Scenes From My Living Room

Today I thought I’d take photos and show scenes from my living room.

There just isn’t a good way to get a photo of the entire living room to see how it’s decorated in its entirety.

So I will focus on sections of it.

A setting in my living room next to my couch. There is lots of neutrals as well as color in here.

Decor On The Left Side Of My Couch:

First up is the left side of my couch looking toward my dining space.

You may recall I got the boho-style cupboard with drawers from my favorite store, Tuesday Morning, a few months ago.

I also got the odd-shaped wood bowl and the candle holder on top of it from Tuesday Morning this past week.


These odd-shaped wood bowls are very popular right now. Anything that looks handmade or from nature is part of the “cottagecore” philosophy.

A trendy odd-shaped wood bowl on one of my octagon shaped boho tables. The bowl has a strand of wood beads inside it.

The “cottagecore” aesthetic is traditional rural fashion, interior design, and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery,

“As a concept, it embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature.

“Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic,” says Davina Ogilvie, founder of Wovn Home.

A vignette on the other side of my couch that includes a candle holder with faux candle, a red vase I bought at a consignment store in front of a gardening book.

Ivy & Her Shenanigans:

She’s got a pretty good life, don’t you think? Ivy eats, she sleeps, and she climbs on my lap to be loved and combed.

The night before last she was staring at something up high in my bedroom.

I looked and could barely make out what it was. A tiny spider up on the ceiling.

Ivy misses nothing.

My cat Ivy sleeping on my couch in my living room.

My Gold & Glass Coffee Table:

I really love my coffee table.

It seems they aren’t selling it right now at Amazon.com. Or they weren’t the last time I looked anyway.

I think it is the prize jewel of my living room. Shiny gold and glam.

It’s the perfect size for my apartment living room.

My new coffee table, a sideboard that looks rather cottage-style, and a tall bookshelf.

Wise Furniture Choice For A Small Room:

Furniture with a glass top is always a good choice in a smallish room. Because it doesn’t appear to take up much space visually.

Glass and acrylic furniture is basically invisible.

This type of furniture is definitely a good idea in a small space because it all but blends into the walls.

Karen Mills, an interior designer with Interiors by Design, Inc. puts it this way. “It bounces that light around, whereas darker pieces soak up all your sunlight.”

A bigger look at my living room. The side of the room that includes the front door.

This is the wall opposite the couch. There’s my beige chair, the portable fireplace holding my TV, and a couple of small tables.

I bought both of the tables at Tuesday Morning. The cottage-style table as well as the boho-style table.

There is a very similar boho-style side table the same size at Wayfair for $237.

I paid $59.99 for mine.

I got the cottage-style side table behind it at Tuesday Morning last year for about $25.

Tuesday Morning is about the only store I actually physically enter these days.

“Marrying” Furniture:

I kind of “married” these two pieces of furniture. By placing the octagon-shaped boho-style table slightly underneath the cottage-style table.

I just liked the way it looked that way. A perfect fit.

A boho-style octagon-shaped table slightly underneath another cottage-style table in my living room.

Aren’t the raised flowers pretty? I think that’s what drew me right to it. Those perky little flowers.

There was only one of these in the whole store. And I look in just about every nook and cranny in that place.

Oftentimes in this store there’s only one of something. This is why I visit the store often.

Vintage jars on a small table in my living room, alongside a small clock

Tuesday Morning buys last week:

  • Wood bowl: $16.99
  • Wood candle holder: $7.99
  • Octagon boho-style table: $59.99

Yes, last week’s Tuesday Morning trip was a good one. And it’s only a few miles from my apartment to this store.

Oh, I do love a good bargain!


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  1. I am in love with your coffee table, especially the luscious gold colored base, it’s just so perfect in every way, including the way the legs are shaped. So elegant and glam.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion of the glass top coffee table. I also have a small living room. I have been looking for a way to make it more spacious.

  3. I especially love and adore the coffee table ,very glam !
    Everything looks very pretty.Including Miss Ivy .

  4. The living room is looking great with all your recent purchases. I love how you “married” those two tables together.

  5. Oh I do love Tuesday Morning! The nearest one to me is about 35 miles away so I rarely go. It’s a good thing I’m sure. I do love your plants too. I can never have enough plants.

  6. Your place always looks so lovely, Brenda. It’s colorful, but calming, warm and inviting. You have a real knack for decorating!

    1. That was an antique store find from long ago. It was under a table doing nothing in my bedroom. Brought it in the living room and it popped with the other dark reds.

  7. Your home is so very charming and warm. I love a home with color and things….I love the English collected style ….very maximalist! I wonder if you might share the title and author of the book that is pictured in the picture sitting in front of a pretty basket with a candle to the side and a red vase in front! It looks like it has a small home or shed with amazing garden. I am very curious what that book is? Thank you for the peek into your lovely home.

      1. By the way, it’s pretty cheap (Amazon) for a hardbound book. I bought it at a nursery because I fell in love with it and paid about $30 or so.

  8. Looks lovely, you do have a decorators eye.
    It’s a little to busy for me, I’m physically uncomfortable with a lot of “dustables” but you do you!.

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