Purging And The New Neighbor

I had all these wonderful photos to show you. I took quite a few this morning and some yesterday afternoon. But…I went to download them and realized that the memory card was still in the laptop, not the camera.

I was so disappointed. I had some great ones where Charlie was peeking out of a pile of blankets. And many of Ivy too.

Note to self: Make sure the memory card is in the camera before you start taking pictures!

So I had to start all over again.

Orange coneflowers

Yesterday I cleaned the apartment. I’ve found that Ivy is scared of two things: the handheld Dyson vacuum I use. And Andrew.

I don’t often pull the full sized vacuum out when I clean. It’s easier and quicker to just go around with my handheld vacuum and scoop up whatever might be on the floor. Lately I’ve been using a Swiffer to mop.

Those Swiffer floor pads aren’t exactly cheap. But using them means I don’t have to squeeze water from a mop, which hurts my arthritic hands.

Ivy by the door

This morning Ivy’s pumpkin stem somehow got broken. And just to show you how much I love that cat, I twisted another one off a gourd so she could have it.

And you know how much I love the look of the stems on the pumpkins and gourds!

Yesterday she either got the stem in their water bowl, or she was knocking into the bowl trying to get the stem out from underneath. Which ever it was, she made a big mess.

She will stare at the mess, as though she wonders how it got there. And look a bit perplexed.

floral painting

It is so funny to watch her playing with her stem or whatever she’s chosen at the moment. She will lower her body close to the floor. Her body will quiver in anticipation, as though she is a cougar in the wild.

Then she will fly across the floor to pounce on the toy.

I guess you can’t take the jungle out of the cat.

Ivy in the window

She loves the windows of course, where she can see a whole other world outside this apartment.

She never tries to go out when I open the door though, thank goodness. Not yet anyway. I try hard to keep an eye out for that possibility.

Charlie by the patio door

When Charlie gets tired of her pawing at him or jumping over him, he will snap at her. Of course he only has two teeth, and those are in the back, so he’s not going to bite her.

She can’t figure out why won’t he play with her. But then she’s off to play somewhere else.

Table vignette

So far nothing has gotten broken. I’m sure that will happen eventually, the way she jumps and pounces. I’m having to take this into consideration when I put things out.

I started reading a new book last night. I haven’t been doing as many book reviews. Just too much going on I guess.

This book is another Jane Harper book, the Australian author. This is her third book, and I’ve read them all.

The Lost Man by Jane Harper

When I start one of her books, I have to adapt my mind to the differences in Australian culture and weather and the “hello mate” her characters say in greeting. But once I do, I really enjoy her plot lines.

All is quiet right now. I wonder if that’s good or bad. Either Ivy is tired and resting somewhere, or she’s into something. Charlie is next to me sleeping.

I’ve now talked quite a few times to the new neighbor. She seems really nice.

I’ve given her peppers from the patio garden. And when she’s needed nails or a paint brush and in conversation tells me she’s fixing to go to the store to fetch them, I’ve told her not to bother, that I have plenty.

Ivy playing

I cleaned out all my fall decor over the weekend and she picked out a few fake pumpkins for herself. I took the rest down to the dumpster and set them outside on the ground so anyone could take what they wanted.

I need the storage space. We don’t have utility or linen closets, so my bedding has to go in drawers. Storage space is at a premium.

Things that are used only a month or so a year is at the top of my list to think about doing away with.

So far I haven’t gone through the Christmas stuff, but I will in a few months.

Blue hutch with dishes

I’m storing extra stuff in the kitchen cabinets and I’m going to take some of that stuff to the animal rescue thrift shop. It is a worthy cause and I’m not using those things anyway.

I’d better see what that cat is up to. Things have been a little too quiet for too long.



  1. Brenda, my once-monthly maid uses a Swiffer but instead of the Swiffer pads, she uses a thin white washcloth. Sprays the floor, scrubs it clean. When one cloth gets dirty, she replaces it with another. They are super cheap at Walmart in a pack, they may be called bar wipes, not sure as I haven’t had to buy any for her in a while.

  2. I’m so glad you had a nice lady move in next to you. That can be worrisome I use those cheap thick socks you get at the Dollar store on the Swifter then just toss them in washer. Ivy is so pretty in the sunlight.

  3. Trying to purge here too! It is exhausting and I lack motivation sometimes, but I shall carry on.
    I have one of those O’Cedar mops too and I love it. I got mine at Target. I got extra reusable pads too. Works great and you can use any cleaning solution in the bottle that comes with it.

    1. I’ve tried various mops. Swiffer is just so easy. I only clean my whole apartment maybe twice a month now. But I do use the Swiffer a bit in between. My place is pretty small, so doesn’t take much.

  4. Brenda, about the Swiffer mop…..I replaced mine with an O’Cedar Mop. It works just like a Swiffer only the bottle can be filled with whatever you like to use and the pads are washable. The pad fastens tightly with a very strong Velcro closure. I’ve been using mine about a year now and just love it. You can buy refill pads to wash and use over and over again. Saves money! I think I bought it at Wal-Mart or Target.
    I’m glad you have met your neighbor and she is nice and friendly.
    Keep the Ivy and Charlie antics and pics coming. Pets are so precious with their unconditional love.

    1. I was actually given a mop similar to that from a sponsor and I gave it away. I don’t have a dryer and didn’t want to mess with washing and waiting for it to dry.

  5. Listening to my brother and what he is going through weeding through my deceased mother’s home has made me rethink some things. I decided that I also needed to purge, and I spent two days sorting and my daughter came over and loaded the entire back of her SUV with decor and kitchenware. I eliminated all the decor I am not presently using, with the exception of fabric and curtains I may use this summer. I have decided to only use my blue, aqua and teal accessories, (which are my all time favorites). I do plan to do more blue and white this summer and switch out my aqua accessories to blue, but no more fall and winter looks and then spring and summer looks. I will mostly do the same year round, combining blue, aqua and teal for color.
    I do not know if I will even bother with decorating for Christmas as all my grandkids are now married and I have no little ones to decorate for anymore. It just seems pointless to store Christmas decorations for a whole year just to use them for 2 or 3 weeks.

    1. I feel the same about the Christmas decor. I have three table top trees. I don’t think, with Ivy, that I’ll even put one up. I think I’m going more the natural decor I can toss route. Some day I’d like to have an all blue and white home.

  6. Much like a child, when the animals are quiet, it usually means mischief! I’ve done that before when taking photos…it is so frustrating, especially when you know you had a photo you really wanted and you can’t go back to capture it. Will have to check out the book, I’ve not heard of this author! Love and hugs and happy Monday!

    1. I think it’s actually the first time I’ve forgotten it. I normally download the photos and immediately put the memory card back in the camera.

  7. Uuugh, hate when I forget to put the card in the camera! Your new neighbor – this sounds like a wonderful thing for you, and her. She’s probably feeling very lucky to have you nearby.

  8. I have more than 1 memory card cuz it makes life easier.
    I’m glad your neighbor and you are enjoying each others company.
    If you wanted to keep a few decorations, then ask your daughter if there’s room in her attic or cellar for 1 container.
    Just a suggestion. ?

  9. One of my cats would sit in the window and when she saw a squirrel or bird, she would make a “chattering” sound and I would see her lower mouth quiver, that’s how I knew she was excited about something. Yes, the simple things and “cheap” are the best toys for cats. I too am purging and it feels great. I’m going to tackle Christmas decorations next as I have more than I would ever use and I’m not bringing anything new back into my home. I’m glad Charlie will let Ivy know when he doesn’t want to be bothered; it is how she will learn. Have a good afternoon.
    Carol and Molly

    1. Purging seems to be the theme of the day! I don’t have any trouble letting go of stuff, which is good. Sometimes I give too much away. But it’s all good. How much stuff can I even put out with Miss Ivy checking everything out anyway? Have a good day Carol and Molly!

  10. Good afternoon! I hate when that happens with the camera! I too have done the same many times. I am sure the fur kids will be doing many more cute things to get photos of so not to worry.

    I am purging my place too as we are getting ready to put the house on the market and to move. I am a little overwhelmed by all of the stuff we have and hate to just purge so I do not have to take it with me but at the same time I am ready for a change.

    Have a great day!

    1. I think that’s the first time I’ve left the memory card in the computer slot. But I was so disappointed. But, one must move on! Where are you moving?

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