I ordered 4 items of clothing for colder weather from JCPenneys. Then I got an email yesterday evening saying it was delivered. But it wasn’t.

I walked up and down the sidewalk and no one had my package in the vicinity.

Deliveries & Non-Deliveries:

So this morning I call JCPenneys and they told me to call the carrier. The carrier said I’d have to call JCPenneys back, as they could not start a claim at this time.

So now they have my money through Paypal and if the package doesn’t turn up (even though it says it’s already been delivered) by Saturday, I can ask for a credit. But I can’t just reorder the four items. I have to wait for a credit.

I hate this type of thing, as everyone does. And with the whole supply chain problem that is happening everywhere.

This brings me to a separate problem within the postal service that I’d like to address.

The USPS Now Facing More Problems:

Mail is said to be taking longer to arrive due to an action by the Postmaster General.

Earlier this month there was an article online that talked about mail delays and price hikes for mail. Apparently, it will mostly affect 1st class mail.

This means mail delivery will be slower than in the 1970s.

Also, the U.S. Postal Service will pay $120 million over the next five years to a major logistics contractor. The current Postmaster General previously helped lead this company and his family maintains financial ties to the company.

The new contract will deepen the Postal Service’s relationship with XPO Logistics, the logistics contractor with ties to the Postmaster General.

And to add even more drama, the FBI is investigating the Postmaster General in connection with campaign fundraising activity involving his former business

Well, in summation, all I know is this: Our mail is going to take longer to get to its destination, and it is going to be more expensive.

So I ask you, what the hell do you think is going on?


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  1. It’s getting worse and worse. The postmaster general must go. He is clearly corrupt, and his goals are definitely not to make for more efficient mail delivery. I think the only way to get rid of him is to increase the number of people on the board, and then have a majority to vote him out. There is no regard for people in rural communities who depend on the mail for medication, and other essentials.

  2. I have recently had two orders (one from Amazon and one from Kohls) that did not arrive. The tracking info showed that it arrived at my local post office and was returned to the warehouse for some unknown reason. Even the retailer did not know where the order was. Nothing is for certain any more.

  3. A lot of shipping problems could be solved if more people would actually go shopping in the stores. Too many businesses are suffering because it’s too easy to stay home.

    1. That would be a fine idea IF the stores actually had inventory…..or what you need. I don’t have hours each day to run from store to store hoping to find what I need.

  4. I thought that one of the things our new administration would do would be to get rid of this Post Master General. It should have been a priority. We rely on our postal service! And talking to the folks who work in the post office, they despise the changes that he has made and continues to bring about.
    I so hope your packages come soon! I also fear that they’ve been stolen. And good advice from another reader to start a claim with Paypal.

    1. The president cannot remove the Postmaster General. He can only be removed by the Board and our former president filled those positions-and as soon as the positions come up, they will be filled by the current president. It was carefully thought out and will take some time to undo the damage, Character matters.

      1. We have the same issues in my neighborhood in California. You get the notification that something’s been delivered and it’s not there. Anxiety ensues. A lot of times I think the carriers pre-scan their packages as delivered once they are on the truck, but then due to the high volume don’t get the job done. That’s why waiting a day or two your package may show up. Of course all the others issues brought up in these responses are true too!

  5. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with these delay issues. Our postal service is the same here in NC. We’ve seen a decline with the USPS for so many years now I think I’ve just accepted it as the norm. DeJoy, the current postmaster general, is leftover turmoil from the previous administration in my opinion. And he is benefiting from it financially. What a surprise.
    I know we are all in for a lot of stress with many issues to come.

  6. I’m wondering if there’s a possibility your packages were stolen. We’ve had that going on in my neighborhood. The postmaster general as you know is trying to do in the post office. He does have personal interests that will benefit from the demise of the post office. I keep hoping he will be fired.. Just another hang over appointee by tRump. Miserable weather here. Turned cool and raining cats and dogs. Hope you get your package problem resolved. Be well.

  7. My daughter is getting married in December. She did not receive RSVPs from quite a few people. She emailed/called them. They never received the invitations! Those things are not cheap! We are furious.

  8. Did any of you get the email from Amazon about the measures they are taking to deal with the supply chain disruptions? They are taking matters into their own hands to get products to their customers.
    If this mess doesn’t get straightened out small businesses are going to be hit hard.

  9. Part of the problem where we are lies locally…there is 1 person I will NEVER again let wait on me inside the PO…I suspect he is largely part of the issues we face here. But the truth is, there are few others who are helpful there too. Just a job. A very well paying with excellent insurance job too. I think what you shared about the leadership is largely what we have in this country now. Maybe it was a lot like this for many years and we are now becoming aware is all? It is sad that the Pony Express was about as good…

  10. I was notified via email that my package from Chewy was to be delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday came and went. No package. When I checked my account online the delivery said delayed. The carrier (FedX) claimed they were unable to deliver. I contacted Chewy twice about the package. I finally talked to a manager and she said it could have been one of two reasons. The first reason is if it is a gated community or the property is fenced off the carrier couldn’t leave. My home has neither. The second reason? The delivery person was unable to complete their route. The manager told me the package probably wouldn’t be delivered until today. I opened my front door yesterday to go get my mail and there was the package on my porch. I was getting quite concerned, because like you, part of the order was food for my dog, and what I had here was getting quite low. I was told by the manager to order extra early from now on. Their delivery time used to be 1 – 3 days. Now it is 5 – 7 days (or longer).

    1. FedX is the WORST!! But all the carriers post something as delvered when it goes on the trucks but it is often days later when they are actually delivered. I’m disabled and unable to shop much so I get quite a bit online so I have learned to just wait a few days because the boxes will most likely arrive. Not before the recepient is all upset though. My BFF’s son works for UPS so he told me to be sure to put on the order form where I want a package delivered. Ok, good….but there is usually not a place on the order form to do that so the carriers just drop it wherever. With the large boxes like Chewy that is usually in front of the garage doors only about 15′ from the road. I’m home most of the time so this isn’t a huge problem for me but for people who aren’t home all the time it could be.

      We found something recently that is making this this easier though. We bought Smartbulb360 for all our doors and even one for inside the house. They are just lightbulbs that are enabled with motion and photo capability for 360 degrees. We do have two Ring doorbells but they both require monitoring and are too expensive to put every where the carriers might deliver. These LED bulbs on Amazon are $30-35 dollars!! So it is much more affordable for every where you might use them. They are monitored with an app on your phone. Your phone stores all the photos too so no extra charge there either. I even use them way out in our backyard to monitor my dogs. All in all we are VERY happy with them. Google them to get all the info and then go to Amazon to find them or a competitor for much less. I don’t sell them or have any financial interest they are just a great product that we found almost accidentally so if they can help someone I want you to know.

  11. Well, the fact it is now “first class” mail that will be further delayed, it seems like just another act of unnecessary BS “because they can” in order to get more attention for their personal grievances and agendas adding further shame to this postmaster general. Then again, if his behavior is so deplorable (and it is), why doesn’t the current administration remove him? Gee, perhaps that might set a precedent which would mean the current AG would also need to be removed since his son-in-law’s company financially benefits from the sale of what is becoming potentially divisive curriculum within our public school systems. But I digress. The sad fact of the matter is that “service”, “attitude” and “conscious” further continues to disappear at all levels, particularly when big business is eager to boast how things will change for the worse, vs. taking responsibility to fix the problems. Many of us will choose to do with less in order to avoid more grief and aggravation in our lives which means we will be voting more and more with or without our dollars until businesses decide to get back to the business of customer service. Sadly, there will be many business failures that in time will be viewed as necessary. Its not a question of things getting back to normal, it is a question of when the reset is complete which regardless of mistaken popular hopes, will require a refocus to sustainable, worthwhile and necessary values. Until then, buckle up as the ride continues to be very bumpy.

  12. I haven’t tried to figure out what’s going on. I’m still writing my penpals, I have 8 or 9. Most of them are in the US but two are in Austrailia. The overseas mail is quite a bit slower. My US letters have been doing pretty well & so has my online orders. I hate that you’ve had trouble. I assume your package was probably stolen? So frustrating. I live in a rural area so mail theft hasn’t been a problem here.

  13. What do I think is going on??? Nothing good! ….. I actually just looked at an email that reassured me that the case of cat food I purchased online has been delivered – I have not yet heard the grind of the diesel truck around the curve to this road. …. And I even had to do that in the first place b/c of the supply-chain problems at my three stores locally – now we’re out of Friskies wet canned food, also?!! I had to rethink my “well only for emergencies” credit card I recently got. One of my friends thinks I should introduce my cat to eating only dry … but after he’s been eating this way now for several years – and as he’s an older guy who still has teeth in his mouth but the hard stuff is never fully finished — It’s not even a money issue, altho being on a fixed income certainly! doesn’t mean I’m rich! : it’s a along the lines of #signsofthetimes & I don’t care for it one wet morsel!

  14. Since I moved to my new place about 1 1/2 years ago, I have received no less than 13-14 packages belonging to other persons. I have been either able to chase down the delivery person or check the address and deliver it myself. I’ve only had one inability to find the person, an instacart delivery. When I called the store, they said call instacart and instacart told me that unless I could give them the name, number, etc of the customer(which was Not on the package), they couldn’t help me. After walking around for a while, I gave up and used and shared the groceries with others. Very frustrating.

    1. The sad part is that InstaCart is known for these types of “mishaps” and they would have not issued a refund to the person who didn’t get their delivery.

  15. Brenda, the whole supply chain issue is mind boggling. As for JCPenny/Paypal etc, it is shameful that they will not credit you. Did you contact Paypal? I think you can start a claim with them.

    As for the postoffice…there are no words for the disaster the post office has been for many years. Part of the problem with the post office is that many companies get EXCELLENT rates to ship through them and granted it is a volume discount but because of that there is a lag time for the rest of us to get mail.

  16. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this frustration, but hopefully it will be resolved.
    Supply chain issues! I bought a gallon of paint today at Sherwin Williams – my receipt explained that a 4% “supply chain fee” might apply to my total. Sure enough! $2.38 extra! I guess we can just expect to pay more for less all around from now on.

  17. I share your frustrations, Brenda. The USPS used to be great. Now it is not. Packages from the various delivery services are left all over the place at my apartment complex. Tenants are always posting about packages that were supposedly delivered, but are nowhere to be found.

    I haven’t spent Christmas with my daughter in years, so I was thinking about traveling cross country this year. The fares are astronomical! I wonder if people will actual pay that. I’m not.

    Anyway, hope you find your packages.

  18. There was a lot of conflict when trump appointed him, but it looks like nothing was ever done to correct it. Regarding the other issue. Sometimes businesses contract with other delivery companies and for some reason items are said to have been delivered a day or two before they are. When you question it they say to wait a few days to request a refund🤷‍♀️

  19. I ask that of many things going on in our country nowadays. Sorry you had a problem with your delivery. Just saw a cute video showing some happy dogs. It is because they live in the moment. I’ll work on that. Enjoy your day.

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