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  1. I just finished reading the Shadow Box by Luanne Rice and loved it!! Sure made me want to read some of her other books. I hope it kept you as interested in it as it did me. The book showed me what money and power covers up.

  2. That TV series is the reason in a nutshell why I watch very little TV. It would completely creep me out. Ugh. Each to their own.

    1. I agree I could not watch something like that. Just awful not entertaing at all.

  3. I am also watching the 2nd season of the Handmaid’s Tale. It is scary, especially if you think this could really happen. This season was mostly shot in the city I live in so am watching out to see if I recognize anywhere.

    Love the mauve clematis, Ours has just started to regrow, the flowers won’t show for at least another month. I am never really sure if I should cut it right down in the winter or leave it. I cut it down last year and only had flowers at the top.

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