Seven Of The Best No Cost Decorating Tips

So maybe you’re a bit tired of how your living room looks, but there just isn’t money in the budget right now to buy anything. You need to come up with no cost decorating ideas that won’t touch your checkbook

You can get a whole new look to enliven your space. And it won’t cost you a dime. I promise. 

Here are some things you can do:

1. Rearrange the furniture

2. Clean up the clutter

3. Shop your home 

I tend to “shop my closets” since I don’t have a garage or attic. I purged a lot of things yesterday to my youngest daughter. But I will still be “shopping my closets.”

My two bedroom closets are where I store all of my decor and seasonal decorations. Along with all my clothing, etc.

4. Repurpose what you already have

You can do lots of things with an old chippy window frame. Such as the photo of  the coffee bar below.

Use it to clip messages and lists to with clothes pins.  Add old vintage photos to the frame.

5. Change up vignettes on table surfaces

I love the points made here about the elements you should have on your coffee table to balance out the look.

6. Completely switch out your bed linens 

Remember to mix prints and colors. It doesn’t have to match!

I have often ended up with my favorite ideas by mixing prints and colors. Usually I end up doing this because I don’t have anything else. But I end up loving it!

7. Change elements and decor in cabinets and hutches
Try adding collections. Gather bjects of one particular color so the look is unified.

I hope you found some inspiring ideas in these seven ways to give your home a whole new look for zero dollars.



  1. Hello Brenda: Just started following your blog and I love it. My home is a whopping 900 sq ft. Much larger than yours, but small compaired to what we came from. I have rearrange-itis. I clean, I rearrange. Seasons change, the house changes. It's fun!!

  2. I am using all of those tips already. I just move furniture from room to room, really think before buying tchotchkes (and nowadays I tend to put them back on the store shelf) and am giving away a lot of "stuff".

    My latest purge is decorating books. I love them, but just don't have space for all so I am going through those I haven't looked at in years. If I decided to donate a book, I snap a photo of ideas I like and then it goes on the "to go" pile. I recently gave 2 dozen hardbound books to a local antique shop.

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