Progress & And Memories Of A Blog Friend

I ventured out on the patio this morning to take a few photos. It’s still pretty hot to go and sit in my wicker chairs, but soon fall weather will arrive.

I parked my knee scooter just inside the patio door and slowly walked outside. Ivy stood at the patio door and watched me.

It felt good to aim my camera and capture what I saw before me. I know most like to take photos with their cell phones, but I just haven’t been able to switch.

There’s not much that feels as good, as natural to me, as that camera in my hand.

Heading out to the yard with my camera is what led to getting my ankle broken in the first place ten years ago.

I was headed out to take photos of the first bloom of the morning glories when I stumbled and fell. And trying to protect that camera is what led to breaking both sides of my ankle.

If I hadn’t attempted to do that, what happened with my ankle might not have been as bad.

Taking photos has been a crucial part of my life for a very long time. I don’t try to get fancy or even use the manual settings. I’m never more happy than when I’m outside with my camera.

Where Would I Want To Go?

I’ve thought about where I might want to go if/when I get to the point of being able to drive after my ankle surgery. And the only place I can think of is going out to take photos of nature.

I would love to drive out into the countryside or to a park or lake and just take photos of anything and everything. Just like I use to do.

It felt so wonderful to take hundreds of photos and then head home, knowing I would soon have them revealed before me on my computer.

That is what I miss most. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t drive. Or that I can’t walk into Tuesday Morning and look around.

After spending three months here in my apartment, I can’t think of anywhere else I really want to go.

One Step At A Time:

I’ve thought of going out on my patio and sitting in the early morning. But the bedraggled state of my garden space makes me sad.

I haven’t been able to tend to my flowers and plants all summer. And seeing my untended garden space is hard for me to look at.

It would all have looked so different if not for my surgery early in the summer.

And I know if I go out there and sit down the urge to get up and start snipping and fixing will just be too great. Then I would probably end up doing what I shouldn’t try to do at this point.

I had the pathway laid before my surgery. But to get to it I have to go over that section of bricks.

So for now I’ll focus on walking indoors before I try to do much outdoors. That is what my physical therapist tells me to do anyway.

Getting Out & About:

Yesterday Steve drove me to the bank and the pharmacy. I could have just had the pharmacy make the delivery. But I can’t do that with the bank.

Steve is going on vacation with his son in a few days. That will be when I find out how independent I can be on my own.

I decided to see if I could get to the car with my walker. I’d judge that the distance is about 30-40 feet.

That’s way beyond what stretch I’ve walked since surgery. So far I’ve just walked from the living room to my front door.

But after sitting on some stair steps at one point to rest, I managed to walk to my car.

And coming back I walked the whole way without sitting down at all. But by then I was exhausted!

A Good Neighbor & Friend:

Actually, the walker I am using was his wife’s. He lent it to me because it will fold up to get through doors and mine won’t.

I imagine it’s hard for him to see me with the walker his late wife used. She’s just been gone 6 months, and they’d been married over 50 years.

But he’s a kind soul, and he’s provided her walker for me to use as well as the chair for the shower.

I truly don’t know what I’d have done without him as my neighbor and friend. He has helped me so, so much.

He’s taken out my trash, taken me to the doctor’s office, brought me food, and done things I wouldn’t have been able to do.

It’s a miracle really, that this wonderful and caring friend was put in my path just when I needed him most.

First Teri helped me pack and move, and then Steve began to help me after surgery.

My daughters are far too busy to come here, though they’ve helped out when they can. Kasi is actually taking me to see my regular doctor tomorrow.

But having Steve next door to bring in packages and such has been instrumental to me getting through this.

A Reminder Of An Old Blog Friend:

This morning I opened my email to find a reminder of the death of a fellow blogger, Patricia Freymuth.

I only knew her because we were both bloggers, but I liked her so much. She started her blog Back Porch Musings in 2010 I believe, a year after I started Cozy Little House in 2009.

She died on September 23, 2016. I recall being shocked at the news, but I knew she’d been ill.

I don’t know if any of you had read her blog. Her granddaughter tried to keep the blog going for a time, but I didn’t find any posts beyond early 2017.

I did, however, find Pat’s Pinterest account, and it is here.

Pat was such a classy lady. Her blog posts were about decorating and cooking and all things home. She could create a gorgeous tablescape and was quite the cook.

I’m writing this because the obituary reminded me that we don’t have to meet someone in person to be their friend. Because I consider all of you my friends.

So know how very much I appreciate your coming here and being part of my life.



  1. Glad you are literally taking small steps forward! I understand 100% about your attachment to your camera – I feel the same way! Photography is a passion, and I agree that the joy of coming home to upload photos and “see what I’ve got” is a real pleasure. Use that desire to get back out into nature to take photos as your positive thinking mantra!

  2. I mentioned her the other day, and I’m still curious. you’ve not mentioned Teri, the one who was so helpful in your move, until today. is she still around and helping out when she can?

    1. Oh my I do remember seeing pats blog never knew what happened just thought she had gone to Instagram like others 😞

  3. You are quite a great photographer..I can see why you would miss that. :0). Glad you are taking some bigger baby steps..and hope it all will get better in more time. You really are blessed to have a good neighbor and nice new friend. We have a is 80 and the other 82..They have lots more energy than me..and are so joyful and neighborly..unlike the ones who sold out and moved(yay on that one). I am quite sure your friend is happy to have a great new neighbor, too, to help him get through his transition without his wife of such longevity. God works in mysterious ways. I bet you were happy to get out…when I am in for a long time and even go to a grocery store or drug store..I try to buy everything I see if I have not shopped in a (but know you do a lot of on-line shopping, though :0) ) Take care and I look forward to reading your blog posts. Thank you.

  4. It’s wonderful to hear that you spent some time on your patio. WooHoo And, Steve took you to run a couple of errands. Bigger WooHoo! He’s definitely a very good friend and a blessing. You are to him, as well.
    I think of you as a friend, Brenda. And, it’s nice to know you think of all of us your friends, too.
    I realized I’ve given way too much power to the person who upset my “Happy Cart” in June. She’s not important in my life so I’ve taken my hobbies in new directions and I’m finding myself smiling again.
    I hope you’ve had a fabulous day, Brenda!

    1. Darlene, I tend to do the same thing. Give someone else too much power. I keep telling myself not to do that. But it’s hard, huh?

  5. I use to follow Back Street Musings and Pat was a warm and caring blogger. I loved her and the blog posts. May she Rest In Peace. Even though we are not in person friends we still form bonds and friendships. You are so right. I think that is the best thing that has come out of blogging. We can be in touch and find friendships with people we might not have ever known if it were not for blogging. Glad you are trying to do more but patience is the key to recovering and no set backs. Happy New Week.

  6. Brenda! You walked outside! You took pictures of your plants! You successfully ran errands! OMG! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! Of course, try not to over do it. You don’t want any setbacks, but this is really great news. The blessings of friendship are priceless. Never take them for granted. ((Hugs))

  7. Back Porch Musings was one of the first blogs I followed. Lovely pictures and she had a warm spirit. Thx for sharing the memories

  8. I enjoyed your photos today, and even more, the fact that you were outside to take them. And so proud of you for that and the trip to the car and back. But still, be very careful. We are all here cheering you on and caring for you. I do consider you a friend. And Ivy too.
    Steve seems like one of those people you rarely encounter in life – so kind and giving. I am so glad that he is your neighbor. As Mr. Rogers said, always look for the helpers. Steve surely is that.
    Hugs to you, pets to Ivy.

  9. I remember the beautiful table settings. I have absolutely zero talent when it comes to making a dinner or lunch table look extraordinary, it was a special talent she had.

    1. It truly was. I tend to make tablescapes too symmetrical. But she was so good at putting together a table and cooking great food for her family.

  10. That is wonderful news that you got out on the patio and walked to the car and back. Thank you for posting Pat’s Pinterest link. I remember seeing her blog in the past. I can’t wait to spend more time looking over her pins. In a few minutes, I found several recipes to try. I like the pictures you posted today and happy to see you captured some beauty in your garden!

    1. I wrote a comment on her Legacy page when she died. And then again today when they sent the follow-up. She was such a nice lady. Gone too soon.

  11. I know it was only a matter of time b4 u would start walking again Brenda! Just remember baby steps though. I’m so proud of you my friend! Yay!
    I remember seeing that blog and few times and then saw that she has passed. So sad.
    There is another blog I follow Chocolate, chocolate and more I think is the name of it and she passed. So her sister took over her blog and now her kids in remembrance of her.

  12. Thank you for sharing Pat’s Facebook page. I so enjoyed reading her blogs and miss her. I started reading your blog first and then found Pat’s. Both have brought so much joy into my life.

  13. Yes, you are definitely my friend that I check in with every day. I have an ankle problem too, although different circumstances, and I’ve found I don’t miss the stores and thrift shops I used to visit frequently. I, like you, find myself envious of those that can walk a short trail in the woods. I will not improve, but I enjoy the possibility that you, my friend, will be able to do this and more someday soon.

    1. Oh, that makes me sad. I hope I improve. Think I will. Yes, I watch other people just walking a short distance and I think: Don’t ever take that for granted.

  14. Back Porch Musings was one of the first blogs I began to follow. It was such a treat to see her wonderful images and ideas. I miss Pat and her inspiration to create beauty in the everyday. Congratulations on your progress, be safe and patient, you are getting there!

  15. So happy to hear that you managed to walk to your car and back, I am sure with time it will get easier. I know how hard it must be to be careful and hold back for the sake of healing your ankle. I was very surprised and happy to hear that you had walked outside.
    As Joyce said I definitely feel you are a friend, my husband could tell you how often I mention you to him, sometimes I tell him I am worried about you if your blog is a little bit late. He knows all about Ivy and loves to see the pictures of her.

  16. I am so happy to hear of the great progress you have made! I want you to know how much you mean to me as a friend even though, like you said, you don’t have to meet someone in person to consider them a true friend!

  17. Hopefully you’ll continue to get your strength back and this will be just another memory.
    Your plants can all be replaced or will grow again next year and you’ll be well enough to tend to them with love and photograph till your hearts content,in the meantime be careful and don’t overdo.

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