1. I am so happy you have ordered some plants! Indoor plants are very special (to me) as they add to the design of your rooms and literally give it some life! Plus, many are good air purifiers. As others commented, I am also familiar w BloomBox and Proven Winners -I have bought many PW plants at my local nurseries. It’s a blessing that home delivery is so easy these days and makes it possible to “shop” during times when one is not able to get out. Enjoy and can’t wait to see your new plants!

  2. Will be looking forward to seeing your new plants. I had no idea you could buy live plants like that online. I also remember Tupperware parties. I had to chuckle to myself when you said you have to find something you could afford! Everything was so expensive and you had to order something!

  3. Hi Brenda, I visited the web site for Rooted and loved everything I saw! I especially liked the String of Hearts plant which is also pet friendly. If I can’t find one locally, I’ll be ordering that one for sure. Thank you for all the work you do finding these sources and then mentioning them on the blog.

  4. I was looking forward to reading more about the narrator of the book you asked us to guess about yesterday…But I’m glad you ordered some plants. It sounds like you picked a good company. I did go to a few Tupperware parties and some others including a crystal party. I even got roped into having a Naughty Nighty party once

  5. I recently bought a fig plant from a “mall” plant store. It was sitting on the floor and I fell in love with it at first sight. We live 250 miles from that particular mall so I had to wonder if I should buy it and take it home in the car. I am so glad that I did. I just love it. Someone said I should name it. I call him “Newton” (bad joke LOL)

    1. Well that’s an awfully long way to go if you decided you wanted it but didn’t buy it. Good for you for buying it! Instant gratification! I’ve never had a fig plant.

  6. You’re a good problem solver, Brenda! I admire how you figure out how to work around obstacles – kudos!
    When the pandemic in Spring of 2020 came, I found a wonderful plant delivery group called Bloombox. They are based around Lancaster, PA and have super healthy plants. The delivery service was great and thanks to them, I had a beautiful balcony garden (I live on a second floor condo). They have been very successful and the business has really grown. Now I go out to the garden centers, but lots of people still use Bloombox.
    Can’t wait to see your plants!

    P.S. A week ago, my darling Max cat passed away. It has been a very sad time as he was the last bit of my old house/life before my husband passed. I expect to see him around every corner.

    1. Oh no! I’m so, so sorry about Max! Holding you in my heart. I ran across a photo of Gracie earlier and was bawling all over again.

  7. Well how fun for you! I think you made the best of the situation of walking distances. Green is a soothing color so a plant will bring happiness to your warm home.

    1. I’m using more and more shades of green in my home. You’re right. They are super soothing colors.

  8. I ordered proven winners direct last fall for perennials. they come shipped beautifully!! check out their website. They were wonderful and so healthy.

    1. Will do, Myrna! I haven’t forgotten the bowl fillers. My hands just aren’t cooperating. Cold weather and arthritis does not play well together.

  9. This sounds very interesting…hope the plants come well and do well for you!!

    1. Will let you know. I’ve been texting back and forth with them this morning. They have great customer service.

  10. Sounds like fun Brenda! The mystery plant is a great idea. I used to go to Tupperware parties…they are still around! I also remember Princess House crystal, and gave some of those parties, plus I gave Signature Homestyles parties with home decor and wicker. My town had the “lace ladies” who traveled around to different venues, and since I sewed alot with lace, I followed them all over and went to many of their parties! Such fun. I think plant parties would be fun! Marilyn

    1. I think they’d be fun to have too. I don’t recall the lace ladies or Princess House crystal.

  11. Hope the plants you get are happy and healthy…I have been so lucky getting plants from my daughter when she worked at a green house. I have both the neon a nd marble queen pathos..she has the Brazilian one…back in the eighties there were plant parties here..the plant lady came with the plants…and everyone you invited picked out and bought them…home interior…Tupperware and wicker parties were all a thing…times have changed..try a hoya sometime..there are tons of varieties…mine only needs watered once a month…I love your blog…it makes my day…have fun playing in the dirt💕

    1. I watched a YouTube video with a girl who loved hoyas and had many varieties. I’ve never had one. They sell them on this site. I just joined their mystery plant of the month subscription. Will give me something to look forward to.

  12. Great idea! Rather than fretting about not feeling well enough to go out you found a solution and ran with it. Yes! Where there’s a will there’s a way. Once your green lovelies arrive, I’ll be anxious to hear what you think of the plants and the company’s customer service. How soon will they arrive?
    Have a great day!

    1. I think next week. It will interesting to see what I get in my monthly mystery plant box!

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