Rain & Shadows & Rumbling Thunder

It is rain and shadows this morning along with rumbling thunder. The thunder reverberates and is nearly indistinct in the background, then rises to a crescendo.

I’m drinking my one cup of decaf in my red mug after having breakfast.

First I feed the cats. Ivy seems to have the skill of knowing what time it is. She doesn’t fuss, just jumps up on my bed and walks around me.

This morning when I fed them, Gracie tried to nudge herself into Ivy’s bowl.

Vickie, the woman who brought Gracie to me, told me what kind of wet cat food Gracie eats. So I ordered two boxes of it from Amazon.

Ivy, on the other hand, likes the same brand of food but eats the adult version. Then a week ago she decided she didn’t like her food anymore. So I ordered gravy instead of pate for her. She’s gone back and forth in her likes and dislikes for the texture.

Then Gracie decided she liked Ivy’s gravy version better.

I was surprised that Ivy didn’t swipe at her over the all important wet food meal. Gracie leaned in to Ivy’s bowl until I picked her up and took her back to the bedroom to eat her own food.

I’ve got everything for the two of them separated for now until they’re more accustomed to one another.

Actually that was only the second time I picked Gracie up. The first time was early on last week and she hid under the bed for 24 hours.

My daughters came over for lunch yesterday.

I ordered Chinese food and Kasi picked it up on her way over here. We typically try to have lunch twice a month here, whereas before the pandemic we met at restaurants.

Kendra seems to be feeling better about her decision to get a loan for the duplex to fix up and rent, while at the same time getting a loan for her own home.

She’s still a little apprehensive about taking on two more loans, since she pays other mortgages. But she seems more comfortable with her decision.

My son-in-law, who has several degrees in business, told her she was making good investments, especially due to both their locations in town.

Kendra had wanted more rental property and a duplex cost less than two separate houses, and will get her about the same income in that area of town.

Ivy and Gracie seem more playful with one another, which makes me quite happy. I think Ivy will enjoy having Gracie as a playmate as time goes on.

Gracie does something really cute. When I’m in bed reading a book at night, Gracie will often climb up on the bed and lay next to me, then put her little head on my shoulder. It is so sweet!

I see that Ivy is asleep up on the tall cupboard in front of the living room window. And Gracie is asleep somewhere in the bedroom.

Yesterday I noticed that Gracie, who can’t yet stretch herself up to the height of the cupboard, managed to jump up there a few times anyway.

The ceiling fan is on in the dining room because of the heightened humidity. Which makes the blue and green chimes tinkle and make their own kind of music.

After I do some blog work I may just settle in for a rainy day and read a book. What do you have on your own agenda for the weekend?

I know I usually publish New & Notables today. But I’ll publish it tomorrow instead.



  1. Glad to hear that the kitties are starting to get along, and that Gracie is hanging out with you on your bed! Nice to have time with your daughters, too! Your flower pictures are always beautiful.

  2. My fur babies have dry and water at all times and their favorite wet food in the morning and late afternoon.
    Bella is 8 and Buddy is 5 and they’re both in good health, so no diet changes considered.

  3. Hearing about Gracie reminds me of the kittens that I’ve rescued over the years.

  4. Brenda, I love, love, love the gorgeous flower photos. I was able to get a little gardening done today since the weather is cooler and not so many mosquitos as sometimes. My energy is seeming more consistent the last week or so. The best it’s been since I was hospitalized over a year ago and had to stay at my older daughter’s house to be taken care of. I lost a lot of strength but have been slowly gaining it back. I so love working in the yard and flower beds and have missed being able to for so long. Today I planted some Lady Ferns in my little woodland patch under my maple tree. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll get the White Trillium I bought planted in that area.

    I enjoy hearing about Ivy and Gracie and how they are acclimating to each other. Such little characters, they are.

  5. I love to order Chinese food out and wish I was better at making it for myself. Something about how good it tastes when someone else makes it just like a salad does. Nice to have that time together with your girls and catch up on their lives. Both have active careers so it’s good to give them a breather away for a little bit of time. And I imagine the new kitty gave you all a few chuckles. Reading time will be tonight as it gets darker so much earlier now and I feel like climbing into bed earlier and earlier to read now.

  6. We enjoy your beautiful flower pics. Here in SoCal desert it is just starting to dip below triple digits so we are planning our container garden for the nicer weather. Love Ivy & Gracie stories! I hoped they would mellow out with each other. Gracie has spunk and Ivy will have such fun with her new playmate. Good decision, Brenda.

  7. Gracie raided Ivy’s feeding dish? Wowsers – that seems pretty gutsy to me, or else totally clueless! I’m surprised Ivy didn’t give her a swipe! I’m up to my neck in yard work – endless. The lawns and gardens took a beating from the extreme heat, drought and high humidity this summer. I’ve got lawn rust, mildew on some of my plants, sod web worm damage everywhere. I’ve been raking damaged areas over and over to remove dead grass and aerate, slowly lining flower beds with concrete blocks, and now leaves are following from what seems a kabillion trees suddenly appearing in the neighborhood. On a good day I can lay 10 blocks before having to stop and rest. The huge 4′ x 5′ pile I started with in 2019 is now down to 37 blocks. For inspiration I’ve been binge-watching the old series “Desperate Landscapes.” I missed the window for over-seeding so I’ll have to wait until spring, I am hoping I won’t have to do it if the grass rebounds prior to going dormant. Later I’ll stream a movie online or watch a video from my small collection of favorites. I never get tired of watching them over again. I also have a backlog of books waiting to be read – I haven’t cracked one open all summer – and 3 separate stacks of magazines that I haven’t gotten to, it’s been that kind of year. Right now, it seems impossible I can ever just sit in a comfy chair and start reading!

  8. I’m going to do the same thing and read a good book even though it is beautiful here in Michigan. I haven’t had time to do that for a while. Maverick (my cat) is throwing one of his toys up in the air and then trying to catch it. He’s all over my apartment doing that. Alex is napping. I think Gracie Mae and Ivy are ready to be together by the sound of it. Both my cats are on the same food only dry because my veterinarian said it was better for their teeth. That way plaque doesn’t build up and the crunch of food is better for them. But you go by what your veterinarian tells you. I love to hear about your cats. I am so glad you have them. I love reading your daily blog. Have a good day!

    1. They have both wet food and dry food. I heard that cats often don’t drink enough water, so wet food helps take the place of fluids.

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