1. Feel better Brenda…I had a stomach bug for a few days…was miserable..no one was sick but me…to the lady with the fungus gnats.. put those plants outside and use need oil…you may want to replace the soil..could have eggs in it..start watering your plants from the bottom…works great..you can sit the plant in a bowl of water till it sucks it up..problem solved💕

  2. Late to the site today Brenda , Hope your digestive issues and weakness are a thing of the past. I have no advice other than eat a bland diet for a day or so. Saltines are good to settle things down, I do have a plant related question I hope you can help . I have a mini fig and a prayer plant that are infested with fungus gnats . I have two other houseplants that so far do not seem to be infected. How do you suggest I get this infestion under control. I live in FL and have been advised by my pest control guy to put them outside and to pour bleach down my bathroom drains , They often breed there according to him. Sorry to bug you but this is annoying me as they are annoying me as I turn on my reading lamp at night, I am low vision so I must use my LED lamp that seems to attack them , Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. My indoor plants suffered an infestation of fungal gnats and I tried everything to get rid of them. What finally worked was a product called Mosquito Bits I found on Amazon. You put the bits in a mesh bag, I used an old knee-high, and steep the bits in water to make tea. Three weeks of Mosquito Bit tea and the fungal gnats were obliterated!

  3. PT will be hard and painful, but in the long run, so worth it.

    You could have Covid, even with wearing a mask. You can pick up Covid anywhere, even a doctor’s office. Think of all the people that go through there! The newest variant is extremely transmissible, but the good news is, people aren’t getting as sick with this one. Covid is a virus – it will always be with us. Because of this, they say that eventually, everyone will get it. All we can do is be careful, take precautions, and keep our immune system healthy. Thus said…go ahead and take the test just in case!

  4. I feel the same way that u feel Brenda except I’ve had migraines too!
    I haven’t gone anywhere except grocery shopping in 2 stores but that was almost 3 wks ago!
    I don’t know if I picked something up from just grabbing my mail from mailbox!?
    I’ve been forcing myself to eat some sweet potatoes, broccoli and chicken or scrambled eggs even though I’m not hungry. I exercise at least 10 mins a day just to keep my strength up and drink plenty of water! Whatever it is I hope it will pass soon bc I’m not liking it!
    Hope u feel better too asap Brenda!
    I can’t sit still for very long either! Lol

  5. Brenda, your results sound great! That is so exciting! No all you need is the physical therapy and to feel better. I am not a medical doctor, but dehydration can make you very ill. 79% of all people are under hydrated. As they say, you need to drink way more water than you think you do, I think for women it is over 11 or two glasses of water a day.
    As for Covid-it is scary and frankly we are never going to be back to normal, whatever that was. If you do not have Covid, perhaps your body is just sending signals to you that is still needs a lot of rest from the surgery.
    This book sounds interesting, although I will admit, I do not like scary books.
    Have a wonderful weekend Brenda, take care.
    xo Elizabeth

  6. Are you drinking an adequate amount of water every day, Brenda? The signs you describe could easily be signs of dehydration… weakness, loss of appetite, feeling hot & cold, upset stomach. What color is your urine? Should be a nice clear, pale or straw-colored. If your urine is darker, drink, drink, drink water.

  7. Moving your toes is an important place to begin healing. Get well soon.

    1. I’m truly going very slow this time. I don’t want to have to do this ever again. So slow it is!

  8. Didn’t you write not too long ago that one of your daughters and her husband had to cancel a trip they had planned because he had come down with COVID – or am I confused? You may have been exposed to the virus via your daughter. Your symptoms sound like the ones for the dominant variant circulating around the U.S. right now, it’s either BA.4 or BA.5, which are both highly contagious, over the Moon contagious compared to the original COVID virus. I read an article in a newsletter (I think it was from a writer for The Atlantic) that said because COVID is now mutating so quickly, it is likely that (1) we will never reach “herd” immunity and (2) immunity from vaccines will quickly “wear off,” especially with the newest mutations/variants of COVID that appear to be able to circumvent a person’s immune system. Not good news. Check your home test and if you have been infected for less than 5 days, ask your doctor about COVID treatment – there are pills available now that can cut the severity of the symptoms.

  9. Glad the surgery was successful. Now for the hard part of PT to get your foot working well. Once that is done you will be good as new. The read sounds good. xoxo Kris

  10. I wonder if your symptoms are side effects of meds?
    I read The Overnight Guest and enjoyed it.
    I like the fact your pain is gone and surgery report describes success.

  11. Pain meds make you feel ill-and not want to eat.I ate a lot of saltine crackers and lots of water until I got off of them after surgery.

  12. Likely for the rest of our lives, we will think every illness might be covid… The mask does not guarantee not getting it. We wore masks, we got it. TWICE. Hopefully if you do have it now, it is the lesser varients. At least you need to rest anyway for your surgery recovery…eat soup if you can. I LIVED on chicken/veggie soup for several weeks this last time I had covid. Maybe someone can buy you some, if not make some for you. I would, if I could…bit too many miles away however. I always add finely chopped up broccoli and garlic to mine…as well as other veggies…tastes fine…but most of all, somehow the broccoli and garlic rev up the results. I have made it for many others over time too…well tested. Always use bone broth for base if you can get it. The only other thing I wanted to eat was some applesauce and at times a piece of bread. Sending you wishes for better health and prayers for healing!!

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