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  1. Brenda I'm happy to hear that you are doing better. I am going to need to buy one too in a few months. I like all your specs there is only one I don't understand. What is bloatware? Is that like when they fill the computer up with non-essentials?

  2. I don't love my Toshiba either….I had one years ago that was much better. Glad you're feeling better, look forward to finding out what you think of the new computer!

  3. I've never heard of Lenovo. Sounds like you found what you wanted, though so that's great. I am so intolerant of having to research stuff before I buy it. I envy your ability to stick to it until you're satisfied.

    So glad you are progressing with the healing. How is Abi doing? Are you still having to get up so much at night with her?

    Still sending healing energy and love energy. Keep thinking positively, that will help, too.
    Have fun with your new computer!

  4. I know you have a very difficult time getting around, Brenda, but my experience with Best Buy, as in going to the store personally, was the best I could ask for. There were so many models and brands it could have taken me days to choose something. My salesperson was super informative. I'm a very happy owner of a laptop that hasn't given me a problem in three years.

    Again…I know you are not feeling up to par but it's my belief that if we want serious help, get out there in person. As much as I love shopping online, it can be very frustrating, especially with something as involved a computer. That said, I'm HAPPY for you!!! One less problem, right?!

    Jane x

  5. My son-in-law works in IT for Johnson & Johnson and he loves Lenovo and recommends the solid state drive. Good work, Brenda. I agree that researching and buying a computer is really hard.

  6. My son got me a Lenovo PC about 3 years ago and it's great! Not one problem with it ever! I love it.

  7. My oldest son has had a Lenovo for years. He seems to like them. He always goes back when he needs replacement. Gladyou feel better.

  8. I've had a Lenovo before and it is a VERY good computer. Glad you found one that suited your needs. My friend who is always on his computer uses a Lenovo and says it's the best. Glad you are feeling better today also.

  9. Thank you for all the good information (and for doing all the research work for us). Glad you are feeling better today too.

  10. I have a Lenovo and I love it. Best computer out there

  11. Good luck on this laptop and finding a real person to talk to! That is so rare these days! I happen to have a Toshiba 17" laptop that I've had for TEN years! Yes 10 years. It came with Windows Vista way back then and didn't like it and eventually got Windows 7 on it which I still love. I've had it upgraded 2 times only, to more HD space and more RAM but still only have 1 GB of ram so things run slowly… and only have 2 GB of physical storage and I too have TONS of photos. I've been so happy with this laptop with the larger screen. One of these days I would like one that is faster and has more memory, etc. but am dreading that day, as I too need to TALK to someone, not just order online. Let us know how you like this one. My sister has a Lenovo desktop touch screen which I kind of like, but it seems really really slow for being a new computer! I find on my laptop, now that it has some popups and maybe even a virus that has lived here forever, that I can only use Opera as my operating system. It won't work at all with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Anyway…. am glad you found what sounds really good for you and let us know how you like it! Marilyn

  12. Thanks for sharing this info… I have an older Dell which I like but it is slowly dying and I'm going to have to get a new one soon. Your research is very helpful and like you talking to a real live person who speaks English I can understand is a real bonus.

  13. Sounds great, Brenda. I hate buying stuff like this without a person to speak to also. I finally moved over to Mac a few years ago (something I said I would never do) and I have been super happy ever since. I wish you the same with your new laptop!! And glad you're feeling better!

  14. Will you have to install anything or just turn on and go?
    So far, it sounds like a good deal. Don't know that much about laptops.

  15. Yipee….., so glad you got a new computer on the way. What a koo… talk to a real person. Glad your feeling a little better. ♥

  16. I'm glad I told you about the SSD! I'm also glad that you got a laptop with 8GB of memory…that was one thing I forgot to tell you in my email. A lot of them still have 4GB, which is not enough. Hope you have good luck with Lenovo – that is one brand I don't have any experience with.

  17. So sorry to hear about your laptop woes. I understand fully about the Philippine thing – I used to be a warranty repair technician for Dell and had to put up with the very same thing – yes, Dell's Help Desk for technicians was in the Philippines too! I wasn't impressed with Toshiba's laptops years ago; maybe they have gotten better since you bought yours. The Lenovo sounds like a really nice machine. I have enjoyed IBM's in the past and Lenovo is the company that was actually manufacturing the IBM laptops in the recent past. Should you have any problems with this laptop, do let us in on them. Always make back-up DVDs of your photos from your laptop. If that SSD fails, there is no way to retrieve anything from it. POOF! it will be gone.

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