Red & White Finds At Amazon

I’m going to show you red and white finds at Amazon I stumbled upon the other day. I think it was the day I showed the one-legged kitchen vignette.

I headed over to Amazon after I posted it to see if they had any similar type bowls like I used in my kitchen vignette. Not that they’d be truly vintage in age, but just similar in appearance.

But alas, I did not find any. However, I found plenty of things I either already have, or would like to have in my apartment.

White Canister Set:

In Red & White Finds At Amazon, I really like this set of kitchen canisters.

This white canister set stood out to me as a way to make your kitchen look like something from your grandmother’s day. This canister set would sure make for a cozier kitchen.

It has over 7200 ratings on Amazon of 5 stars. Can’t beat that.

Red Paper Towel Holder:

The red paper towel holder I have in my kitchen

This is the red paper towel holder I have in my red and white kitchen. It is a very similar style to my utensil holder you will see below.

Distressed White Pillar Candle Holder Set:

At Red & White Finds At Amazon, this set of distressed white pillar candle holders

This set of white distressed pillar candle holders jumped off the screen at me. Aren’t they pretty? They could go anywhere in your home to provide that vintage cottage or farmhouse vibe.

Red Salt & Pepper Shakers:

The same red salt and pepper shakers I have in my own kitchen.

These are the same red salt and pepper shakers I have in my kitchen. I love how they look and how sturdy and thick the glass is.

Distressed White Tiered Serving Tray:

In Red & White Finds At Amazon, I came upon this cute white distressed tiered tray that I'd love to have myself.

This tiered tray serving stand looks like something I’d like to place in my apartment somewhere.

It would be handy in my bathroom. Or on any table surface to display decor.

Round Red Wall Clock:

I have two of these red clocks from Amazon and love them!

I have purchased two of these red clocks for my own home. And I love them!

One is on the dining space wall and I’m looking at it right now. It has nice big numbers so you can easily see what time it is.

Distressed Enamel Silverware Caddy:

In Red & White Finds At Amazon, I found this cute silverware caddy

This distressed white enamel silverware caddy has 5 stars, so a lot of Amazon buyers are happy they purchased this for their kitchen.

Red Utensil Holder:

This is the red utensil holder I purchased for my own red and white kitchen. It is heavy and looks pretty next to my stove.

Vintage Style Bread Box:

White vintage style bread box with black lettering

This white bread box with black lettering looks vintage. It would be great in a cottage or farmhouse type kitchen.

Red Kitchen Canister Set:

In Red & White Finds At Amazon, I found this cute vintage-style set of red kitchen canisters.

How about these red and white kitchen canisters? If I had room, I’d order these myself.

White Wood & Ceramic Scrub Brush Set:

I love this cute wood and ceramic scrub brush set, and purchased it for my own kitchen. It is setting on the red shelf below the mirror.

So what do you like best of these Amazon finds?

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  1. I love the red utensil holder that you have. I think that’s my favorite. I also like the tiered tray serving stand too. That would be fun to decorate for the holidays.

  2. Since Covid forced me and my mother to hold-up indoors, I do nearly all of my shopping on Smile.Amazon. Smile gives a small portion of my purchases to a charity of my choosing. So far, I’ve made 85 purchases on Smile, which helps support the Elephant fund. I’ve been very happy with all my purchases.

  3. Much like you, I am spending more time on the computer since I’m “laid up.” Of course I love everything in this post. I told my hubby to “come look at all the red and white stuff Brenda found on Amazon.” He told me to get off the computer!

  4. I have 2 galvanized 3 tier trays that I love and can take apart when not in use. I like 3 tier trays for many uses, whether using them to put displays on for different holidays. Or using them to put cupcakes on, little Bundt cakes or different appetizers on! Even drinks just a multitude of different kinds of things! Lol

    Hope your day is going better today Brenda without any pain!

  5. These are all cute! I hate when I buy one or two fad items thinking they will transform my home into a new style. I have just started slowly shopping the thrift stores again. I am going to a huge treasure sale at an upscale retirement home at the end of the month. I have so many nice things from this sale held quarterly over the years. My friend took me to an unbelievable indoor, outdoor auction sale. It was amazing to see tractor trailers from New York City loading up furniture and other treasures. While you can get some amazing items, I prefer to out right buy the one item I am interested in. I miss the large indoor and drive in movie parking lot flea market I grew up shopping at. Things change but like I am trying to teach my grandsons, be grateful that you even had nice experiences to begin with instead of missing them. Hope you are better each day.

  6. Wow, Brenda, so many wonderful finds! I love the canister set and the ‘scrub’ bowl and brush. I could shop till I drop. LOL
    Have a great Sunday.

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