A couple in Seattle bought a quaint 650-square foot Vashon Island getaway on 3 acres overlooking Puget Sound.

It is a perfect retreat for lazy summer days.

This makes a perfect place for summer months to get away from the heat and the city.

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The Living Room:

They chose all-American accents for the living room to complement the stunning view of the water.

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The Kitchen:

The 2 “Teds”, Ted Watson Kennedy and Ted Sive had fun with the colors they chose.

The cabin is a great place to spend the 4th of July with all its Americana colors.

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Kitchen Storage:

There is a mix and match style to the vintage patterns of glassware in the kitchen. Matching sets were not important to them.

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The Living Room:

As always in a small home, storage is important. However they still like to showcase their favorite collections. Such as the McCoy pottery on the bookcase.

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The Bedroom:

They bought the cabin from the former mayor of Seattle and thought the home needed a lot of love. For instance, the cabinets and paneling was very dark. So they set out to “lighten things up.”

And so that’s what they did. The home looks more loved now.

They were also inspired by the flagpole left behind. This served as the decision to use an Americana theme.

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The Sleeping Porch:

They love the covered sleeping porch, a good spot to hang out or take a nap when it rains. A banner of flags is draped across the top.

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The Tree House:

An artist covered the wall with the pages of vintage maritime and bird-watching books. It only took about a day to finish and it’s weathered quite well.

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The Landing:

The 2 “Teds” and their schnauzer Bailey hang out on the downstairs landing where they can dine while looking out over the water.

This little home, tucked away and private, is now a big part of their lives.

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{Photos & details via Country Living website}

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  1. Brenda, Thank you for this tour. I love the canning jars with what look to be a red and white check pattern. Also, to the left of the bookcase are 4 paintings all with a similar theme… water with a horizon. I love the special touch that comes from arranging like items together to make a bigger whole.

    1. Emie,
      The canning jars you love from this charming kitchen are actually Bonne Maman jam jars. They also come in a blue and white checked pattern. I have quite the collection of them. The jams and jellies are wonderful.
      The cottage is just lovely and I am green with envy!

  2. What a fantastic house and setting!! I live near Vashon Island and it is the most quaint and wonderful community. Love that you posted this cozy house. :0)

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