Quickly Switch Decor Styles

It’s so simple to change from one design style to another with just a few modest changes. As easy as adding one or two things that will change the entire look of your furniture and subsequently your room.

All I added to this modern chair was a folded boho style quilted throw.

Below is the same chair before. (Of course Ivy is in it. She claimed this chair quickly.)

Without the boho throw the chair just looks like any other modern style chair. But add the boho throw and the look changes dramatically.

You could change this look to farmhouse or cottage using the same theory. Change up the pillow and add another type of throw and you’ve suddenly got an entirely different vibe to your room .

It’s really so easy and you don’t have to buy a thing. Just shop your house to change the style of a room.

Of course you might want to use a lint roller to clean the cat hair off the chair. I forgot to do that.



  1. I’ve been on the hunt for a chair similar to the one you have. Please do tell us if it’s comfy when your daughters come by for a visit. I initially saw this style on a decor blog and they got theirs at Target. Of course it’s mail order only so you can’t try it before you buy it. It seems to be a fairly classic style and could work in any room and it wouldn’t be as heavy to move as an upholstered arm chair. I like the colors and the pattern in your throw… and yes, it does give your place that boho feel. I’m glad Ivy’s back to her usual antics.

  2. The new chair is a classic sort of “Danish Modern” look that is timeless, especially in that pretty white-cream color and the wood stain isn’t too dark or too light. I sound like Goldilocks in the “Three Bears” story – it was “just right.” It’s amazing how just changing out some accessories and adding different throw pillows and/or afghans can create a new look for an entire room. I especially love afghans in the winter, the nice thick fluffy or chunky weave ones that are extra wide and extra long to cover my toes and tuck under my heels.

  3. Brenda, do you find your new mid-century modern chair to be comfortable? I’ve been looking online for an accent chair and have a couple variations of those chairs on my favorites list.

  4. Come and shop my house. I have too much stuff and I am not clever like you. I bet there are people out there who would gladly pay someone like you to come in and shop their house. I had never heard that term until I started following this blog.
    If there is a hospital near you they no doubt are bringing in locum doctors and providing them with furnished housing that needs to be “shopped”. You could drop off your little business card and start another business. There is a lot of money out there and someone would be glad to drop some of it onto your talented lap.

  5. I never thought I’d say this, but…I miss cat hair. Is Ivy back to playing with her favorite cat toys?

  6. The new chair looks more comfortable than modern styles usually look. I hope it works out well for your needs. It will be fun seeing how you change its look in the coming seasons.

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