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  1. We had two opposum coming in our fenced in yard at night eating, first, the figs, then the grapes. I had to go out every night and do “opposum sweep” after the first “meet & greet” incident. Like Yours, it was noisy and scary, although this particular opposum “went to sleep.” I put the dogs back in the house and checked on the opposum (he/she wasn’t going anywhere.) I got a shovel and could not pick opposum up so I just kinda drug him/her along on shovel to the fence. Then, with all my might, I hoisted opposum up and over fence. Amazingly, he/she did not budge, not an inch – still had that hideous look on his/her face but convincingly, looked “dead to the world.” I kept checking on it and it finally left, but the two of them continued to visit our grapevine until Hubby gave it a really good “haircut”, the grapevine that is. b

  2. My neighbor’s little dog lost an eye to a possum. It might be a good idea to go out first to scare away your visitor. Like you noticed they don’t move too fast and Charlie might get to him before you do.

  3. It’s Monday 2pm and our power (and my heat) is back on, its been off since Saturday. And, we have just had a cold snap, down to freezing this morning. I’m grateful i am not in a fire zone . The fires are far away so many of us here in eureka, California wonder why our power is off. It’s certainly not tragic BUT it is very uncomfortable and inconvenient. No electricity, no heat, no electrical cooking, no tv, no internet, no phone. Ugh ?

  4. Brenda I have commented about this before but feel it is worth repeating. Leptospirosis is a nasty bacteria which Is acquired through contact with infected animals (possums in particular) and/or their urine. More than 5+ years ago Vets here in South Texas began recommending vaccination to protect against it. Infection can cause serious diseases plus humans are susceptible to L. infection through contact with the urine of infected pets. Possums are a big problem here and as there is no way to know whether infected one(s) could be peeing in Capo’s back yard he receives the vaccination…better to be safe than sorry.

  5. We have had a couple of experiences with possums…one night I was awakened by a high pitched screaming (like a baby) and then I heard our next door neighbor telling her dog to let go and come in the house. Her white dog had a possum by its snout and the possum was screaming…it was crazy. You can imagine how much blood was all over the white dog. The other time was at my son’s house when they discovered a possum inside their house…it was a young possum who had come in through the cat door, and it was in the potholder drawer next to the stove. Needless to say, it scared the bejeebers out of my daughter-in-law. Both stories are funny now but not when they happened. Another good series on Netflix is Hinterland…a dark mystery series from Wales or maybe England…I recommend it. Take care of yourself and the fur babies.

  6. I wonder if it could be something to do with salt petre preparation? I love enigmatic phrases.
    Please do look out for ‘Peaky Blinders’ Brenda. I feel sure that you would love it. It has become immensely popular here in the UK, and has run for many series.
    Your fur babies are so gorgeous.

  7. I wonder if you could make a video of the possum (or perhaps download one from You tube) and figure out a way to project it on a wall. Perhaps this would stimulate Charlie to walk/use his legs more. Sounds like when he spots a possum, he forgets his aches and pains and away he goes! Just like the rest of us, divert our attention to something we want and it’s amazing what we can accomplish!

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