1. It has been hot here, and the last couple of days, cold. We have had one bad storm, trees down and lots of limbs broken and landing on a couple of homes. We had a large Oak limb, hanging above our house “crack” but so far so good, not falling on us. The mobile home court has taken photos of most everything, but having trouble getting “tree cutters” because damage has been all around the city, and they have been busy. BUT!!!!!, I wanted to share my good news with you, because you are a flower lover…my Hollyhock, has 5 flowers on it today. I am so surprised, can’t believe it, and it has many many ready to open. So I am ending this comment on a HAPPY note. Take care Brenda, Hugs from central WI.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your garden. Hope you get some relief with cooler temps and rain. We were in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and it was close to 100 for a week. It was brutal.

  3. My two oldest, largest, and prettiest roses developed a disease called RoseRosette disease and even though they managed a beautiful first flush of blooms,they are going downhill now. Many of the blooms and branches of foliage are deformed and not blooming now and looking bad. They need major trimming of the dying , deformed parts. They will die from this disease and then I will never be able to plant roses there again without the risk of rose rosette disease. The roses in front of the house were the background for the rest of the plants I have. Everything looks diminished in my yard this year except for my mandevillas, they are beautiful. My crepe myrtles aren’t blooming yet, when they do, it should improve things out there. I was surprised to see that they didn’t die back to the ground after the 0 degree weather days we had last winter. I am sorry your butterfly tree didn’t survive. Have you thought about planting some bamboo plants in enclosed containers for something to shade your other plants from the searing sun? It’s too bad that your shade tree on the other side of the fence is having problems and you are loosing the sheltering shade from it.

  4. Brenda, if you can’t keep plants alive, nobody can. I’m sorry your bits of shade are not there to help anymore. You’ve always had the most beautiful and lush patio. I hope you find a new place that is more garden-friendly. Take care.

  5. My flowers are not looking well either. I think it is the sun that is too strong,
    Not so much the heat. I have petunias in the same places I have always had them, and they are literally frying. Some of my geraniums are starting to bloom a bit again, but it just really seems a struggle this keeping the plants alive, let alone having nice flowers. You can’t tell me there isn’t global warming! I am just shocked because it is still June and my plants are looking the way they do at the end of August. Tired and worn out.

  6. I find gardening frustrating when summer heat comes in. I have to find some shade areas to put some pots so they don’t die. And it seems you can lose them so quickly even with attempts to water often. I fear we might be put on water restriction this year also as So Cal had so little rain this past winter.

  7. We have a 5 to 6 inch deficit of rain in my area in SE Wisconsin. Every time a storm promising some relief has been forecasted, they seem to skip over us, or worse, tease us with a little bit of rain, like 1/20th of an inch, and the move on south, where Chicago is often getting pounded on with bad storms. There were more promises for rain last night and early this morning. Nothing came except a few drops that I actually could hear in my quiet neighborhood striking against the siding in a gust of wind that lasted all of 20 seconds and then stopped. More rain is forecast for today, tomorrow and Friday including thunder storms, but also much higher dew points near 70, which makes it hard for me to breathe outside if I am doing regular chores like cutting the grass or pulling weeds. It was dark and threatening looking early this morning. I rushed to get the back yard grass cut starting at 8 a.m. , but the skies cleared and the sun came out as the temperature started zooming upward. Fortunately, my backyard is shady during that time of morning, so I was able to get everything cut without breaking a sweat (highly unusual this time of year). I could literally feel the dew point going higher and the humidity increasing. Got the grass cut and lawn mower cleaned up and put away in record time, 40 minutes, and that included a couple of breaks where I was on my hands and knees pulling clover and bind weed sprouts out of the lawn. The grass has grown most in the shady areas and in many areas hardly at all, so the cutting went faster than usual. I’ve been watering regularly, but it’s hard to keep up with relentless sunshine sucking the water out of the earth for weeks on end. The Jet Stream isn’t doing it’s job this season!

  8. I was just telling my friend that I am having a terrible time with my garden this year. I water, and move my plants around and, still everything is brown and sad looking.😥
    Thanks for the information on the book…..I love to read a good mystery!, and this one looks intriguing.

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