My Daughter Renovating Houses

It’s overcast today. We might get a bit of snow on Saturday. That happens once or twice per year here but melts pretty quick.

I’ll probably head to the grocery store for fruit and yogurt later because tomorrow it will be a rush. Word of snow here causes near panic even though it’s usually light.

Just like when it rains drivers slow way down. It’s rain, people! Of course I have a 4 wheel drive SUV so rain does not intimidate me at all.

Saw my oldest daughter’s latest flip house yesterday. She is also a realtor and sells houses, so basically a workaholic.

Boy, I couldn’t do it. Contractors who tell her they’ve done something underneath the floor and then when she takes the trouble to check they didn’t actually do what they said they did. Obviously they didn’t think she’d take the time to look and see because it’s not a walk in the park to get down there.

Workmen who break French door windows when she’s gone and then fix it with something rather inferior.

It’s always something. She’s gutted this thing and torn down walls and added others. Added a bathroom and a master closet. The house was listing so she had to have it jacked up.

She’s added a nice privacy fence to the big back yard. Had to cut into the patio space to create the other bathroom.

She worries herself half to death because she’s a Type A personality and things have to be perfect.

We fussed over just how to hang a wreath on the front door for half an hour. The wreath was a little small, but I said let’s just lower it a bit over the window in the door, and that somehow inexplicably made all the difference.

She has to dress down men who are at least twice her size for not getting work done while she pays them by the hour. I would tear my hair out and stomp my feet. But she weighs all of 100 pounds if that and is a force to be reckoned with.

Silly Ivy posing. I think she was an actress in a former life. She keeps me laughing with all her antics. She stares into my eyes and “talks” to me now. I have no idea what she’s saying but I talk to her as though I do.

I just looked behind my chair and she’s not in her usual morning spot napping so I’d better see where she is.

As soon as I got up she came strolling down the hall. Typically whenever she hears me get up she comes to find me.

Now she’s staring out the storm door, probably watching for a wayward leaf to blow onto the tiny porch. That always gets her excited. Ivy would be a cheap date.

Guess I’d better take a look in the kitchen to see what else I might need and get going soon. The way it’s looking outside the weather might change any time now, as I believe we’re in for a thunderstorm.


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  1. So sweet you converse with Ivy. She is a cutie. Wow about your daughter’s contractors. That is horrible. I am beginning to think so many contractors are scammers. We found things when we have done things to both this house and our last one. Sometime you just wonder who you can trust anymore. Glad your daughter caught them. Have a great evening.

  2. I’m so glad you and your oldest daughter have reunited. I know that means so much to you.
    Ivy is a beautiful cat and her personality is so unique. I think I’m going to adopt a kitten or two after my elderly dogs pass. Will be much easier for me to take care of I think, and I have missed having cats in my life after my last one died 4 years ago.

  3. I thought of you and of Ivy’s antics when I got up this morning and found both new kittens on the dining room table and water from some plant cuttings all over the kitchen counter. Not having the spray bottle handy, as usual, I clapped my hands loudly and hollered at them to get down. They did so, but I was quite annoyed and fussed about it internally for a bit. I know that does no good so I let it go and just cleaned up the water and put the cuttings back in their little bottles. I hate it when my plants get damaged because I work hard to keep them growing nicely. One of my grandsons just decimated a beautiful, full, blooming African violet a few weeks ago. I was just livid but couldn’t really say anything as it was too late and it had been in a somewhat vulnerable spot. I don’t have nearly enough room for the number of plants I have, especially the AF’s. Frustrating.

    Okay enough grumbling. When you live with your kids and grandkids you might as well get used to your space feeling invaded.

    I always tho’t it would be such fun to be able to rehab houses but I see there is a lot of frustration to it, too, given your daughter’s experience. And i would be like her–perfectionistic. I remember, too, dealing with contractors when we remodeled our basement years ago. They are not always trustworthy and you just want to pull your hair out sometimes because you are essentially at their mercy. I remember them not showing up when they said they would to finish things and not being reachable, either. Beyond frustrating. It sounds like your daughter is made of tough stuff, though, and is up to handling the ups and downs. Nice that you got to see her current project.

    We’ve had snow on the ground here in mid-Michigan for a few days but now it’s just really cold. I had to be out and about today and the wind was bitter. I’ll take this over cold and rainy, though. That weather just chills me to the bone. We are all so ready for sunshine and warmth, aren’t we?

  4. Ivy must be smarter than most cats…never heard of cats doing all she does!! Funny thing!

  5. Part of having a cat is getting up to check on them every now and then to see what they are up to. My two cats rarely are doing anything bad. Right now the tuxedo cat is on the guest room twin bed and the ginger cat is on my husband’s pillow on our bed. Sometimes I find them curled up together. When they are particularly cute I take a photo and send it to my husband. He enjoys a chuckle during his workday.

  6. There once was a tiny black and white kitten that followed my daughter home after an evening walk. We gave him some water and tuna on the porch. May daughter casually said, “I love you”, to which kitty replied, “AH LLOOOOVE YA”, that went back and forth a few times with kitty saying the exact same muttering every time.
    Bill is still with my daughter and her son years later. He still loooooovvvees her and she loves him.

  7. Hi, Ivy is so funny and SO photogenic! There is a British drama on Acorn from 2004 which I think you would really enjoy. It stars Brenda Blethyn and Kevin Whately (from ‘Lewis’, the sequel to ‘Morse’). A husband abandons his long-suffering wife for a much younger woman, leaving her to care for various members of HIS family. The drama showcases fine, very nuanced acting. It is called simply ‘Belonging’. The word puns ‘be longing’ of course, and the drama explores the old adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for’! Hope you can find it.

  8. Oh that Ivy!! She has brought a ray of sunshine into your cozy house, Brenda! My sweetie’s kitties look into his eyes and talk to him also….of course, they know exactly what they are trying to say!!

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