It rained all night. Now the sky is gray and it’s looking like there will be more rain.

Last night Abi was sleeping away while I was reading, and she started making this sound in her sleep that sounded like a tea kettle once the water is boiling. I don’t know what she was dreaming. She makes weird sounds and her feet jerk around. She’s so funny.

Below Abi is yawning from a nap.

Poor Charlie’s back is bothering him a lot these days and he tends to limp. I rub his back and he seems to like that.

I’ve been moving house plants about, trying to get the maximum amount of light for their needs. Yesterday I clustered some of them together near the front door.

I’ll watch the light throughout the day to see if I can locate the best position for them during these winter months.

I just finished my one cup of decaf this morning. I tend to have a “favorite” mug that I favor for a time. Right now it is the green mug.

So the others gather dust and I have to keep rinsing them.

Do you have a favorite mug?

Three more books came in the mail the last couple of days.

These two came a few days ago.

I finished reading Jane Harper’s “The Dry” and now I have another of her books, “Force Of Nature.”

And the package with this book was on the porch this morning. Thank goodness it didn’t get wet.

I’m almost finished reading the second book in David Baldacci’s The Memory Man series, The Last Mile.” Then I’ll start the third in this series, “The Fix.”

Winter is great reading weather!

Note: Do you like this size font, which is the default font size? Or the bigger one?


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  1. Happy New Year, Brenda. This font size is my preference. Loving the new blog layout – so readable and professional looking. I am on the lookout for a prayer plant like yours. So beautiful! I really enjoy posts about living in small spaces. I have a one-window efficiency with a small outdoor gardening space near a leafy creek. Would love to get your recommendations on gardening blogs you like. Cheers! Kate

  2. This font is good and I don’t have to expand the screen to read it, which I hate. I listen to audiotapes so I can work around the house, but there is nothing like a book while sitting all cozied up in a blanket.

  3. Good morning Brenda, yes I too have a favorite mug for my weekend coffee mornings. It’s pictures of Yorkies, since they’ve not made a “Chorkie” mug to my knowledge, this one does the trick and puts a smile on my face every morning. Have a lovely weekend! Carol

  4. The font is great for me. Very easy to read. I have a different “favorite” cup for each day or mood. I have my Sunday cup, my comfortable cup, my sunshine cup, my cottage cup and my,” I need you today” cup. I have a fall cup and a spring cup. I tend to gravitate to my comfortable cup most often. I read almost any book that falls into my hands. I check out the Little Free Libraries when I find them.

  5. Funny you blogged about mugs today, as I just happened into the goodwill store to check out the mugs and found another one to add to my collection. I have several favorites and choose by the mood I’m in that day. Hope Charlie gets to feeling better in his back.

  6. Like the font size since I don’t need my glasses! lol And my favorite mug says, “my favorite people call me Nana” but unfortunately, I only have one mug! lol

  7. The font is good for my eyes too. I too, have a favorite cup. When shopping at Good Will, I tend to look at everything, just in case I find something I didn’t know I really needed. Found a pretty mug, smaller size, with all kinds of flowers on it in different colors. I couldn’t resist it, even tho I have several others. I keep it with my Kurick??(wrong spelling) and I use it daily. How nice you can get your books free. Great for you, and pretty good for us also, that we are able to read your reviews before we decide to buy or not. Thanks.

  8. My favorite cup is a Debi Hron coffee cup with two art cats on the side. When one of your readers mentioned cats on a cup I had to go look on the bottom of my favorite to see if I had one by the same artist.
    The font is great, Brenda.
    We started today at 51 and are expecting to be in the 20’s by late afternoon. Brrrr!

  9. This font is good! I have a couple of mugs that I favor. They have a large “belly” that my hand fits around nicely.

  10. Love the font! Perfect size and easy to read!!! Yep, I rotate around to a new favorite mug every so often too and use that fav over and over and then move to the next new fav. LOL. And now I need a new ‘fav’ since I put my favorite holiday mugs away. Hmmm must look at thrifts / tag sales for a ‘new’ favorite!

  11. I’m like you, I rotate around to a new favorite mug every so often. Right now it’s a $4 mug from Home Goods with a lovely painting of blue and white flowers. Before that it was a similar mug in red flowers with green leaves. Just so I get my morning cup of tea. Sorry Mr. Charlie is feeling poorly, but at our age, what can we expect (tell Charlie I said that lol). l

  12. Hello. The font seems OK to me. No, I don’t have one favorite coffee cup. But I have a shelf with six pegs for hanging cups, and I always have a seasonal collection of cups there. I try to use all of them as the week goes along. Right now, the mugs on display are what I jokingly call the “winter architectural” collection. All of the cups have a winter scene with some sort of building in it — a house, church, barn, village store and so on. They all came from thrift stores and the graphics look like the ’70s and ’80s. I do gravitate toward the smaller mugs and my husband likes the bigger ones. I like these mugs because they aren’t specifically about Christmas, so we can keep using them after the holiday is over. We’re supposed to get some bad weather in the next couple of days so we will be using the mugs a lot for tea and coffee.

  13. Those pictures of Abi and the squirrel look downright 3 dimensional! As if you are really there. Don’t mind the font at all. But the new look is eye opening.

  14. This font size is fine on my computer screen. Like others, I do not like the grey text, much prefer black. My favorite coffee mug is red and is a nice, large size. Red is the accent color in my kitchen–I share your love for it!

  15. Some of my houseplants need my TLC at this point, they probably are rootbound and need to be repotted. Some day when I have a little spare time….when will that be, I wonder? Right now I have a cord of firewood sitting outside my garage door waiting for me to stack it, which I dread. It’s a good workout, but when it’s cold and sleeting out as it’s supposed to be on Saturday….not fun!! Oh well, they say that firewood heats you three times – once when you stack it, once when you carry it into the house, and once when you burn it. And if you are one of those people that cuts down your own dead trees and splits the wood, it heats you a few more times! I’ll do anything to keep my oil bill down, that’s for sure!

    1. I need to repot many of my house plants. A lot of mine are smaller pots sitting in larger ones. I’m waiting till spring to repot. They’re in “hibernation mode” now.

  16. Love your new blog Brenda! This font is fine for me. I don’t mind a larger font but have trouble with a smaller one. I have always had a favorite cup and it changes only when the current favorite gets broken. Right now (and for the past several years) my favorite is a large Laurel Burch mug with colorful cats on it. I’ve always loved her artwork and of course I love cats!

    Here in Missouri today we are having an ice storm. I am thankful to be retired because I am too scared to drive in this mess. Luckily we still have our power but it is so bad out even the public libraries are closed. Great day for a good book and I have my kindle!

  17. I like this font. As someone else said, not as much scrolling, but I’m sure any font you choose will be alright with your readers, we just enjoy reading your blog! I do like the new look. It is nice to change things up once in a while. I am very envious of you being able to get so many books. To me, there isn’t anything like having a real book to read as opposed to a Kindle. Maybe the only thing about me that is old-fashioned, but I just like holding a book. I do notice that the paper quality has seriously deteriorated over the years and seems to continue to do so. It kind of takes away from the joy of the book for me. I know, I’m rambling!

  18. Hi Brenda, I think the font is great.
    I have a suggestion for little Charlie. As my dogs have got older and stiff, I find they like laying on something warm.
    I have a small dog safe heating pad in one bed. They don’t get hot like a regular human one. Just warm. And I also use K&H self warming crate pads. I get them on Amazon. They are inexpensive, and reflect the dog’g own body heat. They are soft and washable. I just lay them on their dog bed. It seems to help with their stiffness.

  19. I love this new look and the font is perfect for me !!!! those sweet fur babies are precious !!! and yes… I do have a favorite mug….. one that my dearest friend gave me years ago… one reason I love it … it is a stone ware type of mug and the coffee / tea stays hotter longer !! πŸ™‚ …

    1. I’ll try this font size for awhile. I can’t figure out how to change the default font size and have to enlarge every paragraph as I write them.

  20. It was 40 degrees when I got up at 8:00 here in Western Wisconsin. Now at 11:00 it is 27 degrees. We had rain all night, so we have ice all over the place now. I have my favorite cups that I like to use too. I just change off once in awhile!

  21. Like the font…Yes, to favorite cup. Will wash it out rather than take a clean one and get annoyed if someone else uses it. ( might indicate I am getting old and set in my ways.)

  22. Love your posts – always lots of good info and great photo’s. Always enjoy your pics of your babies – they are both adorable ! And your outdoor photo’s of your patio are always beautiful. Thanks for a great blog – I always enjoy it ! (the default font is great)

  23. I like the size of font, it’s easy to read. Some blogs not only use tiny fonts to squeeze more in, they also use grey text, not black. I find it nearly impossible to read unless I magnify it on my screen multiple times; I may do that once if I want to read a particular site’s post or article, but after that, I just avoid it.

    I have a favorite coffee cup – it is an old X Files cup in black with a purple X on the front of it and underneath the text …the truth is out there… LOL! I recently cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and donated a lot of dishware, including coffee cups, to a local charity (they pick up, which is great, I just have to pack it up for them). I keep extra cups on hand in case I have company, but usually when I entertain these days people aren’t drinking coffee, they’re drinking beer or glasses of wine πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Brenda,
    I always enjoy your reading recommendations. The default font works best for me – I don’t need to do as much scrolling to read your post. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Enjoy your day!

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