Renovated & Budget Friendly Farmhouse

A Wisconsin foreclosure is now home to a family of six.

The Exterior:

Halena replaced the front door with an antique door. Then she painted it with a coral color that pops against the gray exterior.

The Sun Porch:

The colorful sun porch is a favorite gathering spot for this family. The pillows were hand-sewn by Halena’s mother.

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The Home Office:

Halena has an Etsy shop full of vintage finds and handmade pieces. It is called Haystack Mercantile.

She has a good eye for chippy antiques. In this entry nook she created an impromptu office space. It includes her grandfather’s old desk that was rescued from the school where he worked.

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Hand Stitched Family Portrait:

This is a hand-sewn portrait of their family. You can get your own through Halena’s Etsy shop.

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Husband Josh decided to take on the kitchen and transformed it into a happy place for the family. There’s a vintage chalkboard and kids’ artwork on the shiplapped walls.

Halena has a collection of Fiestaware handed down from family members that line Josh’s handcrafted open shelves.

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The Dining Room:

Halena found the dining table before she even had children. It has a painted bench and mismatched antique chairs for seating.

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The Boys’ Bunk Room:

Halena handed her husband sketches and he DIYed projects like the boys’ bunk beds.

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Kids’ Desk Area:

Behind standard shelves a woodland-patterned wallpaper adds color to the boys’ shared desk.

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Playroom Storage:

The playroom is organized by Halena so the children can find what they’re looking for in the canvas bins.

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The Girl’s Room:

An heirloom quilt covers the end of daughter Ada’s bed. The room is a pastel vision of soft colors.

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The Play House:

Josh also built the kids’ playhouse with wood that was salvaged from a neighbor’s old fence.

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Backyard Garden:

They tackled a raised garden after weeding and pruning the rest of the back yard. The garden beds contain vegetables, flowers and herbs.

The farmhouse is now a vision of possibilities due to the creative minds of this family.

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{Photos and home details courtesy of Country Living}

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  1. Very impressed by the house. The first time I have seen a triple bunk bed, very clever. I have a question for you Brenda, how pleased are you with the Dreamy Blue Pillow?

  2. WOW! This house looks fabulous! So many great ideas to try and I cannot wait to explore the Etsy shop, I might just need a hand stitched “family portrait of my husband, I and pups.

  3. WOW! Beautiful and so homey. Thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to more before and after pictures of your daughter’s flips. The decorating and planning genes must run strong in your DNA!
    Any updates on you moving?

  4. What a cute house! She is very creative. That is cool wallpaper in the kids’ desk area.

  5. Very pretty. But I need more color. But then again it’s good that we’re not all the same. I love a lot of the things that they used.

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