Searching For The Best Fitting Sheets

Last week I spent a few hours searching online for the best fitting sheets for my full-sized bed.

I didn’t have much trouble finding sheets when I had a thick mattress. But in 2019 I switched to a thinner Sleep Number mattress.

I think it is the cheapest one they sell, with no bells or whistles. Just a mattress with a remote where you can adjust the settings for your preferred sleep number.

I have had the mattress deflate a couple of times when I lifted it up much to ensure the sheets were more snug. So I needed sheets that fit exactly so I would only have to lift the mattress slightly.

I’ve been frustrated with finding sheets that fit ever since I switched to this bed.

Searching For Sheets:

In the winter, I also have a fitted electric mattress pad on the bed. And if the fitted sheet is too big, the mattress pad bunches up. And that is annoying.

So last week I went online searching for better-fitting sheets.

I could have ordered sheets from Sleep Number, but the full-size fitted sheets were a little bigger than I actually needed.

At most stores, like Amazon, you will find sheets grouped into twin, full, queen, and king. Often you will find the words “deep pockets.” But there is usually no specific fit when it comes to a smaller mattress size.

Measure Your Mattress Thickness:

I measured my mattress and knew that I needed a fitted sheet no larger than 10-12 inches.

I shopped several websites, but ended up ordering a fitted and a flat sheet (separately) from Garnet Hill. The size for the fitted sheet for a full-sized bed was 12 inches. Yea!

I had never shopped or ordered anything from them before; I just took a chance. And luckily it paid off.

Their sheets are not what I consider cheap. So I ordered, kept my fingers crossed, and waited for them to arrive.

When they were delivered, I washed the sheets and hoped for the best.

Yesterday I put the sheets on my bed.

What a difference! The sheets fit so nicely and the fitted sheet secures the heated mattress pad on the mattress.

There was no bunching up of the fitted sheet, and the top sheet was not too long on one side. I had finally found the perfect sheet set for my bed!

I like flannel sheets no matter what time of year it is because they feel so soft. So I ordered hemstitched Supima flannel sheets.

I’ve now boxed up my old sets of sheets and will donate them to charity.

Planning To Order A Second Set Of Sheets:

Now I’m looking to order my second set of hemstitched Supima flannel sheets from Garnet Hill.

Yes, they’re pricier than I am used to paying.

But if a sheet set doesn’t fit well, you’ve wasted your money. So why not find the sheet that fits and feels wonderful and just purchase a couple of sets?

Plus I didn’t bother ordering pillowcases, so I saved on that expense. I prefer pillow shams because I think they stay on better.

One full-sized fitted sheet and one full-sized flat sheet would cost me $160 dollars without a coupon if I purchase today. With a sale and a coupon, the cost would be closer to a hundred dollars plus shipping.

Sleeping with these sheets last night was heavenly. So soft and they’re a perfect fit for my mattress.

As my daughter always says, you get what you pay for. I typically try to pay less to save money, and I usually end up regretting it.

This is not a sponsored post. I simply wanted to tell you about my experience of trying to find sheets that actually fit my bed properly. Hopefully it will save you the time I took looking for well-fitting sheets.

And keep this in mind: a wonderful night’s sleep has no price tag.


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  1. I don’t have trouble finding sheets that fit but I am fussy about the feel. I like a cool, crisp sort of sheet. ShabbyChic used to be sold by Target and those were perfect. They are not percale but more of a blend and I loved the feel of them. I am not a flannel sheet person. They sleep too ‘warm’ for me but everyone I know that uses them loves them. xo Diana

  2. It’s helpful to get your take on these. I really like Garnet Hill, but they are expensive. But I bought some inexpensive ones at HomeGoods, and they have pilled badly.

  3. My mattress is the opposite – a deep one. And it also has a 2″ foam topper on it, so I have to find sheets where the fitted one fits 18″. I have the same problem with my electric mattress pad that you do, where it gets bunched up under the fitted sheet. It’s not my fitted sheets though: it’s the mattress pad itself. It’s too loose/big on the bed. The thing is, we need a new electric mattress pad right now as this one is getting worn out. It’s losing heat in spots all over. But when I looked online at the different brands, they’re not very well rated except for this one we currently have.

    As for sheets, we have three regular sets and then a set of flannel sheets from LL Bean. Best sheets I’ve ever purchased. They are SO warm, that we don’t even put them on the bed until it is bitter cold, usually starting in Jan. Our regular sheets all came from TJ Maxx/Home Goods, I believe. I like good quality cotton ones. I’m going to look at the ones on Garnet Hill. Wonder if they’ll be having a Black Friday sale?

  4. After buying many ill fitting sheet sets, we’ve found that the best fitting sheets, of any brand, are those where the fitted sheet has elastic on all four sides. They conform so nicely to the shape and size of the mattress. When we switched from a king to queen mattress, thanks to the all around elastic, our king fitted sheet even fit our queen mattress very well with no visible excess. Our favorite brand at the moment is Brookstone® BioSense™ 500-Thread-Count.

  5. Great information about the sheets you purchased. Definitely going to check it all out. I can’t sleep on flannel sheets – I’m simply too hot. I like to curl up under a blanket or two, so I keep my home relatively cool.
    Everything and I do mean everything is so much more expensive. Big, big sigh!

  6. I think you will enjoy the Garnett Hill sheets for many years to come. Their bedding is very good quality and I believe the price you paid, esp w the coupon, is quite good. A good night’s sleep is so vital to our overall health at any age, and anything we can do to improve our sleep is a worthwhile investment in my book:)

  7. I found the best sheets I’ve ever owned from a company called
    Peach Skin Sheets, before I purchased I asked for samples and they gladly sent them…I order and fell in love, have had them 3 years and they are the softest sheets I’ve ever owned…I am 70 years old and still get night sweats so I can’t do flannel at all…plus, living in Florida, it hardly ever gets very cold…
    If anyone is looking for soft, I highly recommend
    They are privately owned company in GA. And they are offering 30% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY

    I am in no way affiliated with them, just passing along info

  8. Everything is more expensive! I’m so glad I bought more flannel sheets when they were on sale last yr.
    Yay, for yrs of good nights sleep Brenda!

  9. I downsized my bed last year to a queen and so much easier on my back to make than my old
    Calf King. I too
    got a thinner mattress and the sheets bunch up and drives me nuts. Just ordered flannel sheets from Kohls. They are made by Woolrich and I love them. Don’t bunch up and so comfortable. So I ordered a second set. I have a microfiber set I don’t like at all so will donate them. i sense in them
    just sitting in the drawer!!!

      1. I tried microfiber sheets and I hate them. Never again! If they gave them away for free, I still would not want them.

  10. Garnett Hill is a brand known for their quality that has been around for a long time, if memory serves me correctly. Good quality sheets can last for years, I still have sheets that I bought in 1990 and they still look, feel and fit good as new.

      1. Garnett Hill is a very reputable company with excellent products. Your daughter is right, you get what you pay for. Many years I gave to charity sets of sheets and bought a set from Macys that was soft and all cotton. I wash them and back on they go so well worth the money. I don’t like microfiber ones either. You shopped at a good place! And isn’t that electric mattress pad so nice on these cool nights to make climbing into a warm bed inviting and I sleep so well.

  11. Simon and I sleep in different beds so we each make our own beds, change the sheets and remake them weekly. We each have a queen-sized bed and I started to find it difficult to pull the bottom fitted sheet over the corners of the bed, so I chose to have 2 flat sheets. It seems to be working well and the bottom sheet stays put. We both like cotton sheets probably because Simon keeps the house pretty warm. I did try flannel sheets last winter but found them too warm and I didn’t find it was so easy to turn over.

  12. I have a sleep number bed just like you, that you can only adjust the sleep number. It is a queen size. I have a “thing” about sheets. I am always looking for more. I have two sets now but I am going to look at the supima flannel sheets and see if I can find them!

  13. A good nights sleep is priceless. Your sheets seem very nice am I am glad you found them. Nice of you to donate your other set of sheets. I am thrifty but realize it is important to spend more for good health and a good nights rest is essential for good health. Our sheets and towels are on the line right now. It is a wind chill in the 30s and winds gusting 20 mph. They will smell heavenly tonight! I saw a major grocery store in our town let the customers who ordered turkey dinners for Thanksgiving that the sides wouldn’t be available. Things are still wonky. Just a heads up that this has happened and glad for whatever reason the customer was alerted in enough time to make other plans. Take care everyone!

    1. Kasi will bring me a meal. Kendra and her family eat at Kasi’s and Kasi’s husband cooks. They go and get their dad about an hour and a half away and he spends the holiday with them. I think he’s more comfortable that I’m not there, though I’ve never felt that way or had a problem with it.

  14. Good morning, Brenda! Great post. I too am particular with sheets, preferring 100% cotton only. My go to is usually Ralph Lauren Sheets, but they too are VERY expensive. I like to change my sheets every day (hot flashes!!) and it gets to be very cost prohibitive since I only own two sheets and must wash one every day. That too contributes to their fading even though I do wash in cold water. Honestly, why are sheets so expensive??

    1. Kate,
      I love RL sheets but only buy them on eBay. I have a king size bed and have not paid more than 100. a set. Dale

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