1. I only order from Amazon once or twice a year. I realize it’s a lifeline, especially during these weird times, but I’m truly trying to make do with what I can buy locally, or do without. I’m 60 and healthy, husband is 65 and in poor health. I was taking every precaution for his sake, but when he chose to go to the grocery store to buy junk food, that’s when I knew I was done. I still take reasonable precautions, but I do it for me.

  2. I totally understand your frustration with Amazon. Just a bit of a hint… since I’ve been ordering more from them online due to the virus I’ve had to return a few things. When you go to return there are several choices to choose from…. AND a button that says “more options”. (It’s sort of hidden) If you click on that it will give you the option for UPS to print a label (so you don’t have to) and they’ll come to your house to pick it up for return. So… NO trips outside the house for me! They’ll pick it up the next business day and all you need to do it seal it up. I’m almost always home (again, the virus) but I prefer to have the least amount of contact to people as possible. So, I seal the package, tape it to my front door with a note to “UPS… Amazon Return Thank you”. Every time it’s worked great. I see my refund within an hour or so on Amazon (I always pick the option for Amazon credit as it’s faster than choosing refund to credit card). It’s pretty easy and may be an option in the future.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    You are so smart to keep yourself and others safe at this critical time in our lives. Yes, it is sometimes depressing not to be able to visit friends and family, but it feels good to know we are doing something positive about it by not mingling with others.. Love your blog.

  4. I cam sympathize with you and ordering. I recently ordered a bathroom brush from a department store. The other day they sent an e-mail that credit has been removed on my card for the returned brush. The problem is I never received the brush let alone returned it. A few months ago i received a letter from a magazine that my issue was returned. It said I should have notified them with my new address. I wrote back that I did not move. The post office said it was returned for lack of enough postage. The magazine said they did pay the extra postage. The magazine said tell your post office they do not know the rules. Last year i ordered a book and I was told that I was charged for the return of the said book. I never even received the book. it can be frustrating when ordering.

  5. We have been very fortunate in Canada and particularly in our Province of British Columbia which has a population of 5 million. In British Columbia to date we had 2795 cases, 2395 recovered and unfortunately 168 deaths (very elderly people in care homes). In all of Canada (Population 37 million), 99,000 confirmed cases, 61,000 recovered and 8,000 deaths (of course being 8000 too many). Our country shut down immediately upon info of the virus and was shut down (all stores, etc, and borders between provinces and the US) until three weeks ago as went into Stage 1. In my Province of British Columbia We are now in Stage 2 (where pubs reopened and restaurants with outside seating…all with social distancing) since we continued to wear masks and social distance when in public and no crowds. As there have been no new cases we will be entering stage 3, but I don’t know at this time what that entails. We have been very lucky to have our CDC Health expert, Dr, Bonnie Henry, guide us in British Columbia, through this pandemic). We were all surprised and impressed when She was recently written up about in your New York Times, where it was indicated that she appears to be the best health professional that has handled this crisis). Despite our country getting through this crisis far better than most, we are still vigilant in our social distancing, and really not going out except for necessities.

  6. I’m with you Brenda! I’m taking the Coronavirus seriously. my youngest daughter works at the SC medical association and also at the state house in Columbia and she’s been told from Doctors this virus is real we wear mask in the grocery store and stay home we don’t gather in crowds or go shopping life has become simplistic but that’s ok I enjoy living the simple life working outside in my flower garden have a great evening

  7. I had to deal with Amazon customer service a couple of months ago and yep, I had the same issues you did.

    I don’t have any underlying conditions, nor am I a senior (but almost…I’m in my late 50’s), but I’m still careful about my public exposure. I’ve only been to the grocery store, HomeGoods one time, and a locally owned small shop where it was just me and one other person shopping. We’ve eaten at just one restaurant outdoors on a patio where the tables were all spaced far apart. Oh – and I did have to see my doctor twice and I’m now in weekly physical therapy, but you gotta do what you gotta do with medical things. I have to wear a mask during the whole time in PT, which isn’t fun, but these aren’t fun times we’re living in.

    Stay well and safe!

  8. I feel your pain regarding online. Amazon is the worst for being time consuming but they make it right. Ordered a galvinized pail with lid to store catfood in and it arrived from Walmart early but with no lid. They are replacing but wont have until the 17th. Oh well at least coming. Love your garden and your fur babies. Keep up the fabulous blog so enjoyable.

  9. I agree with you Brenda. Over here in Kentucky people are actually saying there is no virus, it is just the flu. I cannot understand why they choose to ignore this. It is real and deadly especially to people with underlying conditions and older age.
    Thank you for being you.

  10. There are a fair number of things that I will order online, things that I cannot buy locally. I am especially making the effort to buy from local businesses rather than the big box stores, and I am definitely looking to be sure that given the world situation, I want to buy American made products where I can versus a product made overseas, I especially want to avoid things made in China.
    I am one that never got upset about a virus that 95% of the population will get and have no symptoms. I do respect that the portion of the population that is in poor health and have multiple high risk factors need to take extra precautions. Each year hundreds of thousands of people die from the seasonal flu, and complications, especially pneumonia which impacts those who are ill and it is usually listed as the cause of death rather than the flu.
    I have not gone out to eat yet, but I do intend to soon as the restaurants have been hard hit, but I would prefer to go midweek, and eat outside to avoid the crowds, just because I am fully retired and have no desire to wait 90 minutes for a table. I have a number of projects planned for the farm, and I enjoy the planning, acquiring the parts and materials to see them come to be completed.
    I intend to do fall planting of additional berry bushes, you can never have too much fresh fruit to eat, can, freeze dry or share with family and friends.

  11. Hi Brenda – I look forward to your blog everday! I love the way you live – simple yet you have a beautiful life! The secret of life, to me, is Simplicity. Your fur babies are so precious.

  12. I’m with you! I’m doing everything I can to stay safe because I live in a place where very few people wear masks and the number of Covid cases has tripled in the last 3 weeks. We had very few cases until recently and now every day there are so many more. Everyone is out and about and it worries me to death that I can catch something. Being 71 and wanting to live as many more years as possible I suppose I have to consider that these last years will be spent at home. That is perfectly fine for me except when I need produce! Shopping online is a wonderful answer but I need a mammogram and I’m too scared to go get one. I’d like to think this will end but I’m not particularly hopeful at this point.

    1. I went for mine recently; everyone was wearing a mask, and I was able to wait in my car until my turn – they called when my room was ready. You might be surprised; I felt safe. I’ll be wearing a mask til there’s a vaccine. My mom is 78 and I have a 2 year old granddaughter who was born very prematurely and needs to stay healthy.

  13. I had a horrific time finding a number to call Amazon some time ago…FINALLY found it on some obscure other website…I wrote it down and that little piece of paper is TAPED to my computer so I can always find it…especially when disturbed (as I would have been receiving such an email as you did). Here it is, for you or anyone else: 866-216-1072. And never feel bad to ask the person who answers the phone (likely in the Phillipines) to give you to someone else that you can understand better. Just tell them to not take offense as you need someone who can speak clearly as you are older and probably somewhat hearing impaired. That has always gotten me someone who can speak English well. I had someone get angry at me one time, because I could not understand them. I told them, “Hey look, there is nothing in this world that will fix my hearing and not you nor anyone else can help me…and getting angry will not make a bit of difference…and besides I am mixed blood and you cannot even see me to know that.” They came down off “their high horse” right quick. I hope your problem with them is fixed!!
    We are being forced by the current circumstances, to use online orders, even Amazon, far more than I like. I have found other places to use so much as possible…not a good idea to put all the money into just 1 business. Plus some are better service and quicker than Amazon.
    NEVER EVER feel too badly for the grocery stores. I have worked retail…They are NOT doing business like they should be…yes, if there are shortages (I am not convinced that there are) still, they are letting it basically HERE ANYWAY, just be “survival of the fittest”…no attempt to dole things out fairly. Or in a reasonable way. Thus I am doing all I can online to relieve them of my patronage. Which I see no reason to not continue in future. That will depend upon the ability of the mail delivery too, of course.
    Hope your lunch today goes well.

    1. PS…the person who was angry felt I was being prejudiced against them…that was why I said to them that they could not see me to tell I was mixed blood (nor can it be seen much even so)…people often assume things they should not…

  14. I’ve been thinking about you and the rally in Tulsa this weekend. Glad you are preparing in advance and staying in. I think it’s a mistake but we will see.

    Our littleTrader Joe’s store still limits the amount of customers in at a time and that feels reassuring. And they sanitize their carts.

    Glad you were able to sort thru the Amazon problem. And I bet that tray just might end up in the newest flip house! Can’t wait to see pics.

  15. Brenda I agree with you 100% on your feelings about staying safe during the pandemic.

  16. Good morning Brenda, I know exactly what you mean about online shopping. I have had several problems myself the last few weeks and rather than talking on the phone because the wait time is so long I simply use the Chat, I find it much easier.

    As for the pandemic being a political issue???? What? Thankfully I have never had anyone comment politically about that on the blog. How is a global pandemic a political issue? And further, its your blog, you can comment that you are not going out, in what way it that a political statement?

    My husband and I feel the same way, we are still home, minimizing trips out of the house, wearing masks and living our best life. We do not want to get Covid or pass it along to friends or family.

    Have a great day with your daughters.

  17. Glad you are getting a refund from Amazon. I cringe every time I have to call customer service ! The churches in my state are opening back up and now there are more cases of Covid 19 coming from the churches ! I personally am not attending yet. Just because the country is opening up does not mean the Covid is gone ! People are taking chances like not wearing masks and not social distancing. You cannot let your guard down !

    1. I’m really afraid we are in for more Covid-19 cases after all the protest and riots. Too many people all at close range to one another and not many were wearing mask. Certainly there was no social distancing. Time will tell.
      I too am still taking the precautions of wearing a mask in public and social distancing. I only go out when necessary, such as the grocery store. I try mostly to order online and do curbside pickup. I have gone through a fast food drive thru a couple of times. All the employees were wearing mask. Hopefully things will return to somewhat normal soon.

  18. Just a thought about your complaining about things like crowds and masks. I agree most people over sixty five have one or two health concerns and do not go out. I think at first teenagers were told they would not get the virus. That does not seem to be correct. How many cases will spread to the community from all these crowds.

  19. Brenda,
    I, like you, am very aware of the fact that the pandemic is not over or “contained”. And, like you, while keeping safe, I continue to focus on things I consider beautiful. For example, your garden pictures. That gorgeous deep purple petunia looks like an elegant rose.

    Thank you for all you do to create more beauty.


  20. Defective and the wrong color? Of course I would have slapped a return label on it so I could get a refund from them and re-order the right color. It’s only right Amazon would want them back if they were unusable for you.

  21. Wow – I’m glad you were able to get a refund for the sticky tile that you didn’t use from Amazon. I remember a go-around with them a year or so ago. I did end up getting a credit back for the difference in price between what I paid and what was listed on the vendor’s Bill of Lading that was shipped along with the rug. Persistence (and patience, which I don’t have much of) paid off in that case. That experience also made me wonder whether I actually know how to speak English – maybe I’m speaking “American,” which evidently is harder to understand 🙂 I’m with you on staying safe rather than sorry when it comes to COVID-19. I worry about people who seem to be ignoring the reality of the pandemic. Yes, it’s beautiful here today as it is in much of the country in June, and we just want to relax and be outside and be with our friends and socialize. But the only place I’m going to is the supermarket and I try to limit my visit to 1 walk there a week. I also wear the hated mask for safety and also out of consideration for others when I am inside shopping. My friends and my family and I talk on the phone, connect on FB, burn up the email trail with probably a trillion words by now and Skype each other when we want face time. Maybe being older, a certain amount of wisdom from past experiences has developed over time. It’s not fun but it’s reality. With my underlying health conditions, I’d likely end up dead if I get COVID-19. And I’m not ready to go yet but then, who is?

  22. Good for you Brenda! You have no obligation to give the virus-deniers a platform that will spread un-truths about health issues. As in all personal decisions, it’s up to the individual to use commonsense and logic…and to stay informed using hard evidence. Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder about the intelligence of young people in America.

  23. Isn’t it nice that you can share with your daughters! I know how you feel about staying away from Covid-19… I don’t like crowds at the best of times and certainly not now!! Stay safe.

  24. Agree with you 100% on the false sense of security over co-vid we’ve acquired due to boredom and claustrophobia. My worst fear is not for myself getting sick (since I take every precaution) but the effect on grandchildren if school doesn’t reopen in September. None of these issues are political – they affect us all as a human family! I see blogs as extensions of our homes. Ones we open the door to and invite friends inside. The well mannered ones don’t insult us or pick fights. The ones who do should excuse themselves or be escorted to the door. We should appreciate that, before blogging, personal expression was limited to the printed word that others decided was newsworthy. Craft, decorating, gardening ideas and recipes all had to be purchased. Blogging is a wonderful extension of our creative lives! Let’s respect the homes that welcome us inside!

    1. Wow what a correlation between blogs and home visitors. I loved your comment Joyce !!! I too would have the door open so fast to tell them to leave if they were rude and tried to find fault by picking fights with their insensitive opinions. The rally just shows more reckless behavior thinking a crowd won’t give them this terrible virus. I have had friends parents pass horribly from it, another friend who just had a 35 yr old relative come off a ventilator who was otherwise very healthy, and a relative who has recovered and she was 25. So it’s out there and I will do likewise staying safe as much as possible cause major trips and shopping for summer clothes can just wait a year as I am content being smarter than whining what I can’t do.

  25. I totally agree with you stocking up on necessities and then staying home because of the rally. Since our states numbers of the virus are doing pretty good, I was able to have a health check I was putting off. You are smart to prepare and protect yourself. Enjoy your visit with your daughters, pets and beautiful garden!

  26. My daughter’s family will be visiting from across the US from us in July. They will be staying a month. I am 75 and my husband is 80. We are nervous about this annual visit because if we get infected, we likely will die from it. I just don’t know how to tell her to cancel the trip. Hints are falling on deaf ears.

    1. I am right there with you as far as the Covid 19 virus. I am doing everything I can to be responsible and protect not only my husband and myself, but others as well. Being a retired nurse and having seen many sick and dying people, I know I don’t want to die that way. People around here are getting lax about wearing masks too. The only place I have been since March is to the grocery store and that is even infrequent and well planned out in advance. I refuse to take outrageous risks with my health.

      Gail G, I will tell you to be upfront and honest with your family regarding their annual visit. You do not need to put yourself through that kind of stress. They will understand. Sometimes people don’t get hints and need to be told directly.

      Brenda, you are smart to plan ahead and stock up!

      For the first time in my life I ordered something expensive online. After many months of looking at rugs, I finally bit the bullet and bought some rugs from Wayfair. Turns out they are exactly what I had envisioned and go well in my house, except for one which was the wrong product and wrong color. I contacted Wayfair and they are sending the correct one, so no problem there. The items were well packaged but the plastic wrapping smelled strongly of musty mildew. So, I tossed the packaging in the trash. The rug runners do not have any odor at all. However, the 8 x 11 rug stinks horribly and has given me headaches. The weather cooled down and I had the house windows open and fans blowing all weekend hoping the smell would dissipate, as I love the rugs and pattern. No such luck. Now I have to contend with trying to return such a large item without the original packaging. Also, worried that a replacement may have the same odor if it was stored in the same warehouse. Give me a brick and mortar store any day over online shopping. Now I need to make the time for phone calls. Ugh.

    2. I feel sorry for you Gail ! I am sure you want to see your daughter and her family but, you don’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her not to come ! It really is a terrible situation to be in ! Maybe you will just have to tell her your concerns and hope for the best! It really is not worth the risk ! It would be nice if she put the trip off for a few more months until maybe a vaccine is available !

    3. Gail Grooms, I had to ask people to wait to visit as well, and they understood and were kind about it. If you are concerned, just be open with your daughter and express your concerns. The health of you and your husband have to come first, and people who love you should be understanding.

      Brenda, I’m with you! I’m trying to stay in and away from everyone as much as possible! I’m glad you got things worked out with Amazon. I too use online shopping as much as possible, and pickup on my groceries,

      1. My daughter’s college just announced they will open in August. I felt terrible but I told her she must get an apartment near campus. She plans on working at the amusement park and going to school and my husband and I are trying to stay as safe as possible. I’ll miss her dearly but she is young and needs to continue with her life as safely as she can.

        Stay safe Brenda. If everyone could just wear masks we could drastically reduce transmission. Taiwan and South Korea proves this to be true.

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