concealed handgun when you set out to do your horrible deed.

    1. True words. Unfortunately there are all the people who buy guns who know absolutely nothing about them. If they take classes, get a license, and practice at gun ranges, they are being responsible.

  10. Brenda, this piece is so beautifully written. And it always breaks my heart…the senseless behavior of some human beings. We've been out-of-twon…at a funeral. It's been a sad week. Hope you are looking forward to a nice weekend, my dear, sweet friend! Love ya!

  11. I can't watch the news coverage about the shooting on TV…sensory overload for me with hearing the stories, seeing the mourning people, dead bodies being carried out…just can't handle it. So senseless and tragic. Doesn't help that I have a son and niece both on college campuses, so school shootings always make me a bit more worried and scared.

    I hope that if the kitty comes back, you can catch it and bring it to a shelter. Winter is coming and the poor thing would never survive out there.

    1. I don't turn on the TV. I get a bit of news here and there online. But I'm done with the sensationalism of "TV news."

  12. Goodbyes are never easy, Brenda. Even when they are expected-they cause a hole in our hearts that can never really be filled. And..when the senseless things happen that snuff out lives-well, those goodbyes are even harder than most.
    Hope you have a good night- xo Diana

    1. Random killing is always senseless. I've written many times about tragic killings, and each and every time, it was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Which makes it even more senseless.

  13. Brenda, these things weigh me down too. How can life be so tragically hard for no good reason for so many good people. It's a tough pill to swallow. Thanks for writing this. I think we all just need to keep doing all the little things we do each day to try and keep the light shining.

    1. I agree. You have to look for the positive in life. Because there's not a whole lot you can do about the negative when they won't exert more gun control in this country.

  14. Brenda I know you will feed that beautiful sad cat. Cats know animal lovers , he may sense your kindness and be waiting soon for his meal. My own cat is a rescue that was thrown out onto a busy highway by her dead owners adult children . She depended on the kindness of neighbors to . Sad about the murders yes.

    1. Bless you, Lexie, for taking in that cat! I believe the original owners also know, appreciate what you did for them, and are now looking out for you both! I found the semi-feral cat my mother fed and brought her home 6 years ago. Whenever I hug her, it's like hugging mom again since we both did the same thing to the "Annie" we now share!

  15. Brenda, is there a way you can capture the kitty and bring it to a shelter? If it is thin it does not have a good home. If you incur any expense doing this, I will reimburse you. You can find my email address on my blog. Thank you. You have a heart of gold.

    1. Don't worry. I haven't seen it at all today. I called the manager yesterday and asked if anyone had called her about a lost cat, and she said no. If I see it again, I will feed it. There is a Sonic right around the corner. I imagine it could scarf down food there. But I wouldn't let it go hungry. I just want to make sure it hasn't found its owners or something, because putting cat food out would attract rats.

  16. Hi Brenda,
    Senseless killing is so hard to comprehend anymore. Just so sad. Our weather is fall like for sure here in the Midwest. Cooler nights are here. My flowers are still hanging on but it won't be long. Love always seeing your pretty angel in your garden shots. Sooooo pretty.
    Happy Friday and have a wonderful week end.

  17. Hi Brenda, The kitty is a brave little one knowing there are dogs around. Maybe she is lost and comes from a home with dogs too. Poor little thing, I would not let it starve either.
    Yes, there is sadness in goodbye's but when it's senseless like the campus shootings, it's just plain tragic!!
    Thank you for sharing your heart in this post. Have a nice weekend. cm

  18. I like Carole's description of the trees being dressed for a party. Wish they would not sleep so long. If I could control the weather would have more weeks of fall and spring.

  19. I know how much you love animals, but your present situation and those likely to come in the near future would increase the issues you'll already have to deal with….

    as for the campus shootings- more senseless killing and no change in sight.. people keep electing morons to congress who are owned by the NRA and fly under the TeaBag banner..

    1. I ponder what the difference is between these people who are at large with (legal) guns and firearms…and terrorists. I know they terrify me ~ and when the innocent people in a classroom or movie theater or mall or office are forced to face them, I see no difference between them and a terrorist. Yet we do NOTHING….. I don't understand. But we spend billions on fighting terrorism overseas. What is the difference?

  20. Oh Brenda…I know you are to much a sweet and caring person to not help that little kitty…I help any kitty or dog that shows up here…I know that most likely they were just tossed away like they were a worthless item…You have such a big heart…When I walked in the room yesterday and saw there was a special report on the TV…I just knew in my heart that it must be another shooting…when I got closer to the TV and could see that I was right..I just wanted to sink to the floor and cry…my heart just aches..why oh why do these sick people want to kill other people…Why…

    1. For the record, I have not seen the kitty today. If I see it again, I will get cat food. My neighbor Charlie wanted to put food out for it too, but his wife told him not to. Don't worry. I won't let it starve if it comes back.

  21. If you can't take the cat in, I hope you can I provide it with food and shelter….the comment " I hope it finds a home" is most unhelpful….you need to be an animal advocate. Same kind of thing with the students killed. Saying I pray for them is not helping. Get MAD and rail against all of the idiots like the NRA who don't care HOW MANT are killed….

    1. I have done that. And I got hate mail over it. I understand that I'm considered a "controversial blogger" because I even wrote about gun control after the Sandy Hook elementary school murders.

  22. I see fall as a party where the trees dress up in their finest. They blaze and glow for a couple of glorious weeks and then ,tired from all that celebrating, the leaves drift slowly to the ground. The trees are glad to see them go because they are tired too. They are ready for a rest and want to snuggle under a soft blanket of snow. After a long sleep , they will be back; sweet and green . It's not goodbye,; it's just goodnight.

  23. I love your post today Brenda…the senseless killings in Oregon just makes me ache all over inside…how anyone could just gun down innocent college students who were there just trying to better their lives to live in this world and have a family and be able to get a good job to support them now will no longer have that privlege…my heart goes out to all the grieving families and friends of them…may God comfort them and help them down the long road that will lay ahead for them…God Bless! Carol

  24. It's interesting that the kitty comes to your house, knowing that there are dogs there. Hope she/he finds a home soon before it gets cold!

    Lovely tribute Brenda.

  25. I hate and love this time of the year at the same time…so much death but we know that all will come alive again in just a few short months. Kathleen like you my heart hurts for all the families and friends of the young people who were killed or hurt by someone who just wanted to make a name for himself it seems. Makes you want to gather in your family and keep them close.

  26. Summer saying goodbye and signs of Fall all around us. The senseless murders of the students hurts my heart, a beautiful tribute Brenda. Kathleen in Az
    A new friend for the pupsters, hope the kitty has a home nearby.

    1. Haven't seen the kitty for a couple of days. It was only around for two or three days. I'm thinking it found its owner hopefully.

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