Best Pumpkin Decorating Tricks

Anderson + Grant took some cheap pumpkins and coated them with chalk paint.
Here’s a glam pumpkin by Swell Designer.
Glitter pumpkins by Two Sisters Crafting.
Confetti pumpkins by Homey Oh My. (She used washi tape.)
A stenciled pumpkin by Martha Stewart.
*I’m getting some painting done myself. But it isn’t a pumpkin. It’s a piece of furniture. I will show you when I’m finished!

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  1. Every year I have such plans to show off pumpkins and they just end up being hacked to pieces and a candle plonked in the centre for Halloween! This year will be the year! I'm buying chalk paint tomorrow in readiness to recreate your first image 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Love the painted pumpkins…must remember that idea! Hope your furniture painting is going well….looking forward to seeing it. Have a great weekend, Brenda.
    Helen xox

  3. This is inspiring – I am going to gather my faux pumpkins from last Fall and paint them ALL white, then glue some shiny upholstery tacks I have had sitting around in their packages for years, onto one or two! Finally going to use them!!

  4. I am so glad that September is here and we might actually cool off. It's been a beating this Summer, so I am looking for ideas just like these nifty pumpkins to cool off my mind and inspire me for Fall!
    Hope you are doing well.

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