Much of yesterday it was overcast. I kept thinking it was going to rain but it didn’t.

I keep seeing that same black and clear dragonfly outside. I wonder what is going on with all the dragonflies this year?

I lay awake last night going through what I need to get done before Wednesday’s cataract surgery. Someone mentioned I shouldn’t be bending over.

I’ve emailed my daughter about this, because I don’t think she could stay through the day. I believe she has to be at Andrew’s school enrollment.

But in feeding Charlie and watering my flowers (the spigot is about a foot off the ground) maybe I could have her go back and forth that first day.

Container of vintage items

I start the eye drops tomorrow and already have a paper binder on the kitchen table to write down and set up the times to check off as I do them.

The other worry niggling at me is that this laptop seems to be getting worse by the day. What’s on the screen moves around from time to time and I can’t use the cursor until it stops moving.

This mostly happens when the laptop has been moved in any way. Like setting it down when I get up. Then I have to shake it gently to try to get the screen to settle when I sit back down and pick it up again.

Vintage mason jars on blue hutch

I sure don’t want to have surgery and then have to go out and buy another computer to write my posts. I don’t want to go out and make a big purchase until I have to either. I’m trying to eke all I can out of this one.

So things would be less stressful if I wasn’t having problems with the very thing I use to make money at the same time I’m facing surgery.

But we deal the cards we’re dealt. We have no other choice really. That is day to day reality. So I will just take things as they come.

Red pentas on my patio

I was reading this morning that if you already have dry, itchy and burning eyes your recovery might be a but impeded. I’ve always had dry eyes. But this past week I’ve had all of those other symptoms.

Today I have told myself I’m not going outside to cut vines or tend to plants, because maybe that is one of the irritants.

I tend to go outside with Charlie and then I suddenly see something that needs to be done, and without really thinking, I go do it.

So I’ll have to watch myself today about curbing those impulses.

I’m a planner. So tomorrow morning I will get groceries. I didn’t want to go before then because of getting fresh produce. So once I get that done and start the eye drops, I should be mostly ready for this procedure.

You’re probably getting a bit tired of me writing about this. But as you know what I’m thinking is what I write.

As with most things, this too shall pass.

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  1. Brenda: I’ve been a long time reader of your blog, but have never been one to leave comments. I concur with many of the above comments about cataract surgery. I had both eyes done a year ago, one week between surgeries, and it truly was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Surgery was painless and fast. The pre-surgery prep takes longer than the actual procedure. I saw an immediate improvement in my vision. I wear glasses for up-close needlework and working at the computer, but I do not need glasses for driving or watching tv. My surgeon’s office staff gave me a spread-sheet to keep track of the eye drops post-surgery. Your checklist will be very useful. Good luck tomorrow. You will be amazed at how easily you get through this process.

  2. have you considered taking your computer to a repair shop and having them run diagnostics on it. it may just need a new monitor. i had the same problem that you described and that’s what it took to fix my desk top computer. the computer shops here have rebuilt computers for sale at a considerable reduction in cost.

    i wish you well with your eye surgery. i too need my eye done but have to wait for the funds to pay for it. dr. says it can’t go past my next yearly exam, then in another year or so the other eye will need done. everyone i have talked to who have gone through it says it’s like a new lease on life. getting old ain’t for sissies.

  3. Please rest after the surgery Wednesday and you’ll be up and about in no time (the optimist in me thinks). Perhaps deal with the laptop before you have the surgery on your second eye. A friend of my sister’s had the surgery a month ago and she didn’t require any assistance other than driving her to and from home for the surgery so hopefully it won’t be too much for your daughter.
    Give a hug and kiss to Charlie boy! xoxo

    Carol and Molly

  4. thank you for always being so honest in your posts. I too need this surgery. and I live in your same state. it’s the mecca for eye irritants! the wind and dust and regular allergies. I have felt helped and encouraged by all the wonderful comments. every major surgery I’ve ever had I’ve been alone. but always recovered just fine. there is just something about the thought of “my eyes!” that always frightened me about having it. all the positive comments are such a blessing.
    and even though cataract surgery isn’t considered ‘major’ I think it’s just the point of it being of the eyes that is so unsettling to me. now I don’t have that feeling so much. like you I’m a list maker of when I must do whatever. and that helps me tremendously! I will be thinking of you. you and your little Charlie Boy! much love to both of you. xo

  5. Praying for you to have a speedy recovery. I love how you write your thoughts. It’s like you are a dear friend to do many of us even though we haven’t met face to face. I think I can say we all come here to read your thoughts and I know I come to learn from you as well. I love your talents with decorating, managing life, gardening and taking care of your beloved pets. You’re a wonderful person Miss Brenda and a very talented one too.

  6. Praying for you to have a speedy recovery. I love how you write your thoughts. It’s like you are a dear friend to do many of us even though we haven’t met face to face. I think I can say we all come here to read your thoughts and I know I come to learn from you as well. I love your talents with decorating, managing life, gardening and taking care of your beloved pets. You’re a wonderful person Miss Brenda and a very talented one too.

  7. Hi Brenda – you write about anything you want! I love your blog b/c it feels like “home” when I sign in and catch up . best of wishes, good vibes, prayers, thoughts ur way. wishing you a speedy recovery. I looked at Lenovo Yoga computers SSD at best buy last week. it was $669 so im holiding off as long as I can but they are supposed to be really good. I have had to stop doing most yard / garden things for dry eyes. In just the opthamologist told me to use eye wash that comes with a little cup at night. I get it at Walmart. might help you next spring/summer. take cre Brenda. hugs to you and Charlie

  8. Brenda, I’m a long time reader of your blog and enjoy it so much. I’m a year or so older than you and had cataract surgery a few years ago on both eyes. I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone that had had it except for an elderly person from years ago when they hospitalized you! I was extremely near sighted and legally blind in one eye so I had to do it.
    I want you to know that it was the best thing I have ever done in my life and would have done a commercial for the eye center if I could have! It’s very quick and easy and totally painless. When I was waiting to go home, I was sitting in a chair and looked up and could read the EXIT sign above the door and started crying because I couldn’t see much of anything before having that procedure done. I occasionally use readers now and am so happy that I was able to do this. And the aftercare is easy …lots of eye drops and no heavy lifting for a bit but that’s all.
    And you will be amazed at how pretty colors look to you and you will enjoy your lovely patio so much!

    Much luck to you!

    1. Oh, what a wonderful moment for you! I sure don’t want to cry because then I’d be wiping my eyes and you can’t do that!

  9. Try not to worry about it Brenda. I know, easier said than done. Have a restful day with Charlie. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Good luck with your surgery Brenda. I am sure they will go over everything with you on what you can and cannot do. My mom had this surgery and she said it was painless and she could see great right away. I do not remember her having any restrictions. Good Luck.

    1. I just got through reading 6 pages of stuff I am to do and what I can and cannot do and when and all that. Hope I can remember it all. I have drawn boxes on paper for marking off when I do the drops and swipe the eyelashes and eyelids Monday and Tuesday.

  11. Your extra itchy part of the dry eyes might be lingering issues from dusting and cleaning a few days ago. Readers have offered several good and helpful suggestions today. Ask your daughter for the help that you want and then don’t be shy to let her help you and Charlie. ? I wish you nothing but the best and look forward to hearing from you again.

  12. Brenda, I’m having the exact problem with my laptop. I’ve stopped closing it altogether and just set it aside. If you were to put it on your table and sit there for the time being you might be able to prolong its life a little. I’m wondering if you could take it in to find out the problem and if it can be fixed, then if they need to order a part you could take it back home until they have it. If you need a new screen, they might have one on hand and be able to fix it on the spot if they know you make your living with it. I think that’s what I’m going to do, but I have a tablet I can use in the meantime. I doubt that would work well for you, but I hope you can find an inexpensive solution soon because I know this is worrisome for you. Have a good day and try to relax. Let me know if I can help you!!

    1. Mine is just getting worse and worse. Even if I don’t move it, sometimes it just starts flickering and moving all over the place and there’s nothing I can do until it settles down. I won’t be able to take this very long. I pretty much know what it is, just don’t know if it’s worth it to replace the screen.

  13. Hope your cataract surgery goes extremely well and that you recover quickly. I have had this surgery done in both eyes and it was a very quick recovery period. I do remember the frequent eye drops being the most worrisome part of the procedure. Just like you, I kept track of my drop schedule in a notebook on the kitchen counter. I am a “checking the list” kind of girl!

    Well, this morning as I was weeding in the front yard, I heard the birds squawking in the backyard near the feeder. I went back to see what was causing all the chatter — and you probably guessed it — a hawk was on the large branch overhanging the feeders. I did chase him off and the birds (and squirrels) came back to feed but now I will worry about my little feathered friends. I know the hawk needs to eat too; just wish he would dine elsewhere.

    Take care of yourself, stress less, and have a wonderful Sunday afternoon with Charlie.

  14. As someone who is about to have her 13th eye surgery, yours is nothing. You are back to normal the next day. They put you under twilight, that’s why you’re supposed to take it easy after. Get sunglasses if you don’t have any.

  15. I had cataract surgery done on both eyes this year and it was the best thing I’ve ever done….no more readers! Don’t stress too much as it’s not nearly as difficult as I had imagined….when my husband had his done he worked the next day and he is a landscaper. Of course, you do have to be careful but you can pretty much carry on with your day to day life. Good luck I’m sure you’ll do great.

  16. I have not had cataract surgery, but my husband had the surgery for both eyes about eleven years ago. He did very well, but with the the second surgery, he had more discomfort/scratchy feeling during the first night. He kept insisting that the bandage needed to be repositioned, but I gave him Tylenol as per doctor’s instructions and managed to dissuade him from tinkering with the bandage. I am just relating this so that you would be aware and not be alarmed if you had some discomfort. Of course, your doctor would be the best one to let you know what to expect. Best wishes!

      1. Now they don’t even put a bandage on it. My friend just had it done and nothing was put over her eyes afterward. Cataract surgery is probably the easiest surgery a person can have.

  17. I hope your readers with experience can calm you about the surgery and recovery. I myself wish I could be there to help you out! Take care! Hope you can get a different computer soon; I would not want to miss any of your posts either!
    All the best,

    1. It’s lack of control. Which really, none of us have. It’s having to ask my daughter to do things. All that stuff. I hate to be a bother.

  18. I have several friends as well as my mother who has had this surgery and they all say it was a piece of cake, so don’t worry. You might think about making a casserole or two and freezing them so all you have to do is thaw them and cook. Also maybe a salad and something yummy for your sweet tooth. Then you can just relax and know you have prepared as good as you can. And you know, you could get one of those water wands which have a turn on and off valve and just turn on the water in the hose the day before your surgery and use the switch on the wand so you can water without bending over.
    I do think that everything will be just fine, but you are like me and you want to be prepared just in case. You do exactly the same as I will be doing before my surgery.

    1. The surgery, I have heard, is easy . If you need to water leave the hose on a table and get a sprayer that turns off with your fingers. Some can be left on. Put the food in a ziplock bags for each day and freeze the water to drop into the bowl. You can freeze the water for your plants also. The colors are supposed to be so clear and bright after the surgery. ?

    2. I know. I just try to plan for every thing that might happen. And it’s hard to do that because you never know.

  19. I couldn’t bend over with my abdominal surgery last week so as I would walk with dogs out to the yard, I had to continually look away from weeds, deadheading plants and picking up apples on the ground. It’s like I had to tell myself to really change my habits for the healing before I hurt myself so I know it’s hard but necessary is what I kept saying over and over. Just look away and it will be easier each day. I am real good at squat thrusts now that I am recovering and have stronger legs than I thought I did so some good came from it!

      1. And I got real good at carrying a lightweight pitcher around for filling dog water bowls and watering plants using my kitchen faucet. Took me longer but I had all day so I learned how to be patient with myself.

  20. Brenda, please don’t worry too much. I was also very apprehensive before my surgery and it turned out to be a piece of cake. Although I was not told to, take a few days after to take it easy and be kind to your self. You have the perfect excuse. Really, the surgery and recovery are sort of a breeze.

  21. Diana is right! I just had both eyes done in June and there were very few limitations. Unless you do a lot of heavy lifting and things like that. The frequent eye drops are really the hardest part of it. Sorry to hear that your computer is giving you a fit! You don’t need that right now. Just take care and relax it’ll all work out. I usually have a lot of birds in our yard too. But, they have thinned out quite a bit. Hope it isn’t another sign of an early winter. I love fall, my favorite time of year. But, not the snow & ice that follows.. Have a wonderful day!

  22. Brenda, that “no bending over” business is old medicine, I had both of my eyes done less than a year ago and that was never advised. The limitations are very minimal.
    Please try not to stress, it is a very easy and painless procedure. The frequent eye drops are the worst part!
    Best regards, Diana in illinois

  23. We have had swarms of the dragon flies you describe here in central Alabama! Sometimes six or seven flying around the small backyard together. Fewer birds also, even though I haven’t seen any hawks.
    I hope everything goes well with your surgery, and no we aren’t tired of hearing about it! I do wish you’d go ahead and replace your computer before yours goes completely. I would hate for you to miss even one day posting!

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