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I found the cutest plant pots for my smaller plants the other day on And they were a great price too. I got 4 pots with matching saucers for $22.49.

They are all 5 inches wide and have a drainage hole.

And if you want the turquoise pots, you can get them for under $20.

I seem to mostly choose green pots because I hate to take away from the prettiness of the plant. Green blends in.

Aren’t they cute? I like the slightly different designs.

Unless you buy plastic, it’s hard to find decent priced pots that are decorative and pretty. And plastic isn’t always cheap either.

And of course Ivy had to check them out before I took photos of them. That cat is so nosy.

And cute. I can’t ever forget cute!

If you decide you want them, don’t forget to tick the coupon box so you’ll get an even better price.


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  1. Brenda,
    those pots look so cute. That picture of Miz Ivy stretched out to check out your flower pots is adorable! You must laugh all the time at her “nosiness.” Also, have to compliment your red curtains; they really make a statement! They make the room feel like an English cozy library.
    I think we are all happy to see Spring approaching. I’m really looking forward to seeing your garden in bloom! You have such an backyard oasis….

  2. Actually, the description I saw says Layla Lush. I didn’t see anything about sheer. But they very well could be. I really want something that blocks the light.

  3. Love the pretty pots, Brenda. Since the pandemic, almost everyone is ordering online. I rather enjoy it. And I appreciate your directing us to the fabulous finds you locate online. Speaking of ordering, I saw some bright floral curtains on QVC. The name is Layla. I wanted something with vivid colors for my patio door. And also something where I had the option of picking an accent color from…turquoise or orange, for example. When you get a chance could you look at the QVC site and search for Layla curtains and tell me what you think. They are really wide and the reviews are great. Thanks, Brenda.

    1. They are the sheers, right? Because they spelled it Lala+Bash and I wondered if I had the wrong ones. I think they’re pretty. For some reason I don’t buy sheers. I typically get curtains that are lined because of the heat and cold.

  4. Love the pots, I haven’t thought about it before but you are right about the green color, I will keep that in mind when I buy more.

  5. Thank you for sharing the information for the pots. I really like them. I need some and these are the perfect size. I am going to order them right away. I enjoy your blog so much. I look forward to it every day. You are like talking with a friend. We live in a rural area so I don’t have many neighbors to visit with and share ideas. Have a good day and give your babies a hug for me.

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