It rained last night, and it is somewhat gloomy outside now. Gray skies hover. No clouds. Just a flat gray blanket appearing overhead. It is a day of solitude.

I have been amused by this one little daisy, which has sent up a tall stem, far above the other plantings in the container. It is perhaps a final daisy bloom before winter commences.

A few days ago, it was tight as a newborn’s fist, and then it unfurled and showed its pretty pink petals.

Here is Andrew’s pumpkin patch photo my daughter sent me. It is sort of grainy, and went I sent it to Walgreens to have it printed, it came out badly. And I really liked this photo too!

Doesn’t he look more like a little boy now? I just love his sweet little smile!

The last few red geranium blooms dotted with rain drops. The others have given up the ghost.

Charlie Ross seeing something up in the trees. He must not be sure what it is yet, or he would be barking!

Anxious Abi has eyes only for me. Maybe the poor thing is afraid if she takes her eyes off me, I might disappear.

Someone asked what this colorful print is on the wall in my office area. It is a poster I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $2. I just tacked it up here because I liked the colors.

The photo is an antique mall family find that I clipped to an old cheese grater.

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  1. What an adorable family and Andrew is such a big boy now. I agree with the other to frame it 🙂

    We had rain for a couple of days, but it's finally cleared up with temperatures in the 60s this week. Most of my flowers are gone, but a few others are holding on to the bitter end.


  2. This wether can make anyone a little introspective…me for sure.

    I love your flower and family pics, that Andrew is growing like a weed. What a lovely family. I like seeing your pups, can we ever have too many pics of them?

    Jane x

  3. Andrew is so adorable and is getting so big! Love the photo!! The rain has finally stopped here, after 4 days. Glad to see the sun, but the rain starts again on Saturday! Hope you are having a great day! Love and hugs to you Brenda!

  4. Andrew is a handsome boy. We had tons of rain here, too, the last few days. So glad we had two trees cut down in the front yard – no leaves to get up! Love the few blooms you still have, my red geranium, though it did poorly all summer, still has a few blooms. Love this time of year – soup, fireplace, and sweater weather – doesn't get any better.
    Great photos throughout this post, Brenda.


  5. Thanks for sharing the picture of Andrew and his Mom and Dad. Andrew is a very handsome little man. The whole picture is adorable.
    I like your new header…………very cozy.
    I have a rose bush that I thought was dead. Gave it some water and now it is blooming like it thinks it's summer time. Your little daisy is a beautiful color.
    You can do all kinds of "creativity" with your galvanized tray.. What fun ! It is so pretty done for Fall.
    Thinking of you.

  6. How cute Andrew is..a little boy so full of energy…I remember those days and miss them sometimes…Your daughter looks like you Brenda and her husband certainly is a handsome guy…of course the pups are always adorable too…Love that $2.00 poster…

  7. I love the photos! What an attractive human family. Sweet Andrew is so adorable! My goodness, he has grown and changed so much. And always enjoy seeing your darling pupsters. Thanks for sharing…

  8. Still your galvanized steel trays delight me! I can't wait to see them each season! It is pouring rain here today. Streets are flooded and it looks like the puddles in my flower beds are higher than my driveway (not sure how that can be). Trick or treat is tomorrow night and I hope those kids can swim! Your grandson is such a cutie pie. I have that problem with some pictures, too. I think it has to do with cell phone pixels, but I could be making that up in my head.

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