I am showing my second fall vignette today. There is one in the living room by the window (this one). One where my little niche office is. And one on the dining room table.

Nothing fancy. Just using what I had except for the faux pumpkins.

Fall & Cozy Nights:

When I think of fall and cozy nights, I think of candles.

This vignette is made up of candles, pears, and Lamb’s ear. With a bit of raffia underneath to stabilize it.

The decorative raffia pumpkins I ordered from Target.com.

I ordered three of these and three of these.

Charlie Update:

In Charlie news, here he is this morning. I don’t know what happened or what didn’t happen. But suddenly yesterday he seemed to return to normal.

He begged me with his eyes to eat. And then he ate two meals and began to drink water.

He acted like his usual self. I was just amazed.

Then this morning I fixed him an egg and gave him half. He ate it right up.

Today he is bright eyed and bushy tailed, as the old saying goes.

Last night Ivy got too close to him in the hall and he snapped at her. He had not done that for days. He’d just ignored her.

He barks outside at sounds. And seems to have his energy back.

I didn’t think he needed to see Dr. Poteet today for fluids. So I called and told them and canceled.

Dr. Poteet seemed to know best. I always follow what he says. The man has been a vet for over 50 years and dearly loves animals.

One day at a time. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

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  1. Thrilled for you about Charlie! I do keep you three in my prayers. Ivy is a lovable character. I really like your Target pumpkins. The colors would be perfect for our living room. Think I might order some since my seasonable bins are in storage and temps here in the SoCal desert are at 122-124 degrees!

  2. So happy Charlie has perked up… the fluids must be helping and Dr. Poteet sounds like a wonderful vet. I like hearing how you’re decorating for fall…. I stopped holiday decorating awhile back because of storage issues. But now I’m rethinking that… you seem to have a few select items to bring in for a change of the seasons so it maybe if I get only a few things for each season it won’t seem so overwhelming.

  3. Glad Charlie is feeling better! And I love the raffia pumpkins. I think I just bought the curtains you have in the living room! I have to try them.

  4. Good news to hear Charlie has rallied again!! Maybe the thoughts of letting Ivy have you all to herself got him going eh? Funny dog…snapping at her!! Hope he stays strong now!!

  5. Hi Brenda I’m so happy that Charlie is doing much better When our fur babies are down it gets us down too I love your vignettes you gave me some ideas I do love Fall it’s my favorite next to spring summer has gotten to hot I’m ready for cool air I’ve been helping my grandkids with online school because my daughter couldn’t get them all in their school with a 2 day a week schedule due to covid 19 they were going to do e learning 3 days it’s not good and kids get behind easily so I’m teaching and I must say I love it but it’s only week 3 so we’ll see if I’m still sane come October lol enjoy your evening 😊

  6. I’m so glad to hear Charlie is doing much better once again.

    And I was sorry to read in your previous post that your daughter’s flip house got broken into.

    Your vignettes are always so pretty. Can’t wait to see all what you do in the fall.

  7. As they get older they have their bad days too – glad he bounced back. LOVE the candles in a jar idea – the whole vignette is lovely! Might do something similar here! …

  8. Prayers answered❤️
    I just glanced at your vignette and wondered what the string cheese has to do with fall…I’m weird.

  9. Oh, happy days! So glad Charlie is doing better.
    I am so ready for fall and love your new decor. I am a candle freak and am smelling pumpkin spice – just takes me away!

  10. Happy Charlie is feeling better and back to himself. Has the weather changed at all – less humidity maybe? Cooler temperature at night? That can make a big difference in how one with a heart condition feels, whether human or canine.

  11. Such wonderful news for Charlie! Yay! You and the vet are doing the right things to help Charlie.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

  12. So happy Charlie is feeling better. What a blessing!

    I love it when you create vignettes. Please continue to post more decorating endeavors. It inspires me so.

    Is the red in your curtains a true red or more burgundy or rust? They are beautiful.

  13. So glad to hear Charlie is back to his old self again! The power of prayer and I will continue with the prayers that he will fully recover!

  14. So glad Charlie is feeling better! He may need to continue with fluids twice a week or so going forward. I had a beloved cat that I gave subcutaneous fluids 3x a week at home. Since I was a nurse, I was able to administer the fluids at home and just purchase the supplies from the vet. Morty was a very mellow cat and would nap during his fluids. But, he ended up having a good quality of life for almost 3yrs. after his renal failure diagnosis. Thyroid cancer is what took him from me in the end.

    I have a vet appointment next week for Molly for a check up. At age 19, I would not be surprised if her labs show renal failure this time around. All us pet parents can do is take it one day at a time, love our babies, and do our best to keep them comfortable and happy. You are doing a great job attending to his needs. Wishing all the best for you and Charlie boy!

    I haven’t done any fall decorating, though I am chomping at the bit for cooler
    Weather. Anything ‘rafia’ would be instantly destroyed by the other resident cats as they are drawn to that type of material. Resin or ceramic decor is more practical for my home. Amazing the adjustments we make for our furkids isn’t it?

    1. Ivy has knocked one of the pumpkins off to the floor. She loves to do that. Which is why I didn’t get breakable. But she hasn’t messed with them otherwise. She’s a good kitty. Strange, but good.

  15. Wonderful news about Charlie. I know that it makes you feel so much better. I hope his good health lasts for a long time. I will keep him in my prayers.

  16. Great news about Charlie! I can just see Ivy getting close and him snapping at her! Yesterday I put up a fall leaf valance in the kitchen and recovered the family room sofa pillows. I keep decorating less and less but I was happy I have the family room looking like fall with pumpkins and leaves that I had on hand. Enjoy your day!

  17. words cannot express my happiness at Charlie’s rebound!
    I was dehydrated enough to be hospitalized a couple of years ago.
    was given 4 of the IV bags of whatever they pump into you.
    apparently if you’re dehydrated long enough your turn around time is lengthy. I think Charlie finally is feeling BETTER! it can make all the difference in life! thank GOD for vets like Dr Poteet!
    I’m so happy for your little family!!! xoxoxo virtual HUGS!

  18. Brenda,
    I’m amazed at how fluids can rally dramatically a dog. Any living thing, actually. So happy he’s feeling better; Brenda you have lots of folks praying for both of you!
    I like your fall arrangements, going to have to pick up a couple raffia pumpkins. I love your window treatments; those red curtains with the textures of the blind and chest and the rustic dough bowl with your fall arrangement. So appealing!
    Have a love day with your fur babies…

  19. I really like the pumpkins you got from Target. I am thinking about seeing what I have in the way of fall decor, but that means looking in my messy closet. Happy that Charlie is doing so much better. xo Laura

  20. Love your little vignette. Happy to hear Charlie is feeling better. Good to take this situation one day at a time and enjoy the days he is doing so well.

  21. Hi Brenda! I am so glad Charlie is doing so much better!! Your sweet VET sounds wonderful!!
    Your fall vignettes are beautiful! Ivy is so precious too! XOXO

  22. Oh this is such happy news! All those good thoughts and prayers as well as your loving care and Dr. Poteet! And Charlie’s strong spirit. We’re all out here rooting your Charlie on!

  23. I love your fall vingette, it is nice to see simple easy projects to brighten up the decor. I love the candles in the jar too!

    As for Charlie, that is wonderful news! You have the right attitude, one day at a time, just enjoy every bark, snap, cuddle, smile, etc

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