Scary Flies

The above flowers, I think they are a form of daisy, stopped blooming a month or so ago. But now they’re blooming once again. I really love these flowers. 

I know I’m having a senior moment that I can’t think of the name of them.

The other painting has not arrived. I guess it is being held up somewhere along the line. Hopefully today sometime it will get here.

Then tomorrow my SIL will be working on securing the fence for the pupsters. Thank goodness.

My word, but it is hot! I guess it seems so much hotter here due to the high humidity. 

What I would give right now to live near an ocean and be able to walk there and dunk my feet in. Or a lake for that matter. I’ve always wanted to live near a lake.

I don’t do much inside because just moving about causes one to sweat, even with the air conditioning on.

Yesterday, from early morning on, Abi cried and whimpered because a fly had gotten inside. I try very hard to get doors closed quickly so they don’t get in. But sometimes they still get past me.

She is pitiful and jumps into the bath tub and feverishly scratches the surface. I don’t know what purpose that serves. But that’s what she does.

And if I even pick up the phone, she starts whimpering. She is a sight. I think some days this is like having a small child at home. A very picky spoiled child. 

I love that pupster, but she does wear me out. And the older she gets, the worse she gets. I guess like all of us.

Charlie, also afraid of the fly, got as close to me as he could get and trembled. It wasn’t just a slight tremble. He was shaking like something was about to eat him. 

No matter how I try to console them, they are certain the fly is still inside somewhere. Even if I’ve killed it or shooed it back outdoors.

Some of you brought up the idea that I could sew quilts on a sewing machine. But really, the part of making quilts I probably liked the most was sewing by hand. 

I feel like I have enough quilts now, and I am just a retired quilter. Both my daughters got various quilts that I made, and will get the rest eventually. 

I don’t want to start buying fabric again. I gave away all I had when I moved to this apartment. 

I know I would not really enjoy sewing by machine. I never did enjoy doing that. So I doubt I’d change now. 

I enjoyed sitting in my favorite chair and sewing or quilting. It was a tranquil time for me.

Many things I’d like to be doing, but the heat keeps me from starting. I mopped a bit yesterday. I cleaned my Keurig and did a little dusting. 

I figure I’m the only person here, so if the place isn’t as clean as I’d like, it is good enough till the heat dissipates somewhat. 

I climbed up on the first step of the step stool I don’t know how many times the other day trying to get the painting down lower. 

I’d pound in a few nails and think I had it, only to find one side was crooked. 

And that about wore me out. Can you imagine?

Don’t stay out in this heat too long!




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  1. It's too hot for me to even work inside. Yesterday, I cleaned the floors and sweated up a storm…in air conditioning. It's supposed to rain Sunday and I hope it does. Think I'll go out and stand in it!
    Hope the pups have calmed down from the fly invading their space. Poor guys.

  2. I had an old Labrador who was terrified of flies. This started as she began to suffer from senior dog dementia. Your African Daisy reminds me of my painted daisies, which I adore.

  3. Poor Charlie and Abi, so sad they are so frightened of that darn fly. I've always made my quilts by machine but I do applique by hand so I know what your mean about it being tranquil. I haven't sewed anything for the past three years and I do miss it but for some reason I just can't get back in to it. Gardening is my thing now but as you know too darn hot to do anything but water. Stay cool and be careful on that step ladder!

  4. Poor pups, one of my pups, Pisa hates flies and she will hide somewhere in the house if one bothers her. I cannot tell you how many times lately I have thought that she escaped only to find her 15 minutes later wedged under a bed or hiding in a closet.

    Take crd of yourself and stay cool.

  5. Not to be unsympathetic, but I just had to laugh out loud reading your account of their "fly fright." I can't imagine what exactly provokes their fear of that little insect. I do feel for them in their panic, though. Poor little pups. And it sounds like Charlie takes his cues from Abi. She leads the parade, right?

    Again, Brenda, superb flower photos! I think you could sell them online. I don't know how that works, but I bet you could find out. They are as good or better than the ones for sail on Wayfair. And this is from someone who's been a photographer all her life.

    Looking forward to seeing the other painting when it comes. Take care.

  6. I hate to tell you — but it's just as hot near the ocean, and the humidity is probably as high or higher. Yesterday it was 94%. You have to get OUT of the water to cool off! LOL!

  7. Poor pupsters! Annie is freaking out today. They are replacing roofs on all the duplex's and this morning were next door so she hid and now they are working on ours and she is hiding. They won't finish today and will be back at 6am to shingle. She will hide again. Poor girl!

  8. Poor pups—there are always fly strips to hang, but I've heard you can just hang a piece of duct tape to catch them too. Like Tania says, I've heard people swear by that baggie water too. I hope that bad ol' fly goes soon!

  9. Your flower looks like a osteospermum, commonly called African Daisy. They are cool season bloomers and tend to shut down in hot weather so I'm not sure why your's has started up again in your on going heat. Some shade during hot weather can help them start to bloom again. Poor pups, sounds like a trying day for them!

  10. I feel so sorry for Abi and Charlie that they are so scared of flies… it's the strangest thing! They have doggie-downer pills that would probably calm them (I have some for my dog for the 4th of July which terrifies him) but I don't know how often a fly gets into the house like that. I have read that a zip lock baggie with water and a penny hanging around the door would keep them out. Here's an article about it:


  11. Hello. That flower is an osteospermum, and also is called African daisy. Like the more common daisy, it is part of the aster family.
    I have a pot of the osteospermum too, and I've been hoping they would bloom again, but no such luck yet.

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