It has been rainy and cold this week. For two days now the sky has been a dull gray.

That’s much of what winter is, gray. We kind of missed having fall again unless it’s playing peekaboo with us.

Morning Routine:

I just had a bowl of cereal and fed the pet babies. Gave Charlie his medicine. I haven’t been having coffee much.

Truth be told, I’m so tired when I wake up from getting up all night with Charlie, who is coughing more and more, that I just don’t have it in me to fix a cup of coffee.

From about 7-9 p.m. at night, I use an ice pad alternated with a heating pad to get some relief from the back pain. Picking Charlie up so much is hard on my back.

Congestive Heart Failure In Dogs:

His coughing and sneezing just breaks my heart. I really couldn’t tell you if I give him the hydrocodone syrup once or twice in the middle of the night because I’m half asleep when I get up with him.

He still seems happy. But he gets scared when he’s coughing.

And I’d give anything on earth to take that away. But I can’t and so I just keep on loving him and being grateful for every day I have with him.

What Ivy’s Doing:

Ivy’s scampering around like she often does in the morning. Still one minute and running around as though something is chasing her the next. She’s so funny. I need the laughter of Ivy’s antics right now.

The other day I was cleaning out the closet and threw this zippered pillow bag onto the bedroom floor to put in the trash.

Ivy immediately took it and now she loves to run and hide in it. She pokes at phantom enemies from the inside.

I guess it won’t get thrown out until Ivy tires of it now.

The Sleep Number guys will be here this afternoon with a new base for my bed. When you tuck the sheet in it gets caught up in the hose and then the bed deflates.

Problem With Sleep Number Bed:

Surely this can be fixed somehow.

I don’t have any more news. I’m kind of putting one foot in front of the other and sleepwalking through my days.

They didn’t schedule Charlie for acupuncture this week, so I imagine it will be a tough weekend until next Wednesday when he goes back.

He doesn’t understand why he’s having so much trouble, and I would gladly take it on myself if only he could be healthy again.

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  1. Brenda, I”m so sorry your sleep is being disturbed during the night. That is just the worst for me. But I know you have to take care of Charlie whatever and whenever his needs are. It’s just what we do for our pet babies. I hope you will let yourself have whatever rest you can get during the day to compensate at least a little. Is Charlie able to let you rest and rest himself during the day? Just do whatever makes life the easiest for now, for both of you.

    It’s been cold and rainy here the last two days, too. I raked leaves on Monday when the sun was out and it was warm and was hoping for more of that weather the rest of the week as I barely made a dent in the raking and wanted to continue. Maybe this weekend. Couldn’t it be sunny and dry and coolish but not too cool until Thanksgiving? That’s my weather order! If I really could control the weather, no one would object to that order, would they?

    Take care and I’m sending pats for the two fur babies, especially little Charlie. Ivy must have at least five pounds on him, doesn’t she? She’s a big girl.

  2. Was so sad to read this…its hard when our babies are not well, and also, when they are awakening us from our full nights sleep. I can surely relate. Even if we are awakened once..its not the same as a full nights sleep. I am also feeling lower back back pain from picking up doggies and cleaning pottie pads.. (little ChiChis)… I had back trouble once so I know we are not supposed to even be beding to do the laundry…instead go straight down..but at my age..that is not working ;0) …….. Hope your bed gets properly repaired and you get some good sleep. Ivy is so funny. Poor Charlie..I know the good outweighs the bad for him since he has such a great Mommy. :0) .. Take care.

  3. I so feel for you & Charlie. I totally understand how it feels to be older, I’m 68, & care for an elderly, sick pet. I have a 20 yr old kitty, who gets meds 2x a day, & subcutaneous fluids every other day. He disturbs me most nights, walking on the bed, trying to get my attention, many times vomiting & waking me up. I’ve not had a vacation in 4 years, because no one else could care for him like I do. But I love him & would do whatever it takes to keep him comfortable.

  4. Oh, Brenda, my heart goes out to you. I know all too well exactly what you’re going through with Charlie. It’s so hard on you both. I’m so glad you have the little blessing that is Ivy, amidst so much pain and anxiety. Eventually, you’ll be glad you have so much to have these precious times with Charlie, but it must all feel very exhausting, and probably quite lonely. I am praying for you and Charlie, and hold you dearly in my heart. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. Xx

  5. I was wondering if it might work to just put one dose out of the bottle into a separate container and leave it out in a special place to give to Charlie in the night so when that one dose is gone you don’t mistakenly give him an extra dose. Just an idea. I have to do certain routines with some of the medicine I take so I am sure i don’t double dose or forget to dose. I put pieces of masking tape saying which time of day is when the next dose is due on my asthma inhaler.

    1. I have a small dose in the syringe ready to squeeze into his mouth and keep it on the kitchen counter so I’m ready. I just squeeze a small amount, so even if I did give it to him twice I don’t think it would hurt him.

  6. I’m so sorry that you are not getting any sleep. Lack of sleep can really do a number on your health. Can you nap during the day? As for the back issues from picking up Charlie, when I was going to PT for my back this past spring, the therapist told me one of the worst things for the back was bending over to pick something up (or to clean, etc). Instead, try to keep your back straight and crouch partway down and then pick up Charlie. I am so conscious of this now since I am plagued with back problems and pain. I will do anything to not make it worse!

      1. Sometimes, even restng can help take the edge off of sleepless nights. Just being able to say to Your body, “No” and “Stay for a moment” are good. Rest as often as You can! Love to Charlie! I’m in 60’s and doing yardwork wears me out now, so I rest a lot and work a little. I’ve noticed that the work never leaves, so it will be there when I get back up. 🙂 Much love, barb

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