Rain, Patio Flowers & Books


The two nurseries I’ve visited this year did not have a lot of yellow or gold flowering annuals that I wanted. So I seem to have a lot of purple.

I’m sure as the weeks go on there will be more of a selection. I do like the yellow/gold mixed with purple and lavender.

I woke up to rain yesterday. I’m sure the container plants loved it.

And Abi is doing much better, which I’m thankful for.

passion vine flowers

clematis flower

The clematis has started to bloom. I have the two vines next to one another. This is I think my third year with the clematis.

The passion flower vine is considered an annual in cooler climates. Maybe I can mulch it in the winter and see if I can save it for next year.

container plants

Right now I’m reading Lisa Scottoline’s “After Anna.” Before that I read Rick Mofina’s “Last Seen.” I binge read his books because they are so fast-paced and suspenseful.

Before that I read “The Perfect Mother” by Aimee Molloy and “Girls Burn Brighter” by Shobha Rao.

There’s been quite a bit of rain lately so I’ve been inside more. What’s going on in your garden?



  1. I’m so glad that Abi’s feeling better, poor little sweetie! Nothing much happening in my garden yet….things are starting to green up but no leaves on the trees just yet. It’s going to be a cold rainy weekend except Sat for a bit so I’ll be out there as long as I can getting things done. Next week we jump into the 70’s so that should boost growth!

  2. After reading your post and seeing the photos, I am determined to have a passion flower vine; the nurseries did not have them on the last visit but promised they would have them soon.
    Your patio is looking so pretty.

    It is time in northeast Florida for me to pull out the pansies and snapdragons and replace these with summer flowers. The pansies and snapdragons have been beautiful but they are looking a bit past their prime now (they have about given all they can give). It has been in the 70’s and 80’s most days with very little rain. I have several containers of petunias but will have to move them to a partially shaded area before too long. A trip to the garden center will be on the agenda for next week for flats of annuals that can withstand the heat.

    Sounds like you have been reading some really good books.

  3. I’ve loved every shade of purple since I was a child so I love your color selection on your patio. I’m so glad little Abi is feeling better. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I was ignorant about passion flowers/fruit until I went to Africa as a volunteer. I immediately fell in love with “passioni,” learning how to crack the fruits just so, hard enough to break the shell but not so hard as to make a mess. Kind of like opening a bottle of champagne without making bubbles.
    I recognize the purple flowers–we had some but I forgot the name. I am going crazy trying to learn about composting. And planting seeds in egg shells to get them started. We must wait for the “ice saints” before planting.

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