A blog, unless stated otherwise, is usually made up of an individual’s thoughts and what’s going on in their life. No one has to agree with them.

Every time I write something someone takes offense to, they tend to write something in the comments about how this particular type of post will mean I lose readers.

Well, if I do I do. But that’s something you’re simply surmising.

And frankly, it’s not your problem. If you don’t like the content you see, there are thousands of other blogs you can read instead.

Your Thoughts Aren’t Necessarily Appropriate To Comment:

Someone wrote: If you want this site to be political speak up.

Well, how could you think you’re qualified to make that statement?

Comments here are, by definition, your thoughts. But think, please, before you put it out there. You are a visitor here. And I let a lot go by, but I won’t pander to or address such a ridiculous statement.

I write about a whole slew of things: decorating, gardening, pets, life, reflections, and I could go on and on. But it’s hard to to ignore what will go down as a horrific day in history. It’s like pretending it didn’t happen.

Sure, I could have ignored it. I chose not to.

The Burgeoning Of The Word “Antifa”:

If people are going to keep mentioning Antifa in the comments, then I’m going to address it.

I did some research on “antifa.” Here is an article you can reference in terms of what antifa is and isn’t.

Did You Know? The vast majority of antifa militants are radical anti-capitalists who oppose the Democratic Party.

Well I know next to nothing about it personally. Only what I read. But it seems many are simply crying wolf when they get angry about something and then shout the words “antifa.”

What Antifa Is & Isn’t:

Antifa is not a highly organized movement, nor is it merely an idea. Antifa is a loose affiliation of local activists scattered across the United States and a few other countries.

In general, people who identify as antifa are known not for what they support, but what they oppose:

Fascism, nationalism, far-right ideologies, white supremacy, authoritarianism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia. Some antifa activists also denounce capitalism and the government overall.  via CBS news.

I Oppose Any Type Of Violence:

Well, I’m opposed to far-right ideologies, white supremacy, authoritarianism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia.

What I oppose is violence in any form. And in the last four years I’ve seen more violence than I ever care to see again.

I think, and it’s of course just my humble opinion, that many have become so radicalized that they’ve possibly lost sight of what they wanted to stand for in the first place.


The action or process of causing someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues.

I’ve heard so many lies in the last four years. Lies and politicians often go hand in hand. But it seems to me that honesty has been thrown out the window for all political persuasions.

Lying about the truth had a big part in what caused the mayhem and murder on January 6. Convincing people of something that is not true. And in turn, those people took to the streets and defiled not only a building, but an institution.

It was uncalled for, and I think the blame lies with the person who in essence called for it. It was wrong. It caused at least five people to lose their lives.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said this during a Homeland Security hearing in September: Individuals who self-radicalize online and take advantage of readily available weapons pose the most significant threat domestically.

The president’s own FBI director said that the greatest domestic terrorist threat is white supremacists.

None of us wanted what happened on January 6, 2021. I think we can all agree on that.

I hope one day soon when someone talks about America, it is to say that we stand for democracy and the sanctity of life. That we open our arms to people of every color and give protection to those who most need our protection.

That’s what we once stood for.

And now our country has a lot of work to do. I just hope we can do it peacefully, stand together, and love one another.

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.” ― Abraham Lincoln

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  1. As an outsider looking in – I agree wholeheartedly. I’m astounded people are so blindsided to what is right in front of them and not willing to open their eyes. He is an embarrassment to all Americans, more so to those who voted for him. Sadly, people I hold dear are tarnished in my eyes who agree he is an imbecile but voted for him because of what he can do for the economy – The economy……not humanity. I’m not surprised at this implosion of your government. I’m shocked but no surprised and many outsiders saw this coming earlier in fact. Personally, I see you all (no matter what colour) as ‘Americans’ – not black, not white but American. When I think of a couple in America, my immediate thought is bi-racial but I’ve come to realise that is not the case. It’s a shame many don’t see it that way – hopefully one day.

  2. All the facts are not out & may never be, but I can tell you this, coming from a law enforcement family…Antifa is a very organized group….their main headquarters is in Portland, Oregan and they are still destroying that city (which you will not see on Nicole’s show or any of the MSM). Our country is in real peril and we all need to start looking at real facts. Anyone who thinks that they are safe from being censored is wrong. Power is the greatest of aphrodisiacs and shutting down opposing voices on Twitter, Instagram, Parlor etc is only the beginning. The First Amendment for free speech is for ALL people whether you agree with them or not & any company who censors views, whether we personally like the view or not, is wrong and on the wrong path. Hang in there ladies, because I believe it will get worse before it ever gets better and not because we had a loud mouth President, but because we have liars and thieves on both sides in our Congress looking for power! Oh… and may I add? Don’t be quick to make decisions on what you read or watch on tv. Get out there in the real world (with your masks) and talk to people. I work parttime in a small shop and people are all sharing their views and fears. You would be very surprised at the majority of people’s views on what is going on. God bless you all!

    1. Connie – Almost everything you have said is either only half correct, or incorrect.
      1. There may be a group in Portland that CALLS itself ‘Antifa”, but they aren’t the “official organization” because there IS no such official Antifa organization. They’re just a group of people who decided to CALL themselves that because they believe in it.

      2. I am very skeptical of people who tell me to look at news that is “not MSM”, because I find that those news sources often bend the facts. The fact that they are NOT MSM means that they can do that and get away with it. There isn’t any way to hold them accountable if they lie; so I really don’t trust them. Also – there is no reason for MSM to NOT be talking about Portland being “destroyed” – that’s a very serious news event, and any MSM would want to sell newspapers or get viewers to watch them, and a serious news event like that would ABSOLUTELY sell newspapers or get viewers to watch. (We’re all fascinated by shocking news, aren’t we?) So since the MSM isn’t mentioning it….and since only a couple of self-appointed “news outlets” are mentioning it, I have to say I am skeptical.

      3. Censorship is only censorship if it is a GOVERNMENT doing it. Businesses absolutely have the right to refuse service to anyone . People being kicked off of Twitter or Facebook isn’t censorship – it is more like a Christian baker who refuses to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, or a vegetarian restaurant who refuses to make a beef brisket for a customer.

      4. The only reason we have “liars and thieves in Congress looking for power” is because people keep voting to keep them there. I would suggest that we use the opportunity to vote them out when that happens.

      Have a good day.

  3. If I may speak hopefully without offending. There are clearly a difference in opinion when it comes to politics and the going ons now. And its continued here a bit too.
    The problem is deeper than who is the better party –A country can stay together because its citizens believe that what unites them is greater than what divides them. One man may be a Republican, another a Democrat, but they can keep America together if the fact that they are both American is more important than the political divide.
    We are failing in that.
    The seize for full power in the parties and media swaying the people with its propaganda will destroy this country if we let it. Never let them have that–it has a history of badness
    The parties encourage division even ever so sly at times. Don’t think they don’t. We need to learn to listen more to each other , more than them. We need to see the others point of view. Not be so hard-headed. What a blessing will be ours if we make a determined effort to display a positive view of others​ views, we might even learn something.

    Many like your blogs, I know I do. I don’t always agree with everyone here–I know there are many things I do like.

    Just a thought of we are part of the problem when we don’t listen to others views. Sometimes we are so prejudiced in our own favor that we cannot see our own or those we favor mistaken ideas and shortcomings as easily as those of others I could write pages on the evils and corruptions of both parties. I know some would cover their ears and go into denial rather than believe it’s possible.
    Propaganda is high in media-we need to learn the many ways of it. Now some are censoring views and all of that is so very very wrong . America shouldn’t be like that.. That’s not what we once stood for.

    Again relax, most of us love all the things you write about . And yes
    , “And now our country has a lot of work to do. I just hope we can do it peacefully, stand together, and love one another”.
    A very good blog

  4. I am in New Zealand & like the rest of the world we have watched four years of Presidential lunacy in the US with incredulity & disbelief – it was all very funny at first until the sheer madness began to affect the rest of the free world. Brenda you restore my faith that not all Americans are un-hinged. I have my fingers crossed for your country & your people – hang in there.

  5. Oh, puuuleeeeze…..where were all of you self serving, sanctimonious folks when people (including police officers) were being killed by the “mostly peaceful protesters” in the North West? I don’t remember the word, “murderer” and “inciter” bantered around during any of it. Where were you when personal property and small businesses were looted, destroyed and set ablaze night after night for MONTHS? Your concern about our democracy just after the single day Jan riot in our capitol seems, at the very least, insincere/uniformed…and at the worst, totally mind-blowing. I fear for our nation, not because of the relatively small numbered extremists on both sides, but because of the vast majority of non-thinking sheep that follow blindly. I can do better, you can do better…..we ALL can do better.

    1. We all deserve an opinion. But I seem to remember that during that event, blacks were treated terribly. And that kid came in and killed two people with an AR-15 gun he used his stimulus check to buy.

      1. Please explain how “blacks were treated badly” back then, and shooting an unarmed woman in the Capital building is somehow “she got what she deserved.” Have you even read actual accounts of the kid who killed 2 people with his AR-15 or have you just read CNN and watched the mainstream media regarding his, as of yet unproven, guilt or innocence?
        You’re right, we’ll agree to disagree, and I mean that with sincere kindness……. until Big Tech censorship removes all folks who dare to speak opposing opinions of the “woke” and some folks start burning books like Tom Sawyer.
        Brenda, your blog and everyone who has responded here are equal parts of this diverse country. I’ve lived almost 70yrs in this country and I’ve seen many, many wonderful ups and just as many horrific downs. But, this path we’re on is THE MOST frightening of my life. This isn’t about one man, Trump. This is about so much more. Truly NOT meaning to sound like Ellen Degeneres……please, please, please….let’s be kind to each other and listen with open minds. If we don’t, I promise you that the devastation to our nation and our people will be catastrophic for every last one of us. Thank you for allowing me to respond. Peace….out.

  6. Thank you, Brenda, for your comments. It’s important to speak up, I think, when we see something that we believe is wrong or we become enablers of the wrong. If there are readers who are not interested in your opinion, they may leave your blog, but you may well pick up readers who are interested in your opinion.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I have picked up quite a few new readers lately. I get emails whenever someone signs up on Bloglovin. I use Bloglovin because it isn’t intrusive as a sign up on my sidebar. I hate pop-ups.

  7. Brenda, you do your blog your way. That’s free speech. Gaining or loosing readers is YOUR business and no one else’s. Who chooses to advertise with you is between you and them, and again, doesn’t concern your readers. Free speech is a right but you still can’t yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater. Words have consequences. Before one speaks they should be ready for what comes afterwards.
    Quite off topic here but I read this essay recently and it tells a tale of what’s right in our world…
    It may be of interest to your reader’s.

      1. What a fantastic read!!! Thank you for sharing that link. I am still in awe over the piece. Again thank you very much for this story.

  8. I share your sentiments completely. Reading your blog is part of my daily routine, and my day is not complete until I do. Thank you!

  9. Well one does not need to watch CNN, MSNBC, or FOX to reach an opinion. When Mr Trump was running for president in 2016 he promoted the idea that President Obama was not born in the United States. A lie that unfortunately many still believe today even after he later said in fact he was born here. In speaking of prisoners of war he said he didn’t like people who were captured. A slam against senator John McCain, while he himself got off the hook for bone spurs. He promoted the conspiracy theory that senator Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. He also made disparaging remarks about the appearance of senator Cruz wife and other females. The fact that Cruz is one of the presidents supporters now is kind of mind boggling after all that but hey I guess that’s politics.
    Then while in office being interviewed for a possible book he admits to Bob Woodward that this pandemic is much deadlier than the flu & that if affects not just the old but the younger as well. Then he says he likes to downplay it. All of this is on tape so the opinion formed here is straight from the horses mouth. Then when later asked by a reporter he says no I’m not downplaying it. Excuse me you are on record saying otherwise. Did you forget your own words ? How about calling the governor of MI a monster ? I could go on but there is not enough time here. When he says to a group of unhappy people to come down to the capital & tweets it’s going to be wild what does he think could happen ? No he didn’t advocate violence, but his choice of words clearly emboldened supporters & it ended up very badly. He should know words have power. Actually I’m sure he does.

    1. I read that robo calls went out from Republican state attorney generals and others letting his supporters know to come to the rally Wednesday.

  10. I’ve never commented on your blog before, despite being a longtime reader. But I felt moved to say thank you for speaking out and to let you know you have my support. If we stay silent, we are a part of the problem. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  11. Well said, Brenda. Interesting to me that despite your rational, factual presentation of what antifa really is (which I’d never heard of until the trump’s started talking about it), the first person freaked out about the facts you presented. It upsets me a lot that so many people have been literally brainwashed. We’ve seen textbook techniques of projecting one’s own faults onto others and repeating it until people begin to believe it. I’m glad my mind is free to see the truth. As you are.

  12. I guess we will be sitting on our blisters the next four years because the real radicals are taking over. They have already censored the president of the United States who DID NOT ask for violence of any kind if anyone was listening to him. And if you were watching any news this Summer, you saw antifa and BLM burning private businesses, cars, and people were being killed. One cannot be blind to one’s side and see only the bad of the other. You know, the splinter in one’s eyes when you have a log in yours, if you read the Bible. Antifa is not an idea like Biden said, it’s an organization bent on destruction of the capitalist system which is the best system in the world. I just wish people would stop watching CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all other news outlets who all have their worldviews they are trying to promote and search other places for the news. not opinion. If all you have heard for the last four years is hate for our president, then you probably hate him, too. It’s a sad world we live in when people are led by the media instead of their own minds and hearts.

    1. WELL SAID KATE!!! Thank you and I agree 100% with the FACTS YOU laid out. We can all have our opinions on what other people say (esecially MSM) but you can not lie about or disregard the facts. Feelings not facts have gotten us lost in our nation as a whole. We can not unite if there is ANY kind of hatred for your neighbor no matter what their opinion is about anything. We need to keep our constitution & our bill of rights engaged or we will no longer be THE United States of America!

    2. Kate ,
      The president did incite violence…I watched his whole speech. I was horrified. And just so you know., and anyone else that is ignorant of how the voting laws work….THERE WAS NEVER a possibility of congress or Pence overturning the election ! It is not legally possible. It’s in the constitution! Trump lied and his followers were lied to. The right wing news media lied! That is truth. As Senator Mitt Romney said….”tell the truth”! Trump has never told the truth in his life and for some reason that I cannot fathom, his followers believe his every lie.
      Brenda, I admire you , and your blog. Been following you many years. Stay safe and blessings to you!

    3. I have to make just one comment. Twitter is a business. Facebook is a business. Instagram is a business. Yes – they have a lot of influence in today’s world. They are not owned by the government – therefore I don’t understand the censorship comparisons people keep making. You sign up for an account and you agree to their policies – which can change over time – just like other businesses can change their terms. If you don’t agree and follow their policies – yes they can kick you out of or off their site. Just like in the olden days – if a newspaper felt that your letter for their opinion page was too inflammatory they could refuse to print it. It was their choice if it was outside their general policies. Don’t we now accept the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” – for the most part – that is a requirement in multiple food establishments? If you don’t want to follow this – then you don’t eat there. Or they can give you a chance to comply with this requirement (not a request) and if you decide you don’t want to – they can ask you to leave – right? They don’t have to serve you.
      Twitter or Facebook or Instagram does not have to “serve” you if you violate their policies. My understanding is that President Trump and his questionable statements have been “flagged” multiple times. He was warned but decided he didn’t want to follow the policies and stop posting untruths. His 1st amendment rights were not violated. He was simply kicked off their business platform. To join these are not “rights” protected by our country and our Bill of Rights. Unfortunately I think the understanding of our 1st amendment rights get twisted around quite often.
      Just like this blog belongs to Brenda – I am sure she has to follow certain policies and guidelines to be allowed to post her thoughts and life and opinions and share them with all of us. (And thank you Brenda – I love coming here to read your posts – even when maybe I don’t always necessarily agree with everything I might read.) I don’t have my own blog – so please correct me if I am wrong about that.
      I like discussion and debate as often I learn something new. But tearing others down or trying to dictate to Brenda what she should write is just wrong on so many levels.
      And if she ever happened to violate the terms or policies of the host for her website I feel that should be between her and them – and certainly not my business.
      There are many things in life that are black and white and right or wrong – like don’t lie for example – but there are also a lot of gray areas. And in the end – can’t we all just agree to disagree on those gray areas?

  13. I hope one day soon when someone talks about America, it is to say that we stand for democracy and the sanctity of life. That we open our arms to people of every color and give protection to those who most need our protection.

    Thank you for sharing this in your blog today Brenda!

    1. I believe in giving people from other countries a safe place if it’s shown they are in danger where they live. Children deserve to grow up in a safe place.

  14. One thing I cannot get out of my mind is how, four or five years ago, the expression of racist views would render one an “untouchable.” It would define someone as ignorant, uneducated, uncouth, and embarrassing. Gradually, month after month, I saw it become more and more acceptable to voice such views. We live now in an era of open racism and I hate it. I attribute it to one source….the unfortunate choice of our current president. I thank God for the election of Biden and of the two senators in Georgia.

  15. May I remind you all of the riots and looting ALL Summer long and people died, black, white and brown. Cities were burned, business torn apart and looted. Where were you all then? Condemning the rioting?Brenda, you have an online business, suppose you were brick and motor and you were looted? What would you do? I condemned those riots as I condemned the riots on Wednesday! You cannot have it both ways.

    And now the big tech companies are censoring speech they don’t agree with from their platforms. This un American. What are you going to do Brenda when they come for you because you are voicing your opinion and “they” don’t like what you’re saying? And when the books you read are burned? This is your lively hood.

    You may all not like what is going on now and think censoring what you don’t agree with is all fine. But eventually tides will change and you’ll be the one censored. You all need to step back and th8nk about what you’re saying. And antifa is a horrible, radical organization. You need to look further Brenda.

    1. Thank you Kelley, again well said! No rights means NO freedom! This would not be the nation I grew up in! Brenda you have the right according to our 1st amendment to say what you will but when someone disagrees they should NOT be squelched either. I have not always agreed with presidents from the past but when a non-politian gets duly elected as president of the U.S. ALL should @ least have respect for his position. NOT once has any commentator (they are no longer considered journalist) on MSM in all 4 yrs ever said anything with respect to our president. Not in 4 yrs has flotus been graced on ONE magazine! I’m appalled as to the disrespect of our president these last 4 yrs!

    1. I just want to see peace and not so much divisiveness. People should get along. I would never let anyone direct me on how to think or what to believe. I think for myself.

  16. Brenda, thank you for today’s post. You have a large audience and your words are powerful. I agree with you completely on the things you said today. One of the greatest things about living in the United States of America is the right of free speech.

  17. Hi Brenda
    I always enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Loved the quote from Abraham Lincoln!

  18. well said!
    and I … like Jan above also learned this morning that a capitol police office has died after the mob severely beat him and tazered him repeatedly.
    THAT is murder.
    and elsewhere I’ve read that the police have been blamed for this and that. and yes… the LEADERS of the police should have had sufficient back up for them. THEY are the ones to take the officers’ blame. mobs are a frightening thing. and this mob had baseball bats and metal posts and other instruments for their terror.
    and yet I’ve heard and read over and over that the police are to blame. thousands against what amounted to a handful of police comparatively.
    how are they supposed to handle a mob of thousands when they are so vastly outnumbered? would those who are criticizing and judging personally wade into it? they would no doubt face what the dead officer did. he ‘did his duty.’ and now he’s dead. a son. a brother. a husband. a father. and now he’s gone.
    thank you that you let me say that here. it’s how I see it. I’m saddened by it so much. it’s just a horrific day in our history.
    thank you for your fair words always. they are appreciated!
    and so is your wonderful blog. hug your beloved furry family! xo

  19. Brenda.
    When people are behind screens they feel empowered to say whatever they want. Ignore them please. Like you said if they want to leave , well, don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out ! This is your blog and the majority of us are in complete agreement with you or we wouldn’t be back. But we are back and no one is missing them. You’re the blogger. We’re the readers. It’s symbiotic but as long as you write, we seem to be here. Ignore their stupidity and rudeness and keep being the creative & smart writer you are.

    1. I feel that if they strongly disagree with me, then they should find another blogger they have a kinship with. They shouldn’t read what I have to say if it upsets them. If I read a blog and feel I just can’t read one more post, I quietly leave and nothing is ever said.

  20. What a fantastic, informative and rational post. I wish the entire country would read it with an open mind. Seek truth. Always.

    1. I know that my “truth” might not be everyone’s truth. But it’s what I believe and this is my blog and I am the only author of it. Disagreement is perfectly fine. I just don’t understand why a reader leaves an ugly comment. Why not just go quietly into the night?

    1. I have felt constrained for so many years on what is okay to write about and what I’d better leave unsaid. But now I just want to be who I am and be true to myself. I don’t write things to hurt people. If they disagree, then they should stop reading.

    1. Brenda, do not change ,be yourself,that’s what the majority of us come to your blog for….you….People can’t seem to remember to pay attention to their own backyard, it’s the only one that’s their business. So they try to “manage ” others because they think differently.. We are all different ,that’s the beauty of it all !! Keep giving us your thoughts when you feel you need to write them out. I applaud you…

  21. Bravo, Brenda! I love that you speak your mind because as you said to ignore the events of any day…especially something so egregious, is to pretend things are just fine and we must all be living in a fantasy world. Keep on speaking your mind. I’ll keep reading and supporting your Blog.

  22. I have read your blog since you lived in a big house in Texas so you have adapted through so many changes in all these years and I applaud you for your strength and diligence to be committed to your choices- your very own hard choices you made!! You show diversity and what our world is like in your blog. Other blogs who ignore it and don’t say what’s on their mind are afraid of confrontation I am afraid and you surely aren’t. I am sure it’s not the worst confrontation you have ever been faced with. We had a contractor here this morning working on something and he use to say good things about his hopes for what this president could have done but he said he will no longer as he has shown his true side too much and the man is not fit for one more day in office. We all agreed that we ask only for 4 years of peace and tranquillity ahead and ironically he said he sincerely feels this is his only expectation needed of the new president for all we have been put through. The naysayers can just sit and tweet all the want cause the rest of us will finally feel calm with the drama dictator gone before he implodes more.

    1. I think deep down, we all really want peace and tranquility, when everything is said and done. Some just become zealots and can’t see the forest for the trees because their beliefs sometimes become skewed to their god. I admire the man for saying what he did to you. It takes courage.

  23. Brenda, I love your blog for your evolving decorating, your pet posts, your plant photos and everyday chitchat about a well-lived quiet life. It is much needed and brings peace and comfort.

    *But*, when our everyday lives become infiltrated with fear and insanity, how can that be ignored? If you did not write about this chaos and tearing down of our country , I would be shaking my damn head. Of course if you chose to ignore this, I could choose to no longer be a loyal reader. As most everyone said – your blog, your choice, and I for one love being here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For what it’s worth, I agree 100% !

    1. I’ve tried to avoid a lot of controversy. I’ve tried to write about hope and light. But in this current darkness, I just couldn’t in good faith ignore what’s going on.

  24. I love you state your feelings. And I have appreciated what has been said in responding to your blog today. I agree, if someone doesn’t like your point of view, just move on quietly. I’ve left blogs I don’t care for and I don’t send them a good bye card. Exciting times are ahead for our country.

    1. I don’t ask that everyone agree. I wouldn’t want to try to change anyone’s mind. But if we’re in agreement, then that is a wonderful thing to me!

    1. I don’t write posts quickly and just write the minimal. I work hard on my photos and my writing because I believe you deserve nothing less.

  25. I read the following recently and feel it applies: “When political views result in the suffering of another human being, they are no longer political views, they are moral choices.”.
    We cannot remain silent in the face of this real threat to our country. If we do, we are complicit in the act.

    1. There has been so many who’ve stood aside and let him run amok and now people are dead because of it. Not to mention all the Covid deaths. It seemed he didn’t care much about them in my view.

  26. Ego Seeks To Divide and Separate
    Spirit Seeks To Unify and Heal
    I had to think about these words on Wednesday . Thank you Brenda

  27. Thank you, Brenda! I don’t have a problem with anyone stating THEIR opinion on THEIR blog. That’s what it’s for. If it’s an opinion I don’t happen to share, and depending on what they say, I make a decision to continue to read their blog or not and that’s MY choice. I’ve noticed many of the bloggers I follow chose to ignore what’s happening. Again, that’s their choice, but I take issue with that and see them as being shallow and more concerned with their affiliations, but again, that’s their choice and if I decide I won’t follow them anymore, it’s my choice. I won’t leave a negative comment, but will quietly unfollow.
    Anyway, all to say thank you for addressing current events. It’s a dangerous time and it’s important for all the safeguards that our democratic system has in place to hold. I pray that continue to do so.
    I so enjoy your updates on your babies and your garden and the plans for spring. Sending much positive energy your way.

    1. I haven’t said much about the babies lately. I’ll do that. I don’t try to get readers. I don’t push out subscribe pop-ups and I let my ad network do the ads. I’m not always happy with all the ads, but I let them know when I’m not. I’ve read all the blogger advice on what to do to get readers over the years, but I believe if someone wants to read, great. But I’m not going to go out there and grab them by the collar and try to bring them here.

  28. I agree – well said. I think some people may be hurting because they finally (I hope) realize that their leader can do wrong. Lies and inciting others to prove his point turned into a horrific day. We must move on and try to put our country ahead of an individual person. I have hope for a peaceful future although I don’t have hope that his followers will finally see the light. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in all you write. As I’ve said before I look forward everyday to your blog.

    1. I read today that many of his supporters are disappointed because they truly believed he would turn over the election and be their president for four more years. That in his words, the last that Twitter allowed him, they tried to find clues in his words to see if he was trying to give them secret messages that he wasn’t leaving without more of a fight.

  29. Well said. Your posts are wonderful in variety and sensitivity. Beautiful photography and deeply felt thoughts that you share. I don’t respond often, but your posts are balm to me. Thank you.

  30. Eloquently said, Brenda.
    I’ve been reading your blog since you moved from Texas to Oklahoma and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every post. Yes, every post – no matter how long or short it is. I enjoy that you have a variety of subjects you write about whether or not it’s something that’s a part of my life. For instance, my thumbs are both brown so gardening is not a part of my life however I enjoy reading about how much you enjoy it. And, I’ve learned quite a bit about it, as well.

    If someone doesn’t enjoy reading the ‘subject du jour’ then all they have to do is move on. Why does there have to be a comment about how much they don’t like it. Don’t like it – move on!!! Easy peasy!!
    Thank you, Brenda I appreciate that you come into my home every day and that you allow me to visit with you, as well.

    1. There have been times when I’ve written posts that weren’t very good and didn’t involve a lot of feeling. I suppose you can’t be at the top of your game all the time. And often I worried what people would think and I admit that I was a people pleaser. I’m starting to change my thinking on that. Life is too short to hide how you feel.

  31. Absolutely good for you Brenda! This is your blog and you can talk about anything you want. If you hadn’t said anything about the going’s on at the Capitol building everyone would have wondered why!

  32. Feelings on both sides are a bit raw right now so lets cut each other a bit of slack. Someday in the future the truth of this entire matter will be brought to light and some will be ashamed of what they thought or said or posted on a thread. Lets not be one of them. All we can do now is know that God has a divine plan and we must trust him. It would be better if we take our concerns to him instead of voicing them.

  33. Spot on. It makes my heart feel hope when I read sensible things like this.
    In my mind, every single thing comes back to the golden rule. I am not overly religious but I do believe. Treat others in the way you would want to be treated. Kindness and consideration. I have to wonder why some can’t do this. Thanks for all your posts.

  34. This is “Your” blog and your opinion! I look forward to reading your blog everyday, your pet babies, garden, flowers, decorating, EVERYTHING!! Please don’t change, if someone is offended, they cab move on.

  35. This morning I heard on the news and then read that a sixth person, a Capitol Police officer who was attacked while trying to protect people inside the Capitol, collapsed a few hours after he was severely beaten including being hit repeatedly with a fire extinguisher, he was rushed to the hospital, and died Thursday night. Our enemies in China, Russia and Iran are laughing at us, claiming that democracy is rotten and that such things do not happen in THEIR countries, and that this is why THEIR systems are better than our democratic republic. They are using the horrific attack on our National Capitol and the people inside the chamber, which included the Vice President of the United States when the attack began, as propaganda! It makes me sick to my stomach. Actions have consequences, and it is my hope that every single person who invaded the Capitol, committed vandalism, beat people, stole property out of the Capitol, are all identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    1. I read on the internet today, that the media had this all wrong, and like always, spread this without knowing the facts. The police officer was not attacked, but had a stroke or a heart attack. They do not know what caused it, but he did not die.

  36. Thank you for speaking up. Your blog is always a blessing. It’s like a visit from a friend. And, like a friend I dont always have to love your new hairdo or chair or point of view but I cherish your friendship. Dont let the “haters” complainers get you down. Let them start their own blog.

  37. Brenda, I for one love all of your posts and welcome a civilized discussion with you and all of your readers. It is nice to have a place that we can have a discussion without the typical name calling and harassment. This is your blog, it is how you earn a living and you should write whatever you want, anyone who doesn’t like it can scroll by. I think it is sad that EVERYTHING is cause for argument these days, especially on blogs and social media. If you say something people complain that you said something, if you don’t say something people complain because you are not using your “influence” it is crazy.
    You keep being you! That is who I love!

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