Quiet Weekend With The Kitties

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Ivy and Gracie are still getting to know one another.

Ivy is getting accustomed to having Gracie get closer to her. But she isn’t always happy about it. See the photo below to see what I mean.

The kitties, Ivy and Gracie, getting to know one another.

Gracie Getting A Little Too Close For Comfort:

Ivy was not too happy about Gracie jumping up on the couch right in front of her. Ivy looks like she’s ready to give the kitten a good talking to about personal space, doesn’t she?

See that little red mark on Gracie to the far right below her neck? Yesterday morning when she was laying in bed with me and I was petting her I noticed a little bump. I figured I’d just keep an eye on it.

Then she came walking into the living room yesterday afternoon with the bump gone, but the area was a bit bloody. I think she’d scratched it off.

So the mobile vet is coming around noon to check it out. Just to play it safe. I’ll let you know what she thinks it is. I also wanted her to give Gracie a check-up and get to know her.

Ivy in the living room looking slightly put out.

A Cactus Shaped Scratching Post:

Above is Ivy next to the couch. The green carpet-looking thing is actually a scratching post shaped like a cactus I ordered for Gracie that arrived yesterday. You can only see a tiny bit of it.

So far only Ivy has used it. I’m not sure Gracie has placed it yet. There are so many new things to see. Maybe I’ll rub a bit of catnip on it.

Ivy has her own tall scratching post made of wood. I learned early on that a big cat needs a big, sturdy scratching post. Ivy shredded the first couple of scratching posts I got for her within weeks. This one has lasted at least a year.

Ivy just jumped up on the cupboard in front of the window. I hear birds chirping out there and her tail is twitching. A sure sign that she’s seen the birds.

And here’s Gracie under the coffee table. Aren’t her blue eyes beautiful?

The kittie Gracie under the coffee table.

Gracie’s Markings:

The orange/tan markings are faint in the light, except for around her tail. You can see them around her eyes and behind her ears. And a bit around her nose.

Well, as you can see I don’t have any other news except for the cats. They sure are fun and entertaining.

I will be creating an Ivy and Gracie Pinterest board.


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  1. It’s definitely progress when you can catch two of them in the same picture! Ivy’s is a beauty – those eyes!

  2. Gracie looks like a “Van Pattern” breed. They come from near Van lake between Turkey and Armenia. Usually the color pattern is darker.

  3. Hi Brenda and the girls,They are both precious.Love the look Gracie is getting from Ivy.Just to tell you my Maine Coon kitty loves the scratching pads by ( Smarty Cat ),look them up on Walmart they are super.They have cat nip with them to sprinkle on when you place them on the floor. They last quite a long time. GIVE THEM A TRY !

  4. Two beautiful cats, Brenda! You are blessed! Hoping they enjoy a long and lasting friendship.

  5. Is Gracie deaf? They used to say white cats with blue eyes were…probably an old wives tale.
    They are both cuties! Ivy doesn’t look thrilled at her closeness though.
    We have the same scratcher, gets mostly ignored here, LOL

  6. Gracie has such beautiful blue eyes. Wonder if she’s part Siamese? I noticed that red mark on her shoulder right away. Could Ivy have bitten her? Guess you’ll find out from the vet.

  7. My flame point was a big boy at 14.5 pounds. I used to sing to him the line from a song, “You’ve got the most startling blue eyes.” Sandy Paws was a beauty and so sweet. The look on Ivy’s face is priceless. I’d guess she’s thinking, “Don’t push it, little pesky one.” It’s great that Ivy is allowing Gracie to get this close. Wise to have the vet check Gracie out. It could be a bite from Ivy that might abscess.

  8. Always love to hear about and see photos of the kitties. They are quite the pair and it’s fascinating to see how they are acclimating to each other little by little.

    We have three cats here. One elderly female, Tula, who stays mostly in the basement except when the dog is gone, one young female who is quite stand-offish and would like to be a feral cat, I think. Her name is Twilight. She and Tula are black, but Tula is long-haired while Twilight is very short-haired and sleek. Then there is Ninja who is a long-haired tiger-striped male and weighs about 14 lbs. He is just a run-tum-tugger and complains a lot about nothing and loves to eat. He has a very bushy tail and looks a bit like a Maine Coon cat. They all sort of tolerate each other but none of the seem to be buddies, particularly. Especially Tula who, I think, just considers the other two interlopers since she’s been here the longest. Interesting dynamics, anyway. Despite their seeming lack of connection with each other they are still quite a source of entertainment for the humans!

  9. ❤ Pictures of Ivy & Gracie are wonderful Brenda!! I think your life has certainly changed for the better ❤ with the unexpected arrival of Gracie!!🐈 The fun adventures have begun!! Of course it’s work caring for them, but the daily entertainment seems highly worth it!!! 😊Hope everything goes okay with Gracie’s exam.

  10. What a great surprise for Monday morning seeing Ivy and Gracie together albeit Ivy isn’t sure about her space being invaded! Love the look on her face. I think they will be besties in no time. And I know their shenanigans make you happy which I’m happy to see 💞

  11. I think all cats are beautiful in their own way but those two girls of yours are stunning! So glad they’re getting to know and like each other. Cats are just like us, just takes awhile to decide if you’re going to like someone new.

  12. Though I knew those two little ladies would eventually tolerate one another and then bloom into best friends, I didn’t expect it to happen this soon! I think the quiet calm of your home encourages Gracie. Yes, Ivy does look a bit startled at the forward behavior of her little sis, but a really hostile cat would hiss and swat her away. Ivy’s sweet nature is going to ease the transition for you.
    I never get tired of seeing and hearing about your pets! Keep the pictures and progress reports coming! Looking forward to the first one of this pair snoozing together, wrapped up in each others’ arms!

  13. Your fur girls are adorable. I have a flame siamese, showed up in my yard with momma as very small kitten. Gave other two kittens away and momma but kept Bubba. He’s a year now and as the siamese get older there colors darken. He’s still a light flame,but had darkened since little and has the cross eyes that siamese sometimes get. But vet says his vision is good. So enjoy your blog! Thank you for the great writing and pictures.

  14. It was nice to see the two of them together to get a size perspective of Gracie. I envisioned her as being smaller. They are lovely, and I’m glad you had a good weekend.

  15. Great progress is being made The fact Gracie wants to be close to Ivy is great. The look on Ivy face is priceless. Gracie is the prettiest kitty and her eyes are gorgeous. Hope the red bump is nothing. Have a good week.

  16. Gracie seems more delicate The separate pictures they have the same stance. Gracie is prettier

  17. I really enjoyed hearing about your weekend with Ivy and Gracie! Loved the photo of Gracie getting too close to Ivy. Ivy’s face did look like she was very disappointed that Gracie was a little bit too close for comfort!

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