I am always in awe of photographers who manage to capture romantic decor scenes with their cameras.

So I’m showing you some of the images I’m most impressed with that I have on my Romantic Decor Scenes Pinterest Board…

The above photo had me at the chippy light blue table. The photographer used lace and wispy flowers to set a most romantic scene.
A lovely old blue bench that has surely had some wear and tear, with hydrangeas, roses and peonies laying upon the seat.

A distressed white box or trunk with lavender, purple and white flowers laying across the top. Ah, and white lace. White lace is always a romantic addition.


A white dotted cloth surface with light pink tulips and a soft green teapot at the ready for afternoon tea.


I have to say that there is no more romantic seat than a chippy white wicker chair with a pastel quilt on the seat. A prized vintage pillow makes it extra comfy.

Then there are the pink tulips beside the chair and the tea and cookies set out on the ottoman.


Pink and white are always fodder for romantic shots. This somewhat out of focus bed in the background highlights the jar of pink flowers.


A Victorian or English style pitcher with a floral pattern atop a white lace table cloth holds pretty purple flowers.


The colors here are exquisite. A turquoise bowl alongside dainty pink tulips laid haphazardly on a distressed white table.

A table in a corner with white chairs and wicker seats are ready for dining or tea. Especially pretty are the layered table cloths, bringing romance right to the table.
Tulips on the table in a pretty white vase and shelves behind the table filled with vintage ironstone complete the tableau.
Light aqua cloth napkins are rolled and held in place with a green beaded string are a welcome sight. Pink flowers slipped in add that perfect romantic touch. The combination of colors are just beautiful.
These bloggers/photographers, who I think of highly and consider artists, are some of the best I’ve seen at taking romantic photos. They manage to capture a moment that is soft and magical and not soon to be forgotten.

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  1. These photos really make me want to brush up on my own photography. And I wish I had time to visit each and every blog. I did go to A Beach Cottage…always looking for inspiration for the lakehouse. Thanks!

    Jane xxx

  2. Well chosen favorites, Brenda. Carolyn and Aiken House and Laughing With Angels are two of the very best – and, apparently there are others I need to visit now too. So beautiful. I sure wish I was a patient photographer, but I am not and may never be! Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady.

  3. Brenda, Those are all beautiful photos…I would love to be sitting in the wicker chair. Hope you are feeling good and enjoying some better weather. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. These photos remind me of the ones I used to love in Victoria magazine. I subscribed for a long time just because the photos were always so lovely.

  5. I love this style Brenda and if I was given the chance, I would fill my house with this romantic and clean looking decor, filling every available container with beautiful pink and white flowers to brighten my day. There is something about the combination of pink, light green and white that reflects spring so well and the freshness of the new season. Take care xx

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