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  1. Thank you for this post. We lost my husband’s brother in April.  He was almost 20 years older than my husband and his younger brother and was truly more of a father figure for both of them.  He was a beloved member of our family and the glue that kept everyone together.  To be totally honest I haven’t dealt with his passing.  His wife dropped him off at the ER and that’s the last time any of his family saw him.  Does an exact number REALLY matter?  Behind EVERY number is a person. At what point does one consider ANY loss of life acceptable?  Thank you Brenda for reminding us that there are real people behind the numbers.

  2. I think this is good information. Also people who are saying not all the people died of Covid need to realize countless others died outside of a hospital & aren’t counted. Look at the Johns Hopkins website.
    Brenda I have a graphic to share but I cannot paste it here. Can you help me do it?

  3. Thanks for this post Brenda. I follow the Faces of Covid on Twitter. The person who started it wanted the individuals remembered as persons, not just as a statistic. It is heartbreaking to see all these faces and hear there stories. It enrages me that we have ever got to this point due to a complete lack of leadership from the government. To this day, no formal nationwide policies on mask wearing. These are very, very dark days in our country.

  4. Very important post Brenda . Unfortunately people don’t know all the facts and repeat misinformation about hospital reimbursements over diagnoses and insurance allowances. It could all be clarified but there was no consistent information ever given by the present administration, just overlooked and ridiculed. I worked in pharmaceutical clinical trials and thank God Europe took this serious many months before it reaching US and pharmaceuticals began vaccine research to have them ready. I will be much more at ease once I receive my vaccine. Many drugs are approved with lesser participants trying them before approval and this vaccine had many in Europe and in US trying it before approval. I am so angry this deadly disease became political when it could have been slowed many many months previously had competent and intelligence been practiced for the sake of everyone.

  5. This is beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

    Not saying my next comment pertains to any of these fine people, but reports coming from various sources say COVID death numbers are being artificially inflated. That’s coming firsthand from several friends as well as hospital workers.

    Several had loved ones admitted to the hospital for reasons other than COVID, such as aneurysm or heart attack. When they died, however, the hospitals declared them COVID deaths because they get higher reimbursement!!

    Another family member reported her father being admitted to the hospital seven times within a fairly short period. Never had time to finish any quarantine. Hospital got positive COVID results each time, so reported seven separate cases!!

    1. this is the truth, people die-we must face this fact and not fear life itself. My 93 mother w/ COPD for 35 yrs was hospitalized @ peak of ’19’, in hospital for 3 days, tweaked her back from all the coughing ended up in rehab for 20 days then back home with help from neighbors & hospice. NO ’19’. 2 months later broke her hip, had surgery, in another rehab for 2 months then into assisted living & died 20 days later, NO ’19’. Same with my M-in-L who’s been in assisted living for 2 1/2 yrs from hip break, heart issues; in hospice, dies 12/17. NO ’19’. OUR loved ones die! Accidents, old age, sickness, disease, all kinds of viruses need I say more? Americans need to move forward, live life & not FEAR!! LIFE-LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

  6. Brenda, of all the blog posts you have ever shared ….. this one shall forever be highlighted in my mind (and saved to my top bookmarks)! This just captured the pandemic so, so strongly, through lives that should have continued, b/c all of them had such happy things in their lives!!! The only thing missing is a share button: I would have gladly & gratefully posted this all over the place, so others can share and remember them – today and for many days onward, as we move towards a new year …… with a still uncertain future.

  7. I’m in tears while reading this. You have certainly put a face to this horrible virus. Here’s hoping and praying for a better 2021.

  8. Brenda,
    I read this post and it’s heartbreaking. At video/ Mass, our priest always makes a point of asking for prayers for our front line workers and victims who are sick or who have died. I am thankful that President Trump pushed Operation Warp Speed so the Pharmaceutical companies worked to develop a vaccine to protect us. My oldest niece is a oncology nurse and had the shot about one week ago. Hopefully, Covid will become extinct in 2021!

  9. I really don’t understand why so many are in denial about how serious this virus is. If we were all diligent about wearing a mask, sanitizing our hands (and such), avoiding crowds, etc we might beat this horrendous virus.
    Thank you for sharing, Brenda!

  10. So so sad to read of these losses this morning. Why is it that there were so many airports crowded with travelers for the holidays? It boggles the mind and I cannot comprehend it.

  11. Thank you, Brenda, for remembering these people who died of Covid 19. I am so sorry for their families loss…and as a memorable to them and all others who have died, I always wear a mask when I go out (which is not very often). I usually have my groceries delivered or curbside pickup and I definitely order all other things online. I personally know 5 or 6 people who have had the disease but have thankfully survived. Happy New Year and may it be better than 2020.

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