Remembering Christmas 2013-2014

I always think it’s fun to go back and look at photos on my computer of how I decorated the last few holidays. So here’s remembering Christmas 2013-2014.

Christmas 2013, I was still living in the little blue house. For Christmas 2014 I was here in this apartment. Hopefully I won’t have to move again.

Christmas 2013:

I had just put the mason jar lights up in the dining room.

Under a cloche…
The pupsters, of course. Do they look two years younger? I sure don’t feel two years younger and probably don’t look it either!
Christmas 2014: I had just had my second ankle surgery in November, so I didn’t do as much.
Since I’m quite clumsy, I always like to go back and look at things that have since gotten broken.

Just so you know, I knocked over one of my two navy lamps that were next to the couch the other day and broke it into smithereens. 

Yep, cussed a blue streak while I cleaned up all those shards too.

I’ve broken at least one of the white pitchers you saw above. Yep.

The very top photo, where you see a crock pitcher with blue bonnets painted on the side? Gone, gone, gone. Broke it. 


I’ve decided I might ought to start buying wood lamps, pitchers made of plastic or something. I break things. Always have. I stumble over my own feet. And I’m not Big Foot. I’m size 7.

Lately, when I’ve purchased things, they’ve usually been made of galvanized metal. Like trays and the like.

There’s probably a way I can break one of those, but I haven’t managed it yet.



  1. There's something magical about Christmas and decorating for this special time of the year. I, too, love to go back and look at photos from previous years; in fact that's what my post was about today. And just so you don't feel to bad about breaking things, I recently broke a beautiful crystal pedestal cake plate my mother had given to me as a gift. I'm still heartbroken over it.

  2. Oh Brenda…you make me laugh so hard sometimes…even my little crew of cats haven't destroyed that much…lol…I also love the trees in the old suitcase…and I have one about that size…I love seeing your Christmas decorating!

  3. I love the trees in the suitcase-looks like an old sax case to me. I also love the S N O W letters-can you tell us if they are scrunched up white cloth casings onto metal letters or what? Would love to try to duplicate them! Thanks, Brenda!

    1. You are a no-reply blogger, so I have to answer this here. I didn't make that. Another blogger sent it to me years ago. So I don't know how it was made.

  4. Pepper, I hear you! I do remember when my parents quit putting up a tree and my heart went thud. We have moved to a small farm house–I guess for this reason, AND Brenda's blog, I am feeling the ol' decorating juices flowing. I do think as we age (I am 67) our priorities shift and that is a good thing! And, yes, my husband is the one dragging out the lights. He just bought two light up reindeer. Here we go!!! (I pray no Griswold's decor :/ )

  5. I find that I decorate less and less each year. Pretty soon I probably won't bother at all…. my husband is now more about decorating for holidays than I am. Not sure when, where or why I lost my decorating mojo. Must be age. Love your decor for the holidays….

  6. I think your galvanized metal's relatively safe. It might dent, but won't break! 🙂 I love your trees in the suitcase, so charming. The candles all grouped together are lovely. I like to take a look back, too!

  7. I think it was your first Christmas in the little blue house. You had three trees grouped together and everything was so superbly decorated. The local newspaper should have sent a photographer. It was pure magic!

  8. Pretty Christmas pictures Brenda! That is funny about you breaking things… I can relate with three boys and a big dog around here… that is FOR SURE! 🙂 We have some pilgrim and Indian figures that we put out at Thanksgiving… those poor things have been decapitated and glued back together – I've lost track of how many times!

  9. Brenda you have the most amazing talent for putting items together in such a pleasing way – I cannot wait to see what you come up with for Christmas this year!

    I tend to break glasses regularly – that's why I've started only picking up glasses that are so inexpensive I don't really care too much if they get broken. It's so sad when something you can't replace gets broken.

  10. Yesterday I went out the back door for a walk. When I got out to the street, I heard a crash and glass shattering. I went back inside and the shelf that I had my antique plates, cup/saucers, and my mothers crystal unicorn setting on, had fallen. I could not clean the broke shards until I sat down and had a good cry. None of those items can ever be replaced.

    1. I well know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see something go crashing to the floor and you can't do a darn thing to stop it.

  11. This makes me laugh! I too, am a klutz, and have broken many a precious thing. You gave me some great ideas for Christmas I intend to copy. AND, I love how many of your decorations can stay all winter! Moving to a little farmhouse recently is forcing me to come up with new ideas. I have a huge stone basket in my front yard that I would like to decorate. Any ideas? I now have pumpkins and two scarecrows in it. thanks for any ideas! Peggy

    1. You might get those unbreakable plastic round ornaments and fill up the stone basket. If it's real big and you don't want to buy many, fill up the bottom with plastic or something that won't get messed up in the cold or rainy weather. And then put the ornaments on top maybe?

    2. What a great idea! I will look for some huge, hopefully cheap, ornaments and use a false bottom. I think I will fill the spaces with pine greenery. Thanks so much, Brenda!

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