Red & White Transferware Tablescape

I just realized that I haven’t created a tablescape that includes my red and white transferware that I’ve been collecting lately.

Red & White Transferware Tablescape:

Though I might have just 2 of one dish, 3 of another, and possibly 4 of something else, it is still enough to create a cozy tablescape for two.

Rose Salad Plates In Transferware Tablescape:

Instead of displaying the usual white dinnerware I normally use, I’m displaying the red and white transferware with my rose salad plates placed in the middle.

One of you gifted those red and white rose salad plates to me years ago. And I adore them. They’re till one of my most prized possessions.

I ordered the red and white checked wipeable placemats some time ago from Amazon. Six of these placemats were just under $15. Good deal!

Shop Red & White Checked Wipeable Placemats:

I enjoy mixing red and white patterns. Which, as you know, are my favorite combination of colors. I think red is always going to be a big accent color for me.

Red & White With Yellow Gold Dining Chairs:

The yellow/gold salt and pepper shakers I ordered from Amazon hopefully balance the fact that the chairs are yellow/gold while most everything else is red and white. Although there is the same color in the boho quilt hanging on the wall above the table.

I also have an identical red set of salt and pepper shakers I ordered over a year ago that are the same except for the color.

Shop Yellow/Gold Salt & Pepper Shakers:

Shop Red Salt & Pepper Shakers:

I’m still enjoying the red and beige blackout curtains I bought from Amazon for all three of my bigger windows a few years ago.

Shop Red & Beige Curtains:

Red & White Transferware Tablescape For Two:

I created this tablescape to show off my small collection of transferware.

With this being the season for gardening, I haven’t written a decorating post in a while. So I thought you might enjoy this one.



  1. Your red and white decor is what first led me to your blog when you were back in TX. I have a red and white theme in my current kitchen and you continue to inspire me. Your tablescape is cheerful. Best wishes from SoCal.

    1. I’m ordering the red and white checked placemats from Amazon. I have the tablecloth but don’t always want to bring it out if it’s just two of us eating. Thx for the link.

  2. No, the larger one, Brenda. I renember when you got the one from Tuesday Morning.

  3. I love the different patterns of red dish wear together. It’s beautiful. Your very creative!

  4. Your table looks lovely, Brenda, your plates are so pretty. Red transferware is a favorite of mine too. I have several saucers, and tiny little plates the size of a saucer (for desert maybe),can’t remember when or where I got them tho. I have two red transferware platters hanging on my kitchen wall, that were my Mothers, which are very special to me. Red is a great accent color for sure.

  5. Brenda, this is off the subject but could you tell me were you found the wooden spindle lamp on your console table in the living room? I need an extra table lamp badly. Thanks!

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Red is my favorite color so it was right up my alley. I’ve always loved your red and beige curtains.

  7. I always enjoy your decorating posts, especially those that feature red and white please keep them coming.

  8. If you want more pieces they may be available from Replacements Ltd.
    Just google it
    Your decorating ideas are always good to read.

    1. Yes! This online store is great!!
      I’ve purchased items from Replacements, Ltd.
      Always find 😃 what I needed!

  9. Ha, I have the same placemats except they’re navy. My kitchen is decorated in red, cream and navy. When I first started following you I saw we had the same vegetable style canister set. Yours are long gone. Mine are still hanging in there!! I then copied the colored glass bottles on the windowsill idea from you and those are still in place too. I haven’t gotten tired of them yet so why change!

  10. Thanks for showing how a single women with style can set a table. You inspire me.

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