I love orchids. I like them even better when I manage to keep them alive. This light yellow orchid that I found at Trader Joe’s a month or so ago is still blooming away.

I think orchids take a certain touch that I haven’t developed yet.

yellow orchid

Someone mentioned that I hadn’t shown photos of Abi and Charlie lately. Well, I have a few photos for you. Abi is more than happy to oblige.


I can’t believe their fur has grown so fast. I’ve been brushing them. They love to be brushed. It’s hard to get a brush through Abi’s curly fur.

Charlie has straight fur like I’ve seen with most Yorkies so his fur is easy to brush through.


Charlie doesn’t like to be still. And like me, he does not like his photo taken. So it’s hard to get a pic of him.

The sun has been out but I don’t think winter weather is over yet. Still some very low temps forecast here this week. I’m hoping that’s it. I’m really wanting to pick up some blooms next week.

This stack of books came in last night.


I have lots of nightly reading to do. I look forward to it. Are you reading a book right now? If so, what is the title?


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  1. I really enjoy your blog. I think you are a special person. I just moved to OKC from Las Vegas to be near my sister. I have read a few of the books that you have reviewed and we are in sync with what we read. Thanks for your suggestions. I too am looking forward to the winter weather being over. Have a great afternoon!!

  2. I am waiting for After Anna by Lisa Scottoline from my library. Sounds like a page turner. Please let us know what you think of the book.

  3. I like orchids because they are low-maintenance. Did you know they used to be considered (a bit like shrimp) as something extremely expensive and rare. And they don’t have pollen, so they’re good for people with allergies. You don’t have to do much at all, since they mostly take moisture from the air. Depends on your relative humidity–you might have to soak them from time to time. I recently learned that wild orchids grow here! In southern France! I thought they were from the tropics. Anyway, the local wild ones are very small and beautiful–the ones I saw were magenta and yellow. I put up some photos a few days ago, along with other wild things (asparagus!).

  4. Those pups are so cute–and what personalities!! I always like orchids and they last a long time for the price. Yesterday, I bought geraniums and potted them for my front porch. So beautiful, and we are so hungry for Spring.

  5. Thank you for new shots of pupsters, they are just too cute for words! I’m reading Shadow over the Fens by Joy Ellis. I’ve really gotten into the British detective books and the language is much tamer than our American authors. A good read! Have a great Wednesday Brenda.

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