I’m doing a Saturday catch-up of news today. Just a little of this and that.

Lunch At My Place:

My daughters came for lunch yesterday. it was the first time we’d all been able to get together in some time.

Kendra is always busy with a flip house. Kasi works during the day at home.

It was nice to get together and chat. I ordered Chinese food.

Getting Something New:

Since I’m staying put, at least for now, I decided to order something I’d been holding off on. Yesterday I ordered a coffee table that is smaller from Amazon.com.

I brought the outdoor patio table in to use, but it’s a tad too big to walk around. So I wanted something a little smaller.

I had not had a coffee table in here for a while because the doggy steps to the couch stuck out too far to easily walk around both.

Helping A Neighbor:

Thursday I took the neighbor on the other side of the newest neighbor to get her first vaccination at CVS.

She is 85 and hasn’t been driving because she fell out of her computer chair and bruised her tailbone.

I’ll take her back next month for the second vaccination.

When Driving Becomes A Bit Much For Folks:

I don’t think she needs to be driving. A month ago or so I needed her to take me to get Charlie at acupuncture when my car wouldn’t start.

From what I could see she does not need to be driving a car.

That day they towed my car but I had Kasi take me to pick it up a few days later when they’d fixed the problem.

On Helping Out:

I don’t mind doing things for her. After her vaccination, I took her to pick up food she said she likes, because she just never gets out.

A couple of weeks ago I brought her food for several meals when I was out and about.

I’d rather help her than see her drive.

Speaking of neighbors, neither of us has heard a peep out of the new neighbor in between us.

Hot Weather:

When I went out to water yesterday evening it was 112 in the shade on my patio. It sure gets hot out there. Which is why I keep losing plants.

Sad, because I know just a few years ago the plants lasted through most of August.

Have a great Saturday wherever you are.

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  1. I’m glad you have a quiet neighbor bc right now it’s 2:11 am in the morning and I can hear the neighbors on the corner talking and shouting!
    Yesterday they had their music on so damn loud I had to turn up the tv!
    I will be calling on them soon bc I want some sleep and their landlord will hear about this too!
    I’m glad you had a great visit with your daughters.
    Well, I gave them a chance but now they have their music blasting again, so if I don’t call I won’t get any sleep. Damn inconsiderate people!
    Stay inside where it’s cooler!

  2. WOW, if the neighbor has been quiet while still moving in, that says something…glad you have quiet and may it continue!! Had to laugh at your cat…what a funny creature!!

  3. Glad you got to visit with your daughters. You’re so kind to help your elderly neighbor. What a blessing you are to her. Looking forward to seeing your new coffee table. Happy Saturday!

  4. My favorite way to welcome new neighbors and meet them is to take a meal over (and garden flowers if we have them). Just a suggestion. My family of origin didn’t do anything; I learned this from someone else.

  5. Brenda, can’t wait to see your new coffee table. Do you think every living room needs a coffee table? I removed mine because I thought it was taking up too much visual space. But I know that I need something to hold a drink, etc. What are your thoughts? Did you get a glass topped coffee table?

  6. I am glad to hear that you got together for lunch with your daughters! I had Chinese with my daughter and granddaughter last Wednesday. It was very thoughtful of you to take your neighbor to get her Covid vaccination!

  7. That hot weather must have shifted west just a bit because that’s how hot it used to be on my front porch in the summer.I couldn’t grow anything there either.

  8. I think it’s very kind of you to take your neighbor for her vaccine. They say a lot of people who want them just don’t have a way to get them so you sure made her life less stressful. I spent some time with nurses recently and they all said if only people saw what we witnessed first hand, they would be trying hard to get a vaccine to make it though it should they catch the virus. The descriptions are horrible for watching it. So kudos for saving another elderly person life.
    She probably likes your company talking to as well so think of being a bright spot in their long days of being alone.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your newsy post this morning, Brenda.
    So nice that you enjoyed lunch with your daughters. I haven’t had Chinese food in quite awhile. I really enjoy it, as well. Might be time to do a drive through. It’s just been too hot to even think about leaving the house. Ugh!
    Can’t wait to see your new coffee table!

  10. How nice to get together for lunch with your daughters. Chinese food is one of my favorites, but not Jeff’s, so I don’t eat it often. How good of you too, to take your elder neighbor for her vaccine. I am sure you but her mind at ease, and knowing you will be taking her for her second shot. Looking forward to seeing your new coffee table. Wow, 112 in the shade!!!! It was 90 here yesterday, and that was hot enough. Hugs from WI…

  11. hi Brenda..
    Nice post! especially having a get together lunch with both daughters! am sure the three of you had much to catch up on!
    you have always been a such thoughtful neighbor..
    perhaps you should take a welcome gift to the newest neighbor .
    I know when i moved in a year ago..
    both neighbors across the street welcomed me with delicious food..
    One is a caterer..the other an artist.. we exchanged phone # so if i should need help during the day, they are available..
    my side neighbors both work..but eventually both have become friends and exchanged #.
    My son works long hours so this eased his worries about me!

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