It’s that time of year to ramp up the cozy factor in your home for the fall season.

Think fires in the fireplace (or in my case, an electric portable fireplace). Fall-inspired candles. Cozy warm throws to curl up with and read a book.

Here’s the one I ordered through Lowes a few years ago and I love it.

Delivered right to your door, you will love this portable fireplace. The faux flame is beautiful and so realistic.

If you want to check it out, here is the link. It is from Lowes but is actually by a third party called Pleasant Hearth.

Of course it isn’t as tall or as wide as a real fireplace. But if you live in a small space, it is perfect.

But here’s the really great news: The heater warms up to 1000 square feet. My apartment is 725 square feet. So I get quite toasty!

Here’s another very similar one if this one is sold out right now. People are thinking of cold winter days and want to be prepared.

Before the portable wood fireplace, I had this one by Duraflame.

Cozy Fall-Inspired Purchases For Your Home:

I’ve found 6 additional cozy purchases that aren’t expensive for the fall season.

Cozy Throw Blanket #1:

Ramp up the cozy for fall with this cream-colored throw blanket with tassels

This cozy throw is an off-white Super Soft Throw Blanket with Tassels. For those cool evenings when you want to stream a show on Netflix or curl up with a book, this throw will keep you nice and warm.

Warm & Cozy Soy Candle:

How about a Warm & Cozy soy candle made by Sweet Water Decor?

Warm & cozy soy candle for fall nights

Candles are always a nice addition to cool evenings at home.

Autumn Favorite K-Cups:

Coffee on cold mornings is a must at my place. Here’s a box of Autumn Favorite K-cups, 96 count.

Autumn Favorite k-cup variety pack for fall

Here’s another throw I’m looking at for fall.

Warm Fluffy Throw #2:

Ramp up the cozy for fall with this fluffy white throw

It is a luxurious fluffy blanket for sofa or chair or lying in bed. I know my kitties would pounce on this in a heartbeat! It’s $16.90, and for a time you can use a $5 coupon, which makes this throw only $11.90!

Now this next one sounds and looks comfy.

Cozy Blanket Sweatshirt:

A pink blanket sweatshirt will keep you warm on cold nights

A Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt for Women and Men. It’s a thick flannel blanket with sleeves and a giant pocket.

You can use those autumn K-cups in a fall mug.

Fall Mug:

ramp up the cozy for fall with a fall mug

It’s a Happy Fall Y’all Coffee Mug in a pretty shade of orange for just under $10.

Other Ways To Beat The Chill:

Here are 7 additional solutions for ways to cozy up your home for the fall season.

  1. Use the warm colors of fall in your bedding and throw pillows
  2. Make sure you have soft lighting for reading or working on a hobby
  3. Choose blankets in seasonal textures and colors
  4. Pull out Grandma’s quilts to cuddle up with
  5. Bring in warm rugs so your feet won’t be cold
  6. Order or download books to read on cold nights
  7. Make sure you have a supply of cocoa to make hot chocolate

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  1. Lovely post, Brenda – all those yummy coffee flavors almost could convert me from tea to coffee…
    Love the throws and tempted to get the fluffy one – my Max cat might like it. If not, I would.
    Love the kitties, and you too!


  2. I always love any post about fall, especially items that create a cozy look for fall. I have an electric fireplace but the heating element went out. Not sure whether to get another fireplace or an insert that might work in the existing one. Perhaps one of your other readers who have had this problem will know the solution. I had a rock hearth built to place my fireplace on and if I didn’t get another electric fireplace to fill the space, it would look odd. I do have a large iron and wood bakers rack that might work there, but, alas, I wouldn’t have the ambience that a faux fireplace would create. This is such an enjoyable post, Brenda. Fall blessings to you.

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions today Brenda. I have the Duraflame heater but it’s cutting off before the room is warm so I’m probably in the market for a new one. The cost of propane didn’t go down this fall as usual and as we get into colder weather it will surely go up even more so I may be glad to have another heat source or two for this bigger house. That fluffy throw would make my cats and dogs very happy and at that price you can afford to just pitch them when the sherpa gets full of hair you can never get out, so I know what the littles are getting for Christmas this year. Also, I’ve had to stop using candles and room fresheners since my cat Dizzy has developed asthma unless I want to go back in one of the guest rooms and close the door. I even read that these scents we love can actually cause asthma in cats. There’s lots online about this subject, just wanted you to check it out. No one loves a fragrant house more than I do, but I love Dizzy more.

  4. I can see the kitties taking ownership of those throws!! And the tassels would drive them nuts! We just got some Donut Shop chocolate donut K cups and they are delicious. And also gluten free if you have to worry about that.

  5. Thanks for posting the fireplace link again. I might be in the market for one of those soon.

    “Of course it isn’t as tall or as wide as a real fireplace.” True, but you don’t have to haul wood or remove ashes.

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