There are even more serious problems with this apartment complex. So I may be moving soon. I’m really tired of living in slumlord apartments.

Ironically, I checked in with one of the 55+ places yesterday afternoon. None of the 3 55+ places in town has had an opening for quite some time.

However, an hour later that same place called to say a 2 bedroom was opening up at the end of January.

Am I dreaming?

I keep thinking I’m dreaming and somehow there won’t be another apartment. That the person might back out.

I have an appointment to talk to them Monday though I won’t be able to see it, as someone lives there. Actually, I haven’t been able to see any of the 55+ apartments I’ve been on the waiting list for.

All occupied. But I’ve at least seen diagrams online.

What’s Happening Here:

Here’s what’s happened this week at this apartment complex I live in. I found out that they’re raising the rent for a 1 bedroom like mine another $150. I already pay an extra $130 to lease on a month-to-month basis.

My air conditioner went out and they won’t fix it. Apparently, they won’t look into the problem until it’s hot outside.

Oh, but after I asked very nicely they let me borrow one of their window air conditioners. Some of you may recall that I had a window air conditioner put in my bedroom window a few years ago. But I checked it and it’s dead.

The problem is that in Oklahoma you might have 30 degrees one day and 80 the next.

I ran into a guy who’s lived here a long time but is planning now to move. He said: “Well, I use my air conditioning unit year-round.” (Yeah, me too. Because of the crazy unpredictable weather.)

Rat Problem:

As if that isn’t enough, there is now a really bad rat problem here. This is because raw sewage is coming up through the ground somewhere here. I guess because of the many tree roots tearing into the sewer.

And that, along with the snakes coming down into some of the ceiling vents, is something I can’t deal with. If I see a snake coming down from one of my vents I will surely keel over.

I don’t know how they get by with this stuff, but I just want out of here as quick as I can get out.

The assumption is that they’re trying to run us out. You see the land under these 100 units is worth $2 million. Found that out from the guy I ran into who knows someone working for the city.

What The Maintenance Man Told Me:

I talked to the maintenance man (who is quitting after a year here). He said he told the manager that raising the rates on 1 bedroom apartments $150 will lead to below 50% occupancy. She said she didn’t care.

Now what does that tell you?

So I Googled “rats and sewage” and this is what I read:

Do rats come up toilets?

Once rats find their way to the top of the toilet, the rodents can come out of the toilet if the lid is raised. It is also possible for a larger rat to lift the lid of the toilet with its head to exit the toilet and search the surrounding area for food.

Can you even imagine that?

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  1. Praying that you get that 2BR and can get out. This is despicable on the part of the landlord. The rat imagery is going to give me nightmares!

  2. Best of luck tomorrow, Brenda! It has to be better than where you are living now. I couldn’t sleep a wink if I were you. Thinking of you and praying for a good outcome.
    I’ve been reading you for a long time, but rarely comment.
    Good luck!

  3. This is an amazing coincidence. Fingers crossed it is as good as it sounds. Might your daughter who is a realtor go with you to your meeting? She may have questions that we, who are not in the field, would never think to ask. Will you be able to have a beautiful patio and the privacy you have now? But safety is of prime concern, isn’t it.

  4. Best wishes, vibes, and prayers that you will find a safe and happy new place. I hope tomorrow is a great positive for deserve it and the complex would be lucky to get such a conscientious and quiet tenant..with your two babies. It seems a lot of folks live their life without any guilt for treating people wrong..just because they can. I would get a head start and start packing up some… since I know in your mind your are out of there, already..but with the holidays coming also want and need to live your best life to stay healthy and fulfilled. Best wishes for you.

  5. Haven’t read your blog in quite some time but it caught my attention this morning. Rats and snakes – are you kidding me ! Just crazy , I understand that a lot of apartment complexes are doing things to make the tenants leave so they can sell and developers can build. Praying for you.

  6. When you look at the apartment Monday, be certain they allow two cats. Even if it is not exactly what you wish for, it will surely be better and safer than your current abode.
    Fingers crossed for you.

    1. Yeah, I’m worried about her too. She has a son in California whose home burned down in the wildfires. But he would come to get her in a heartbeat and take care of her. I’ve been urging her to talk to him about this. I won’t talk to her about my moving until I have the apartment appointment tomorrow.

  7. Oh my gosh, Brenda, this is insane! It definitely sounds like they’re trying to push people out by raising the rent that much. I know you’ve been thinking about moving out lately, and these are sure signs that it’s time to go.

    I hope you can rent the place you mentioned or maybe find a condo to buy.


    1. There are no condos I’d live in for sale. Already checked. It’s as bad if not worse with the real estate market than it was when I was trying to buy months ago. Yeah, snakes coming through the vents (not mine yet at least) and rats eating through concrete are a nightmare. Did you know rats can eat through concrete if there’s a crack or the cement wasn’t laid right?

  8. Praying for you Brenda. I can’t imagine that there would be anything wrong with the new apartment that you wouldn’t want to live there! I think it was mean’t to be that you made that call when you did!

  9. Wowee, start packing, baby…so often in life I feel we have been show a place to move to, in the nick of time. I don’t know why it is always that way but whenever I feel the itch to move on…I begin with downsizing and packing whatever I can. It seems to help when the actual move comes…seems you are in enough problems there not to have to pay more. I cannot believe how greedy slumlords are…ours too. Long story…

    1. Slumlords are exactly what they are. Maintenance guy told me that they sit back and collect their rent and don’t plan on doing anything to make things better.

  10. Best of luck with your meeting Monday, hope it goes well for you! Sounds like it is definitely time to move on.

  11. Prayers that it all works out well for you Brenda. I agree with the person who suggested speaking to a tenant of the new complex. Try to relax and have a good weekend.

  12. Brenda I always believe things work out for the right reasons. The fact that a 55+ is opening up and you might get it is good karma for you. Sounds like you should take this leap of faith and sign the lease on the 55+ place. Most of those places base your rent on your income. Plus they are safer buildings and are watched more closely than other apartment buildings for codes etc. You will be so safe in that kind of building. Hope it all works out for you.

    1. These aren’t income-restricted, so it’s not based on what I make. In Oklahoma, where the median income is low, I make too much for those places. There are 3 brand new 55+ places, but you couldn’t make very much money to qualify.

  13. Good Grief, Brenda, rats and snakes are nightmares coming true. How scary for you. Sending good vibes your way for a positive Monday. Best of Luck to you!!!
    Hugs from WI.

  14. Landlords are doing this all over the country. They know many people are being evicted and are desperate to find new rentals. Some people who have sold their homes for good profits are finding they are priced out of the market to buy a new home! They’re looking for apartments, too. Maybe it’s the land that will be sold and the complex torn down for redevelopment. Huge real estate companies are also buying out apartment buildings and complexes that were owned by individuals or small private companies and then, as happened in New York City back in the 1970s, start jacking rents and letting the properties deteriorate to force people out. In “rent controlled” buildings in NYC the landlords let the buildings essentially fall apart inside so that tenants eventually were forced to move – bad toilets, no heat, no air conditioning, elevators broken down, peeling paint, dirty and filthy, even had the water and other utilities turned off for failure to pay water and utility bills – you name it, landlords did it to force tenants out, because the land was so valuable. Developers would come in and either tear down the existing building and build new, or rehabilitate inside and out, and make a fortune doing it. If you have the ability to move, do it – get out before it gets even worse. I feel sorry for those who can’t afford to move. They’ll be forced out and many will end up homeless. Oklahoma is not a hospitable state for those with lower incomes or elderly people living on fixed incomes. If people who get forced out of their apartments don’t have family who will take them in – where is a Rambo for those people?

    1. Yes, for sure Brenda. Time to pack it all up. It’s been so difficult for you these past years. How you keep trying to improve things can only go so far if owner of complex is stubborn. Just too cheap to fix anything for tenants. Shameful. I think of you Brenda. Sure hope very soon you’ll find a place to call 🏡 home.

      1. I don’t feel safe here. That’s why they stopped cutting down the trees. Left one poor tree half done. Maintenance said they wouldn’t pay their bill so the tree people quit.

  15. I would take the other apt in a heartbeat even if it’s not what u want bc at least u would be safer!
    I would not be able to sleep and be jumpy all the time Brenda!
    I don’t even like bugs in my house! Lol
    I wouldn’t keel over if I saw anything creepy in my house bc I’d be running out the door as fast as I can!!!
    Good luck and I’ll be keeping u in my prayers!

  16. Brenda, I am experiencing the same thing on a much smaller scale than you. I live in a mobile home on the river bank. Love it here and its been home for a very long time. Recently my neighbor and I have been experiencing a sewage problem. It’s because tree roots are growing into the sewage tank. We are on leased property but the owner, who is a millionaire, refuses to fix it, saying it is our problem. My neighbor broke down and paid big bucks for a company to come out and resolve the problem temporarily. I can’t afford what she had to pay. I love my little mobile mansion and to move it to a new location would cost over $2,000. So what is a person to do? I can totally relate to your dilemma and hope you are able to get the new apartment.

  17. I am so sorry to hear all
    of this. Their raising the rent $150 is insane. I think you are right about them wanting to sell it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Monday! Hope they have a cute patio for you!!

  18. Maybe you will happen upon a current resident when you are there on Monday. The would be a great source of what it’s like there and how management handles complaints. Good luck and good wishes to you.

    1. Such great advice!
      Yelp and other social media sites are valuable for reviews.
      For interior pics Google the address.
      Its definitely time for a move , the living conditions where you are aren’t going to get better.

  19. I hope that everything works out for you. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with this. For the tenants who cannot move out for whatever reason perhaps they should call the local news station and see if they will do a story on this outrageous situation.

      1. Yuck! Snakes and rats! 😩. Definitely time to start packing and move on. I wish you all the luck you can round up.

  20. That is insanity to raise it that much. Who can afford it and without updates or maintence? That’s just robbery. Yep, time to go and I hope you will get that other place!

  21. No human being should have to endure snakes and rats in their home. And the audacity of raising the rent when they are not fixing the problems! There should be a place to report this to, but I don’t
    Know what agency that may be. First and foremost get yourself out of there! Your health and safety come first. I hope all goes well with your meeting on Monday and will be praying you get the apartment and the rent is affordable and fair for you. Hang in there!

    1. I thought I could buy a condo. That didn’t pan out due to the crazy real estate market right now. So surely this will come through. Fingers crossed.

  22. Brenda, I heard on the news that so many restaurants being closed due to the pandemic has left rats searching for food elsewhere. Snakes?!!!!!!!!!!! No way, I would be running at the mention of snakes in the air vents. Nightmares already. I pray that the apartment you got the call for is exactly what you want and need for you and Ivy and Gracie. I’m very excited for you to start this next chapter. I jut know it will be a good one. Hope you keep us posted. Sandy

  23. Yikes! One of the reasons I left my last place was because of rodents and bugs!I never saw rats but the people on the other side had a bad problem and I figured it was just a matter of time.
    Good luck at the interview!

  24. Oh, Brenda,
    This is indeed the sign that its time to go, and God will help you. Look hòw the other apartment complex called you back. I pray that you will get this new place and then you won’t have all these worries. You can make any place a beautiful home. Please keep us posted on your visit there on Monday. Holding you in prayer.

  25. I’ll be praying for you. I am a senior but what I did was get on section 8 and that allowed me to go into a nice apartment building and live. Maybe that’s something you may want to check into, especially if you are on a limited income (social security) like I am. That way you get to pick where you want to live as long as the apartment building accepts it and many do because it is guaranteed by the government.

  26. Ok, so some people, (maybe even you, Brenda!) will think this is a stretch, but I think Abi and Charlie are little angels looking out for you and they went and nipped someone in the butt and that’s why the new place is now available for their mommy!

  27. Oh my goodness Brenda! God gave you a message, he had one of the places call you back about an opening! Come hell or high water you have to be there on Monday! You do not want to be in this place anymore, rats and snakes. I would keel over myself. I will be praying that on Monday all goes well and you like the new place. Have a good weekend my friend.

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