1. Lots of great ideas here to get the creative juices going! This is a great time of the year to do a little something, just before the winter shut in. Thanks for the idea boost.

  2. When I do go through all the things I have tucked away, I discover things I forgot I even had…It's kind of like Christmas morning…lol..I always have a quilt on my bed…lighter one for Spring/Summer..heavier one for Fall/Winter…I love that one in the picture above…

  3. Oh, I love the dresser! I have one downstairs that is just about that size that holds a TV. Great ideas. I love seeing things repurposed or redecorated.

  4. I think it's exciting to shop the house, and it's a good thing I do feel that way!

    I really like that hammered aluminum vase (if that's what it is) on the small table with the fan.

  5. I'm on a tight budget and love all of these ideas!
    I sure hope Charlie is feeling better today…

  6. Lovely ideas – the dresser is genius. I did get a laugh at the galvanized tub idea…my first thought was Oh Good, we have a tub in the barn…Perfect…but then I realized it was a water trough for the sheep…enormous(!)…my girls would think it was set up inside for baths…Yikes(!)

  7. I love this kind of post. I have a very limited budget, so I like to get some new ideas this way. The sweater used for a candle holder covering is a really great look. I like the use of the galvanized tub, too. It makes me think of an old watering pail I have out in the garage, that might look good somewhere in the house. Thanks!

  8. I always shop at home first! I have lots of goodies that are tucked here & there to save for decorating & changing things around. I don't like to go shopping at all, unless it is a resale shop, Goodwill or such stores as that. I despise the malls! You are so right about doing a lot with a little!!

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