Do you ever see reflections in the wind? See yourself staring back as the wind blows you to and fro?

Last night I had a strange dream. I was younger in this dream; just a teenager. I was walking along, headed down a winding dirt road.

There I was staring down at my feet as I put one foot in front of the other. What I saw before me was just a span of red dirt that served to mark my path ahead.

In My Dream:

So intent was I on merely moving forward that I realized I didn’t know how long I had been walking. Or how far I had gone.

I stopped and looked up. The scenery appeared different than what I was accustomed to.

Then I turned around in a circle. Tall reeds of plumed grass were blowing in the wind.

I felt sudden panic, as I had no idea where I was. Or which way to go to get back to wherever I had come from in the first place.

What I Saw In My Dream:

As I turned around, the same tall wheat-colored grass waving around me, I woke up.

Funny how you can be deep in thought one minute, feeling completely relaxed. And then you are transported to a sudden state of fear.

I felt out of place. Out of my element, my comfort zone.

What drove me forward was the feeling that I’d gone too far to turn back. Do you ever go too far to turn back?

Or is any time the right time?

Moment Of Truth:

There is often a moment of truth when you succumb to fear and let it lead you into the unknown.

As many poets have said much better than I could: If you don’t walk into the shadows, you will never know where you can go.

I feel like I’ve been running along holding onto a string with a balloon tethered to the end.

So I run and run, sometimes looking up at the dot etched against the blue sky. The balloon is swaying in the breeze.

Stumbling On A Root:

And then I stumble on a root in the ground and accidentally the string is pulled from my grasp. The balloon floats up and up, soaring overhead.

At first I am sad to see it go. But the balloon is free now. Bobbing up and away to parts unknown.

On a journey I won’t be at the end of.

And somehow that makes me smile. To see something so free that it floats along on the wind.

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  1. Dear Brenda, you probably don't remember me. I'm Margarida, from Portugal, who wrote you an email last year and who was facing some problems with divorce. I've been always a silent visitor but today I coudn't resist to share my emotion with you due to this poem in the final of your post. Jesus, it made me cry. Words of wisdom and hope are always so conforting. Well, I just can say tha't I'm still trying to learn how to fly… Kisses and hugs and all the best for you.

  2. Hello, Brenda. The quotation by Patrick Overton caused me to think of these lines of poetry by Wendell Berry:

    "To go into the dark with a light is to know the light.
    To know the dark, go dark, go without sight
    and find that dark, too, blooms and sings
    and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings."

  3. It is scary to take that first step, to commit to the new, the unknown. Fear is one of the biggest things that keeps us from moving towards something that will bless us. Naturally, fear can also be a way of warning us that something we're planning might not be a good idea. We have to look for guidance from God, or at least I know I do, and then be brave enough to go with our gut feeling. When we do, those butterflies in our stomach go away. They float away in the wind just like your balloon!

  4. Brenda, I was SO sorry to hear about all your problems with WordPress. Claudia just posted almost the exact opposite. What a shame that you ran into so many problems at every turn. I will add your new url link to my blog. I hope you are able to recover everything you've written in the past.
    All my best,

  5. Hi Brenda!
    I am enjoying seeing lovely pictures of your home and countryside where you live. So glad you are back up and running.
    Your dream and thoughts on it are very interesting…
    I tend to become frozen still in my tracks…often wondering if I've gone too far. I also have issues with commitment…it is a struggle. It takes full concentrated effort on my part…and TONS OF FAITH.
    I will say this– in terms of Light and Dark… I'm fearful of what I'm capable of, as a human being, under cover of darkness; but I'm even more fearful, coming into the LIGHT. Because it is there, I know I will come face to face with my God! That makes me tremble.

  6. Brenda, your blog looks so bright and cheerful. Maybe the wheat grass was indicative of the change to yellow on the sidebars.

    I love what Sheila said. God does come to us in our dreams and perhaps he was giving you a message to not fear what you cannot see around you but to trust in Him to give you a path to walk on. I have been thinking about sharing a dream that I had last December. I think I will have to do that real soon.

    Much love to you…stay strong.


  7. You always write the most thought provoking posts. I truly understand the phrase of "The only thing to fear is fear itself." It can prohibit you from taking chances and taking you down a possibly greener path. I guess it's because there is no guarantee that the path is really greener and we don't want to be disappointed. Change is hard. I know I don't like it myself. I'm like you, though, and feel like it would be nice to just be a balloon free to fly and see where it takes you.

  8. Hi Brenda. Sometimes God speaks to us in our dreams – He does to me sometimes. Maybe He wants you to give your troubles to Him and let Him guide you. I'll bet some of your dream had to do with the ordeal of WordPress. You're strong and you're going to keep on keeping on! Stay strong and I'll keep you in my prayers.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  9. Hi Brenda..I never fear anything knowing God is always beside me and I try to enjoy every day as he wants all his children to do..maybe the dream is trying to tell you something…maybe to keep plunging on no matter where your path takes you..I feel a change is coming for you in the near future Brenda..and not just your new blog…excited to see what unfolds with you! Carol

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